Dev Server Update

Update 30/06/14

Hi All

Please update your 64 bit updates to use the following link as within the next week:

Update 25/05/14

There have been a few reports of the build type (x86 and amd64) being overwritten by you, my constant testers. With this in mind, as from tomorrows build, amd64 builds will be pinned to and x86 builds will be pinned to . This will work around the problem until I figure out why the updater is ignoring the build already on your machine.

For x86 updates, please use

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=

For amd64 builds please use

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=


Hi All

The Dev Server now deploys both x86 and amd64 based build updates.

In addition, there is now a failover server located at if fails to work for whatever reason.

Please test and let me know how you get on!

For instructions on how to use: 

Remember to change

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=


update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=

If you need to switch to the new server. Ill look to make this fault tolerant later!

76 thoughts on “Dev Server Update”

  1. Hi…almost everything works fine for me on my old Thinkpad x61s, however if I click on MyDrive in the files app, my files are not shown. Of course, I am logged in..any ideas ? Thanks

      1. Thanks….That means I never can see my Google drive files without digging into some internals, right?

        I have to say, I have no clue about all this commands or any Linux knowledge.

      2. So, I’m using a hp mini 210 and was using the special broadcom. I had it up and running just fine until I connected to the update server and now my wlan has become “turned off” again. I tried just redirecting the driver to the new 3.14.0 folder but could get the wl.ko mod to work. Any ideas?

        1. Yes, the update server will reset to the default build so you need to update to the 3.14 kernel version of wl.ko. The old driver wont work so you need to compile yourself. Im looking into fixing it as soon as I can

          1. First of all thanks for the awesome build. (i’ll buy you a beer as soon as i have some cash again).
            second any news on broadcom drivers for newer build?

  2. I alway get this result
    [1228/] Update failed.

  3. Hi arnold, the updater seems to push me back in time to June 30th. I was using the July 7th build, and running “update_engine_client –update –omaha_url=” pushed me back to June 30th. Any ideas?

        1. Yeah this is really unusual.. Now both my local image A and B are on the same build and running the updater only keeps me on the same June 30th build.. (Yes I am on UEFI 64-bit)

      1. I’m seeing the exact same thing as Ani. I started with a fresh install of the July 7th amd64 build. Updating from just gives me the 6007.0.2014_06_30_1733 build always.
        update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=


        [0713/] Forcing an update by setting app_version to ForcedUpdate.
        [0713/] Initiating update check and install.
        [0713/] Waiting for update to complete.

        [0713/] Update succeeded -- reboot needed.

          1. It resolves to for me. I’ll try again today, that output was from 13-07-2014.

          2. Good, thats the right server. Around the 30th I moved providers so it could be caching the old IP in config. Ive since switched off that server…

          3. Same version, still 6007.0.2014_06_30_1733. The updater output still says NEW_SIZE=313107814 so it’s not me just booting the wrong image.

  4. I just ran the update on the most recent 64bit build and have also been downgraded to 6007.0.2014_06_30_1733

    Am going to try a reinstall with 32bit and see how it goes.

  5. I have the same issue with the 64 Bit Version as the others above: I started with latest version from July, 15h and the update server downgraded me to June, 30th. 🙁

    I hope this can be fixed as I really like Chromium OS so far.

  6. Wondering if anyone can report a successful update from the dev server. I’m having the same problem as what’s posted here for the amd64-bit build. Tried updating to latest nightly, then running a client-update, but still pulling a 6-30-14 build.

    1. Excellent. Looks good here too! Figured I’d take a chance and try the stateful partition update, but no dice. Any luck with that piece?

    1. furthermore, Can automatic updates be turned off? i.e. how to disable the omaha_url i’ve tried update_engine_client –update –omaha_url= but it still updates automatically.

  7. No way to update, i keep getting error message. I paste the message i get…. i would appreciate any help!

    [0815/] Update failed.

    Also, my files app doestn seems to sync with gdrive, any idea?

    1. Have you installed to hard drive? The update server only works with an installed OS. Grive sync needs you to add in API keys since Im not allowed to distribute them

      1. yes, its installed on a 240gb ssd and working really nice, couldnt get mp3 and mp4 video working thou…

        could you point me where to put the api key? i already have them.

        i copy a log from the update attempts.

        localhost / # update_engine_client –update –omaha_url=
        [0818/] Forcing an update by setting app_version to ForcedUpdate.
        [0818/] Initiating update check and install.
        [0818/] Waiting for update to complete.
        [0818/] Update failed.

        1. I run this after updates:

          grep -q GOOGLE_API_KEY /etc/chrome_dev.conf || cat >> /etc/chrome_dev.conf <<_EOF

          (You can save scripts in /mnt/stateful_partition)

  8. plz help the update error shows 385. and abobe flash player is also not there. how to fix these two problems?
    plz help.

  9. The update server seems to be working fine now (though it would be nice if NEW_VERSION could be more useful. I think it still blindly updates whether or not the version is the same).

    One remaining issue is that /etc/lsb-release still points CHROMEOS_AUSERVER and CHROMEOS_DEVSERVER to the host, though, which causes dev_install to 404. Inserting CHROMEOS_DEVSERVER= into /etc/lsb-release works.

  10. I’m a newbie on this Chrome OS stuff. If I make a dual boot with Windows 8 and Chromium OS (Windows 8 on HDD, Chromium on SSD), will I be able to update using this tool without wiping the whole Windows data?

  11. Still trying to find a way to disable automatic updates from your server. I love the feature. But it isn’t practical for me at the moment. Anyone with any info on how to Turn OFF the auto updates from the dev server please advise. Thank you in advance.

    My searches always lead me to disabling the Chrome Browser updates…

  12. I’ve problems with dev update server too.
    When trying to update, I always get this error:
    Seems it finds the update online than does nothing.
    I’ve the OS installed on my USB disk, maybe that’s the problem?
    Also, my lsb-release is:
    Waiting for suggestions, thank you.
    P.S. what about creating a bug tracker somewhere? The easiest is an empty repo on Github to just deal with issues!

    1. Hi

      Yes, the dev server doesn’t update if you have the install on your USB. There is more than likely a switch setting somewhere on the HDD install but I haven’t really looked yet!

      1. Oke! Thank you very much!
        Also, is possible to install it in some partitions?
        As, instead of using
        something like
        “chromeos-install /dev/partitionNUMBER”
        If not, it should be possible to do as in old Hexxeh’s builds, AKA getting the correct partitions (ROOT, STATE, OEM should be enough) and dd them onto the HDD; I noticed grub does not use a label but the UUID for booting… Using the label stuff should fix everything.

          1. I’ve tried using the –dst option, seems have no problem; however, before installing to the partition I tried installing it to another USB flash memory (as later I’d like to test on my USB HDD) but I had this problem:
            Seems the USB is not read; also, I’d like to make this test in order to be sure that installing to a partition will delete nothing from my HDD.

        1. @Giovanni Santini
          Had any luck with selecting correct partitions during install? Im also in the same boat for wanting to try USB hdd before installing to my laptops HDD to make sure nothing will be deleted.

  13. Hello, almost everything is functioning on my Lenovo Y410p Notebook running the Camd64OS-20140924010101 build, with the exception of the Whenever I select Google Drive on the I am presented with a message that states: “Google Drive could not be reached. Please log out and log back in”. I have followed steps 1-10 on and have added my GOOGLE_API_KEY, GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID, and GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_SECRET to /etc/chrome_dev.conf. Any ideas on how to get it working? Here’s a copy of my drive-internals page: Thanks.

    1. Hello I have the same issue, Did you found a way to make it work?

      I have tried every recommendation but nothing seems to work.


  14. Hi Arnold the bats. I am using the special multiple drivers build because recently I cant use any new build(it will just freeze at grub).

    May I ask.
    Is it impossible to upgrade the special build through dev-server?
    How can we install drivers manually otherwise?(I am totally new to ubuntu, dont expect me know what I am talking about totally ;”D)

  15. Why ChromiumOS doesn’t work on my PC ? , I downloaded the newest version of this OS from then i wrote it on a USB,
    I began to run from USB and everything was ok but when the “chromium” animation ended,system showed a gray screen with a clock and it was everything, but when I clicked on the clock ChromiumOS showed up options : volume, the keyboard language settings, wifi settings and date and time, but when I decided to click on the date and time, system showed the window what was gray and sometimes its color was black and white , in the background for a moment it appeared the installation window, then I tried a few times again, even with root , but this did not work ;-; , help and sorry for my English , i’m from Poland , well , this is my PC Specifications :
    CPU: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual-Core Processor 4200+ 2.42 GHz
    3.00 GB RAM
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 9800GTX+ 512 VRAM
    Sound :Realtek HD Definition Audio
    USB with ChromiumOS : SanDisk Cruzer Blade 4GB

    1. Sounds to me like your NVidia graphics are not 100% compatible. You’re going to have to fiddle with drivers / config setups to get the X-server to like that graphics card.

      That’s my hypothesis.

      This build is not made to work on every setup like Windows does. Google only includes drivers for some hardware. That’s what keeps it lighter and more stable.

  16. I can not update my Chromium OS.

    I’m using the x86 version on an Acer Aspire 1410.
    I installed it to the Harddisk with this command “dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb conv=notrunc because the chromeos-install is not working.

    Now i get message when trying to update:

    update_engine_client –update –omaha_url=
    [1202/] Forcing an update by setting app_version to ForcedUpdate.
    [1202/] Initiating update check and install.
    [1202/] Waiting for update to complete.
    [1202/] Update failed.

    What can i do?
    I’m running this version atm:
    Version 41.0.2228.1
    Plattform 6505.0.2014_11_24_0119 (Developer Build – buildbot) developer-build x86-generic

    1. Looks like I need to spend some time on the dev server to see if its not behaving itself. This could be because you copied the install however rather than a scripted install…

      Have you tried /usr/sbin/chromeos-install –dst=/dev/sdb

  17. Hi Arnold,
    We’re trying to run our own update server(s), and since the online documentation is not super helpful, I was wondering if you could share what you’ve learned, more specifically regarding server load, testing, and the omaha protocol in general.

    I’d like to email you to discuss further, but I can’t find your email address 🙁


  18. I’m getting a failure with the following log messages, when trying to update the amd64 build:

    * Manifest size in payload matches expected value from Omaha
    * Missing mandatory metadata signature in Omaha response
    * Mandatory metadata signature validation failed
    * Error 39 in DeltaPerformer’s Write method when processing the received payload — Terminating processing
    * Discarding 69286 unused downloaded bytes

    . .
    Full log:

    . .<-also, there are these mysterious dots (periods) in the text input box that cannot be backspaced.

    1. I’ve started getting this error as well–not from Arnold’s servers, but from several of ours, including a totally clean one I just stood up today. I haven’t seen it before, and it’s baffling to me.

  19. First of all thank you so much for all the great work you do so we can get chromium on our pc/laptops. great work !!!!

    now I’ve got a question. is there a way to kind of update the chromium? when i want to download some apps like evernote its saying ” not compatible” i need chrome version 37.
    is there a way to do this?

    thank you in advance



  20. I might have found remedy to black screen or freeze after chrom logo
    what i have done is download drivers (official amd one) and then copy to /usr/lib(in x86 if in x64 /lib64)/xorg/modules/drivers to and
    its start working nicely

  21. Hey Arnold – where would you suggest I start looking to try and get my sound working again? Ever since some of the December builds the sound no longer works on these laptops I’ve been using. I just updated to the latest build (44.something) to confirm that it’s still gone and it’s still gone.

    I don’t know enough about the sound and kernel options in Chromium to really know where to begin looking. Would you be able to point me in the right direction as to where I might look in terms of drivers or tools to probe the audio drivers or whatever?

    I know you’re a busy guy so I understand if you don’t have time.


    1. Hi

      I’ve not checked the vanillas in a good while so will try to look later this week. I suspect that ASLA has been removed from the kernel switches..

      There will be a new special build out hopefully in the next few days with lots more support (including Broadcom) and I know that has sound (since Im using it now). Once released, Ill get a dev server running for that as well so we can compare and contrast.

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