ChromiumOS Special Build Updated

Hi All

An updated build is ready for testing at

This is a cumulative build, so in addition to the Radeon graphics previously noted, this build has additional ATI graphics support as well as support for Realtek wireless and NICs. The links show the model numbers and are ported directly from linux-firmware. Tested working with Studio 1555 plus Edimax ew-7811un (rtl8192cufw drivers)…

Happy testing!


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      1. Tried the new image. Looks great on the Dell 2110 plugged into a wall, but as you say still no Wireless Network Drivers working. Just wanted to chime in and say great work, hoping you can get the Broadcom wireless working.

  1. An update from here:

    Not working:
    * Broadcom cards (logically)
    * Atheros wireless.. tested with 2 whereas one of them is pulled from a real chromebook

    * USB wifi if you insert it after boot

  2. My Feedback.

    This build had the reboot and WiFi drops forever with a Edimax ew-7811un bug, could not get it to restart even from root terminal. Same as daily builds from the looks of things.

    Using a Dell D420 Core Duo 1.2GHZ U2500 with 2GB Ram. Waiting for Intel wireless card in the post so I can throw the Broadcom chipset card out as it causes lots of problems with all Linux flavours.

    1. Disconnecting the Edimax adapter before boot and waiting a few mins after login before connecting it to USB seems to solve the WiFi not connecting problem.

  3. It’s not working on my TOSHIBA Satellite L5510P.
    It does a kernel panic without finishing booting.
    The Cx86OS-20150111010101.img.7z build did boot, but freeze imediately while proposing the langage to use:
    The mouse don’t make anything, but still moove, and I can access console with CTRL + ALT + F1, and login as chronos.
    Anyway, thank you so much for your work!!!

  4. Could you please make a special build for Atheros wifi? Hasn’t been working for a while now. I have to use the build from December 22…

  5. Ok I removed the Broadcom card and replaced it with a Intel one from a Dell 1525 and now my Dell D420 is working correctly and Wifi reconnects on cold boot with no issues so far.

  6. Let me know when you have the broadcom driver figured out. My HP Mini netbook 110-1030NR will need it.

    I’m also willing to test it.

  7. Hi there! I’ve just tried the lasted build 15 january and also the 28 december build on a AOPEN DE7000 Digital Signage player.
    When Chromium finished restarting, I can see a (grey) desktop with a little black dock on the bottom right of the screen with the time, network and country icon.

    But I dont see anything else? No bar, no chrome, nothing.
    Any ideas?

    1. That’s what I get as well when booting on my old laptop.

      Dell Studio XPS 1340
      Intel Core 2 Duo P8400
      NVIDIA GeForce 9400M (G)

  8. Can also confirm Atheros 242x/542x integrated wlan chipset not working. At boot it initially works, can select/see SSIDs in area. After a minute WiFi still works but can’t see SSIDs. Another minute and and no networks visible and network adapters are not working. I’ve seen similar issues reported and solved on the gentoo wiki.

  9. I am using this latest build and it is awesome. on the last one I had apps crashing all the time. and now it isn’t as frequent.

    So is the special build different from the others just because you are adding additional support?

    And just to double check the dev update server will not work on special build?

    If we were to take one of your regular builds and install the drivers we needed would the dev update server break it since it is doing a rewrite?

    1. Yes, the special build is quite different from the vanilla one. Pointing it at the dev server will reset it to vanilla (it shouldn’t actually work since the build name is different).

      I’m working on a special build dev server to allow updates

  10. There a way to copy or install to laptop without formating ALL HD, because am use 2 OS install on my laptop and want to add Chrome OS, i’m trying before copy from FD to HD it work on first boot, but after restart it won’t work

    1. I confirm this too. Not works.
      Special build 24/11 works, but copying /lib/firmware/rtlwifi from ubuntu 12.04.
      In this newer build, Wlan0 is recognized but always with IP, and chromeos shows “Wifi is turned off.”. I suspect there is some configuration problem in apmanager.

  11. It works like a charm on my old Toshiba Satellite M200, really great job 🙂 Installed on the HDD and everything is fine (my touchpad miss the “tap to click” function but it’s not a big deal).

    Thanks again ! 🙂

    1. In the touchpad config file – something like /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-touchpad.conf

      Play with the options for “FingerLow”, “FingerHigh”, “MaxTapTime”, and “MaxTapMove”

      For a sample that works for my Toshiba M10’s check this file (plain text)

      And if you want to get Flash working (is it working for you already?) you can try and run this command (as su, of course):

      curl -L | bash

      1. Thanks a lot for these tips, I will try to play with the options tonight.

        About flash, I already got it but thank you anyway.

        1. I’m trying to compile the best solutions to things – can you let me know where you got your Flash solution? I like comparing and trying to find the most elegant options…

  12. Hi Arnold,

    Thanks for your hard work. Have you ever thought of video-tutorial about installation this system on hard-drive? I’m newbie and I can’t understand some commands…

    Thank you.

  13. Hi Arnold
    Is there any possibilities to have a non PAE build
    i was planning to install chromium OS on a very old centrino laptop from 2004
    That would be a great way to recycle this old laptop
    Thanks in advance
    Cheers !

  14. I have tried at least a dozen different builds and have yet to get internet connection. With the latest build I finally have a pointer and trackpad support but chromium insists that “Wifi is turned off” even with an Ethernet cable inserted I cant get intertnet.

    Any help?

  15. Hi Arnold and the community,

    I recently started trying your builds and they are perfect. And I work at a Laptop dealership so I get to try them in many laptops. And if anyone wants to check let me know the model I can check for you. But unfortunately at home I have a laptop with Broadcom wifi card. I checked your 32bit but it dosnt boot. Can you please make a 64bit image with broadcom support. Thankyou and keep up the great work

  16. Using latest special build on HP Mini 210 still no wifi. Went through the Broadcom instructions replacing 3.4.0 with the latest 3.14.0 and followed everything else. No dice. Other ideas? I have about 70 of netbooks I would love to get going on Chrome OS. 🙂

  17. First of all, great work! I appreciate good/active developers. I hope I can help contribute to this project.

    I’ve been using Linux for 15+ years but am completely new to ChromiumOS. Was just given a Dell Latitude 13 P08S. I thought this would make a great cheomebook.

    I’m having some strange issues. The first is a constant flickering screen. It’s the whole screen, not artifacts. It’s as if the brightness is rapidly changing back and forth just a little bit.

    The second is the touchpad. It works but is incredibly sensitive to touch. Like, I can hover my finger almost 1/4 inch ABOVE the touchpad (not actually touching it) and move the pointer. As I’m moving around the pointer and lifting my finger to reposition on the touchpad it still reads movement as my finger is lifting off and moves the pointer. This makes it almost unusable without VERY precise contact/movement/tapping of the touchpad.

    The builds I’ve tried that exhibit this behavior are:
    Latest daily Cx86OS-20150205010101.img
    Latest weekly Cx86OS-20150201010101.img
    And the last two special builds R41-6500 and R41-6679.

    None of these symptoms appear in special build Cx86OS_R34-5196_Multi_2. That one works great but is much older with the older kernel. I was hoping to get a more recent build working.

    I installed the latest special build to the hd and then used a live cd to copy some of the files that were in Multi_2 over to the latest special build and ended up breaking the touchpad (disappeared completely) and the flickering remained.

    Was wondering if you had any suggestions or needed more info.

    I hope this isn’t too long. I’m posting here because this is the most recent from you and I tried this build and had the same results.


    1. I have the exact same issue with my screenbrightness. Does someone knows how to solve this problem?

  18. Hey, so I want to try this out, but for some reason when I run it from a usb drive on my Lenovo Thinkpad T420 it shows an error message saying it is incompatible. Hexxeh’s build is working out for me at the moment, but I think he hasn’t updated his builds in a while, though I admit it is still great. It would be great if I could check out yours as well

  19. Please Please Please, I am begging you, add a 64bit edition. My computer is UEFI and won’t accept the 32 bit version. But will accept the 64bit edition (for daily) But I need the special edition for my wifi card. (Ralink R5390R 802.11 b/g/n), can you please make a 64bit edition?

  20. On a Realtek Wifi Chipset…Screen goes haywire then reboots all of the sudden….The daily builds always work perfectly!, But limit me to the Wired/Ethernet connection. And also, The codecs for media do not work, Along with the CROSH shell.
    Could you please by any chance share how to add drivers to the Daily/Nightly Build ??

    1. Sicen the underling OS is Linux, you can add drivers using Insmod, and modprove as you need. You need to set the OS to read/write using mount -o remount,rw /

        1. Its linux under the hood so you can try many drivers yourself just by installing the firmware. The OS is read only however so in order to allow the firmware apply, just set to read/write. Once you have tested, feel free to let me know and Ill build them into the special build!

  21. Have systems with the Realtek RTL8191SU wireless chip on Acer Intel motherboards and still no Chromium build supports the wi-fi connection while Ethernet works. Using latest Build 48.0.2540.0 (64-bit) and after years of Chromium builds all major wireless hardware should be kernel supported and work. Without wireless hardware support this project will remain stagnant in the business and education industries.

  22. Hi Arnold,

    I just installed Chromium OS build Camd64OS-20160628010102 on my Dell Inspiron 11 3000 series (3558).
    I’m not able to continue installation since the continue button is greyed out and the Wifi isn’t switched on. I did some reading and I think that it’s because the drivers are not installed. My wifi adapter is a Realtek TRL8723BE.

    Anyway, I downloaded the special build Cx86OS_R41-6679.0-Special but the computer stops booting halfway through [ i.e. when it shows that kernel is loading].

    Since the computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port either, i’m stuck.

    Any ideas on how to get the computer working ?

    Thanks a ton..!!!

  23. Hi Arnold,

    I’m really excited after I successfully run the CloudReady (a third party OS, almost the same with Chromium OS) on a Lenovo G470 laptop. It’s so smooth and pretty fast compared with Windows 10.

    So, I try to install it on another laptop, Acer One 10 S1002. Unfortunately, it shows that the WIFI is disabled and it sticks there. My WIFI driver on Windows 10 is Realtek RTL8723BS Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter.

    I don’t know if this special build is compatible with the hardware. I hope you can help me to solve it.

    Thank you very much!

  24. Hello Arnold,
    could you bring the wireless driver from cloudready ( to your builds? First I wanted to use cloudready, wifi worked but mouse and keyboard dont. Then i found your builds, but with your build only wifi does not work. Do you have any idea how to help me?
    Thank you

  25. wifi not showing in boot so cant install i have haier y11b with intel core M inside with intel hd graphics 5300 my wifi card is realtek RTL8723B wireless LAN 802.11n usb 2.0 network adapter how to get wifi working

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