Broadcom Special Edition Build

A Festive update for you all, dear followers!

The Broadcom drivers are now working again in this special edition x86 generic build

In order to get this to work, still follow the guidelines

If you intend on using this from harddrive, install to drive (usr/sbin/chromeos-install) before installing the drivers to USB drive since that appears to destabilise things a bit (dmesg shows hundreds of shill sessions dying).

If you want to run from USB for ever, feel free of course to install the drivers to that.

The dev server will reset the kernel however, so you will lose wireless functionality if you decide to use the dev server to update.

Have fun.

114 thoughts on “Broadcom Special Edition Build”

  1. this built is not working for me,every time i boot it on USB, and it will say os not bootable,and I’m using ,Win32DiskImager, correctly to make the USB bootable, and it not booting up, i need a little help.

  2. yes, it should be bootable,i only did is use ,Win32DiskImager, and click on write and it start to writing the .img file on usd drive,and i don’t know what am doing wrong?

    1. That’s the correct process yes, and the one I used this morning to double check the file download.

      You do need to explicitly set your laptop to boot from USB by the way…

  3. Will there be any way to connect to the dev server for auto updates of the special builds in the future? I’d love to get auto-updates but wifi only works on my machine with the special build.

    1. Hi Colin

      Possibly but its not going to be quick since I want to wait to see what’s officially supported in the 3.10 kernel. If 3.10 proves to be as constricted, Ill review then.

      1. Thanks! I want to enroll a machine in our Google Apps for Education account which I am able to do if I purchase a license. However, I was told that it would eat up a new license every time I had to re-enroll because it is not an official Chromebook. If I update a laptop with a newer version of your build, will I have to re-enroll? I’m a linux newbie and don’t understand how the update process works. Does it wipe the drive and re-flash the new build? Or does it just apply the update?


        1. I also am using Google Apps for business and was wondering how you managed to activate a non official chrome hardware device? maybe i was just looking in the wrong section but i thought i remember reading that it wasn’t possible. I’m using arnold’s latest build on an aging Asus EEE pc 1005. upgraded to the max with 2gb of ram lol. beats the hell out of windows 7 starter as far as performance. Cheers!

          p.s. i’m only on the 30 day free trial of Google Apps so i haven’t paid for any license yet. don’t know if that matters as far as registering hardware devices

  4. I’m about to try this, I’ve been dying to get Chrome OS on my netbook, it’s a Mini 1018 with a BCM4313 I borrowed from an Aspire One.

    1. That’s an improvement actually, older builds used to stand by/hibernate and never wake up properly, which was annoying.

  5. still having issues with getting supervised users dashboard to display usage history. I’m on the most updated build. just curious if after creating a supervised user, anyone else sees usage history of the supervised user in the dashboard? had any luck with blocking domains? or blocking all of the web except certain domains? Others on google’s chromeOS support forum report it working ok. however they are on in a beta channel instead of dev channel. wondering how much this matters?

  6. I installed this and used your touchpad fix, I’m loving this now! Will it ever be updated to look like the latest version of Chrome OS? Or is the kernel holding it back? Anyway, it’s much better and faster than when I tried login-lighdm-chromeos on Ubuntu. Thanks a ton for your hard work, dude.

    1. Hi. The builds are the open source version of Chrome OS so there will always be differences…

      There’s a good few guides on how to bolt extras in so its worth you reviewing those…

      1. Yes. I also tried running the script for two older builds and they don’t like a “symbol” in the downloaded wl.ko.

        Not complaining, mind you, just sharing my results/experiences with you.

        Merry Christmas, sir!

        1. The symbols failures in the other builds are the lack of rfkill support in the kernel… Sounds like you may be better getting a different wireless card as you mention….

          Merry Christmas to you as well!

          1. That’s what i did – your 04012014 build works great with it – did Zhaostu’s touchpad update, and Rikels’ Flash update and am running well from USB…

  7. ive tried many thing, and many builds but cannot get chrome/chromium os to work what so ever on my netbook. im using acer aspire one model kav60. the ethernet, and wireless do not work. any help would be appreciated, esp if u can just build an image that has the necessary drivers in it.

  8. I’m trying to get this working on my netbook. I booted just fine, then opened the developer console (ctrl alt t did nothing). It asks for localhost login and password. I tried “chronos” and “facepunch” and a blank password. Neither work. When it asks for a password, it doesn’t even show up I’m typing in the text field until I press enter.
    I tried on both my Aspire One netbook and HP Pavilion laptop.

      1. I am using a HP Pavillion dv7-2280eo
        For some reason it doesn’t like to boot any of the Cx86OS builds.
        I tried one of the Camd64OS ones, and that seems to boot fine (without internet of course), but the developer console is all glitchy and totally unreadable. ):

        Thanks for the swift response!

          1. No, I believe it’s ATI Mobility Radeon.
            Nonetheless, I tried it, and just as usual, the chromium logo popped up for a few seconds, and then it rebooted.

            And the builds that I have actually managed to boot have a dev console that looks like scrabled eggs, no wifi, and no mousepad.

            i cri everytiem ):

  9. I made a mistake on a post for the wifi card.
    I asked before I realized I left a character or two out in the code. All works fine now! Actually, I’m posting from the computer I was having problems with!
    However, I am unable to use my webcam – its not working when I load the Google camera app I installed. I will try another app promptly. If you have a solution other than a different app, pls let me know! Thx in advance!

    1. Have you find any solution so as to get the webcam working??? I’m still trying to sort it out, but no success so far… 🙁

  10. Great! (apparently I couldn’t reply to your previous comment, hence this..)
    And then I should just be able to follow your broadcom tutorial, and your mousepad tutorial to get that working, right? [:

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. (:

  11. On a Dell E5400, the special build runs great! The only issue I see is the trackpad is slow (not unresponsive, just scrolls slow) even when I crank the mouse speed in settings. Is there any way to access the driver settings to speed this up? I’d like to deploy it to a couple carts of these machines that we have at a school.

    Also, if you take bitcoin donations, i’d be happy to send something your way!


    1. Hi Collin

      Try altering the synaptics conf file which is referenced in the post

      Its also referenced in with many more options

      I think the setting will be Option “AccelFactor” “0.0010” in synaptics.xorg.conf (changing the value to suit of course)

      I do take bitcoin donations, thanks!! Its on the main welcome page now but for ref: bitcoin:1GBYSdGqP5i94jsc6DKLVwBkkjZ81UGrjW

      It all keeps the servers running so thankyou for anything you give!

  12. I’m trying to get this to run on a Dell Precision M4300 from a USB flash drive. This is what I see when it starts:

    Dell splash screen
    Chromium splash screen
    Dell splash screen again (different size)
    Chromium splash screen again (different size)
    Blank screen

    The blank screen will accept text input. I don’t know what to do at that point. Type a command? (Or give up and buy a new Chromebook [I already have one].)

    I’m assuming the video driver is working because the text size is very small, consistent with the computer’s 1920 screen; and also the output is showing properly on the attached monitor connected via VGA.

  13. Let me begin with…I am not IT. I am an educator who is simply trying to bring back to life some old unused equipment for the sake of our students.

    Scenario 1: Broadcom Acer Aspire One D250s
    I have tried the broadcom install recently posted. Since no wireless appeared once booted, I began the process you listed. This code is completely foreign to me, but all seemed well until an error occurred when on line 11: wget… Probably, points to the ethernet card not working (it is second in the boot list…not sure if this matters).

    Scenario 2: Non-broadcom Acer InspireOne D250s
    All builds I’ve tried, boot to the Chromium opening page then computer turns off. Has anyone had success with Acer InspireOne D250s?

    Scenario 3: Tried buying an additional internal cad as suggested in one of the broadcom threads on here. Installed but am not sure what else to do. Do not know how to install a driver or make it recognizable to the computer so it will be functioning when booting chromium.

    Help please!!

    1. Hi there.

      1. You have to have a working Ethernet connection so try the multi builds since they may help.

      2. The multi builds may help here to but bear in mind graphics support is poor currently and the likely cause of the black screen.

      3. Google time?

  14. Hey there! First and foremost, thanks for providing your special builds; they are a lifesaver for me trying to get Chromium OS onto my laptop.

    I’d like to ask how to solve the issue of my configuration getting reset at every reboot. Assuming I run the terminal commands shown in this post before the initial first-boot setup, everything works great, and then after a reboot, all of the changes are gone. Is there any way to prevent this fallback behavior?

    If I connect to Ethernet and perform the setup first, and then go into the terminal and run the commands, everything fails on the last command sudo depmod -a with some error regarding the files being chmodded as 644 and as read only (which, being in the /etc directory, I figured I shouldn’t touch too much). Any thoughts?

  15. Arnold,

    I am a Linux / Chromium NEWBIE. Love the Chrome and want to get of Windows XP on my Lenovo S10. I have download your Speciala Edition Chromium on a USB stick and running connected to the ethernet. Love It.

    I am having difficulty installing Broadcom Linus STA drivers. I know they will work as I installed them on a Mint 13 running on a USB stick.

    I am unable to log on to the Terminal using “Chronos” and “password” to run your set up steps on your

    What am I doing wrong?

    Alternatively, can I install the Broadcom drivers on the Chromium USB stick, so they will load when the Chromium loads?

    If so, how do I install them on the USB Stick? IN NEWBIE steps, please.

    Thanks so very much,


  16. Hey Arnold. Like Ray Haug above I wanted to know if there is any way to load the broadcom drivers into the right folder without using the code as I have not been successful entering it

      1. Thanks man..I got it to work after doing a control T..typing shell, then copying and pasting the code above…somehow i couldnt wrap my had around typing it in line by line

  17. I have a cart of 30 Acer Aspire One’s Model D150-1165 (Model KAV10)that are well past their serviceable life but my school district doesn’t have the money to replace them. I was hoping I could get a Chrome OS version running but I am having trouble finding a version that will run with network access. Most either shut down shortly after starting or if they do run the wireless driver is missing. I have tried your Broadcom build because the Wireless NIC isBroadcom BCM94312MCG but it doesn’t work either. Any Ideas?

    I did install Ubuntu 9.04 hoping I might be able to run the command wget; sudo bash 4suhf and force an install of Chrome OS for the Samsung 505 system which did work for me on an Acer Aspire One AOA150-1126 (Model AG5) No luck

    1. Update the firmware on the Acer netbooks. Then they will boot Chromium correctly. I just used it on several of ours. This fixed them all.

    2. Did you ever get it running? I’m a Newbie to ChromeOS, have a Acer Aspire KAV10. Just started playing with it, but the code I’m running is from 2013 and the browser doesn’t work with the webstore. Can you recommend a version?

  18. Hey Arnold is there any way to increase the free space showed in my downloads folder. Both my c- state and c-root are on 4gb each but only 7mb shows up as free in downloads

    1. I think you can solve that problem by increasing the capacity of the partition “stateful” with gparted or sth like that.(if you are booting chromium os from usb drive).

  19. Hey,
    Is there a way to get the Google Drive integration to work in the File Browser?
    I have vague memories of seeing it working in older builds, but it’s definitely not working in this one.
    Maybe I’m confusing with an old hexxeh build though :-s

    1. Only commenting to say that i would also love to see Drive integration into the file browser. I tried one of the non-broadcom versions and it seemed to be working beautifully but nothing on the Broadcom special edition. Huge thanks for putting the time and effort into getting this working. Very very grateful to you!

    2. Hi Arnold

      also i’m having the same no respone with google drive from files app?

      Cheers for all the work

  20. Definitely Bookmarking this! Also have any idea why my download keeps stopping? I go to download your build, but my windows laptop stops halfway through it… 🙁
    It would also be nice to be able to resume the download of the Chromium OS build!

  21. Is anyone else not able to watch HTML5 videos? I used a script to load flash and pdf which are now working, but I’m still unable to view html5 or WebM videos.

  22. I got the Special Broadcom version to work on my Asus EEE 1015PEM by installing the 3.4.0 wl.ko as directed above. Then I installed to HD, which worked fine, after which I updated with the Dev Server. This caused me to lose wifi connectivity, so I ran above commands again, but now for the 3.14.0 wl.ko

    Now I keep getting ‘invalid module’, and dmesg says:
    wl: version magic ‘3.14.0 SMP mod_unload modversions 686 ‘ should be ‘3.14.0 SMP mod_unload 686 ‘

    I’m stuck here, how/where do I get the 3.14.0 wl.ko version that does not have the ‘modversions’ part in it and no longer gives the ‘invalid module’ message?

  23. Hi, I got the broadcom drivers working fine with the image provided on the website. Iv’e now updated from the dev server, and is now running kernel 3.14.0.

    I’ve tried re-enabling the broadcom wireless drivers – even changing wget to download the wl.ko file from the other URL I found – http://chromiu,

    instead of 3.4.0

    Everything works apart from trying to insmod on the actual wl.ko – I just get an “Invalid module format”

    I am running a Dell mini 9 – using a broadcom BCM4312

    Any ideas on how to get this working?

    1. Hi

      Yes, it was a bit of a guess compiling for the 3.14 kernel and is looks like I need to remove modversions so the module will load. Ill get it fixed so please bear with me!

      1. Hi,

        Firstly thanks for the excellent work you are doing here in making these builds available. I’ve sent you a small paypal donation to reflect this.

        Now I do admit I have a question as well – I’ve got a Lenovo Twist s230 that I’m trying one of your latest builds on. After using the usual trick of chronos-usb.A root=/dev/sdc3 etc chromium boots up correctly and as long as I use an Ethernet connection everything works very well. But I’m running into a problem with the broadcom wifi. I’ve tried the instructions listed above (switching 3.4 to 3.14 etc), but also get an “invalid module format” error and I don’t quite understand your statement above about removing the modverions? Is this something I can do on my side or do you need to do it in a subsequent build?

        Many thanks again

  24. Hey Arnold. Great work. I’ve been leeching off of you for years. I now come hat in hand asking if there is an update to this build? We have just started getting “This version of chrome is no longer supported, Please upgrade your browser” messages in Google Drive on our chromium based netbooks.

    I have been very happy with this install on the Dell 2100, 2110, and 2120’s. We are just trying to finish out their third (fifth for the 2100’s) year of life on those devices and a new build would help us do just that.

    Thanks again for all the hard work.

    1. What build did you use to install it on Dell 2100? what did you do to make the wireless driver work? I am still trying to figure it out…

  25. How do i recompile a the wl.ko module so it would work after performing updates? googled all over the place but can’t get anything to work. tried to use “make” but the command is not found, neither is apt-get, yum, or anything that would help me install “make”.
    i’ve been trying to get to an updated OS with functioning wireless for days with no success.
    please help

  26. I’m really just stopping-by to say that I’m extremely grateful for the work you’ve been doing here. And I’m so pleased to see that you’re continuing to work on things. The Broadcom drivers are obviously what everyone is frothing at the mouth for.

    Is there any way that you can describe what needs to be done to create the special build with the new kernel and someone else can help build it? I’m competent enough with programming and such but have never done this type of thing. I’m very aware you’re a busy person and you’ve already mentioned several times that a new version of the special build is coming “soon” and that’s awesome – just wondering if there’s any way to branch this off to someone else who can assist?

    Again – many thanks. If nothing else you’ve given me something to tinker with!

      1. Tried the linked ko with the daily build for today on my Acer Aspire One. Copied the ko into /lib/modules/3.14.0/kernel/drivers/net/wireless/ and followed the instructions at (except wget of course, since I manually added the ko to the directory). Caused my Acer to reboot after the chromium splashscreen.

        It might be worth noting that the Dec 2013 broadcom build doesn’t seem to work on my netbook either 🙁 (although it doesn’t cause a reboot)

      2. Hi. Thank you for your work! I have unsuccessfully tried the driver with a few latest daily builds. “# insmod” command causes rebooting. (As a victim for the experiment, samsung n150p netbook, was used. )

      3. Should we still use the link at the top of the post for the broadcom x86 build and thenbuse the newly compiled wireless driver or what chromium version to use?

        1. Its in a state of flux at the moment really. The 3.14 wl.ko wont work on the generic builds since the drivers require RFKILL to compile. Im going to start work on the special builds again this week hopefully

  27. Just tried loading this new module on dell with the latest daily build using kernel 3.14.0. After loading I rebooted which than continue to boot to initial Chromium screen where you can choose a newtork and reboot immediately. It continued to loop. I was unable to provide and error messages because the system would reboot before I could do anything.

        1. Proving harder that I thought (and time against me).

          Im working on a more supportable special build so will hope to actually burn in support rather than having to do a separate download.

  28. Hey Arnold! Thanks for your work! Im trying to make broadcom drivers work with the latests builds but i cant… 🙁 Are u still working on a special build? I can’t wait to see chromium os updated in my netbook! Thank you again!

    1. Still working on the special builds in my spare time. Im trying to make this one a little more repeatable so we can get a dev server done for updates as well.

      Bear with me, Ill update as soon as I can.

  29. I am a little new to this, but have managed to install Chromium on my samsung netbook. It is working from the hard drive – not usb.

    I cant get the wifi to work (says disabled). I am struggling a lot to get it it work. As i only have Chromium on the laptop now how do i get this working?

    It is working great over a wired connection!

    Please help, as its driving me mad.

  30. Hi Arnold,
    I need to install Chromium OS to 200 old Dell Latitude D520 laptops. I downloaded Cx86OS_R55-8777.0-Special. But I can’t see any network even ethernet. “lspci” result is like that:
    0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11a/b/g (rev 01)
    02:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02)
    Could you please add at least WIFI driver to your new release?

  31. Hello sir,
    I am having trouble in getting the Broadcom driver to work i used theat previous special build and followed those commands but can get to run an error comes “failed to resolve http\\” this sort of stuff failes to resolve so please help me regarding it i am using a Lenovo s10 net book with 2.5 gigs of ram in it 1.60 ghz processor .

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