10 thoughts on “Dev Server Migration”

    1. Hee Hee. That’s because the new dev server builds under the context of a buildbot user. I haven’t got round to updating my normal build server yet!

      An oversight. Ill remedy it soon enough

  1. So i’m confused now more than ever before. I’ve been trying to figure out how to correctly and adequately manage supervised users. All the reading i’ve been doing about the feature is from beta builds after 10.22.
    I just opened up the chrome://help section of your 11.11 build and it says the build date was saturday october 5th. Is this a typo? or are the builds aprox a month behind current repos? trying to figure this out as the feature seems more robust and ready to go in screenshots i’ve seen elsewhere online depicting the mange supervised user dashboard etc etc.

  2. thanks for the quick reply. yes i made these posts in haste. as after a reboot i too noticed supervised user was available. however, i’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to actually track activity. or block sites. not the way it seems to in the pics i’ve seen anyway. Thanks again for the hardwork on this project. You have inspired me to start building my own Chrome builds. Let me know if you post up a tut.

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