ChromiumOS Special Build – R42-6813

Hi All

New Special Build available for download at As per the previous build, this is cumulative so contains all the previous drivers.

Unfortunately, there is still no Broadcom support! Its a work in progress so bear with me…

In addition, the old versions of the special build  can be updated from a new Dev Server by issuing the following command.

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=

The only thing I have noticed not working too well is that extensions sometimes crash on login. It is a simple reload to add them back in again however..

Sleep/Restore on laptop lid close/open seems to work fine now as well.

Happy Testing!!

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  1. yay more stuff. Man if you can please do build a 64bit version of your special build. I cant get the hp stream to bootup. Great work man, you rock

    1. Ya I can’t get it to work on my Lenovo ThinkPad T420. It says it’s incompatible with your Chromium OS, but it is compatible with Hexxeh’s builds.

    2. He does have 64 bit versions. I found one and it works on my Lenovo ThinkPad T420(it says it’s incompatible and the screen looks scary at the start, but it does boot pretty fast still). You have to look in the chromium os post. Here is the latest one I downloaded so far(way better and smoother than hexxeh’s build, which always says it’s totally outdated, even considering everything that happens at the start):

  2. Sweet! I need to update an entire mobile cart that are on a special build from last year….

    I’m wondering if any of your builds are considered “Stable Channel”, or are they all pretty much Developer Builds? We’re using these for school so stability is pretty critical. Just curious what you (or others) would recommend for a stable build?

  3. Hi @arnoldthebat,

    just wanted to share a short feedback: using this special build finally a netbook SONY VAIO vpcm13m1e is *fully functional*.

    Over the past years, I had never managed to get the wifi working (RALINK device) with your weekly or special builds, it would never activate the device.

    Finally, yesterday, this big surprise: this special release has full and correct support for the wifi card. Great!

    The netbook SONY VAIO vpcm13m1e is thus now fully supported: wifi, ethernet, audio, mic, camera, video. Everything seems to run smooth. Running from a usb stick, will install on a internal SSD device soon.

    Great job!

    1. Ya it isn’t meant to run certain video/audio formats by default. Lol really, you know chromium os/chrome os is meant for browsing the web and productivity

    2. Andre – can you outline your procedure to get the Mac to boot from the USB?

      I have an old Mac Mini I would love to play around with but I can’t seem to get the *#$(%& thing to boot from anything other than the internal HDD.

      What were the steps you took to get it running on your Air?


    3. I totally agree with you. It’s aesthetics are amazing and it runs super fast, even when you little storage on your usb drive!

  4. the latest build (ChromiumOS Special Build – R42-6813) stuck on boot in my Lenovo G580 laptop.
    I have problem with your builds always on my lenovo g580, hexxeh build is best for my laptop please do something

  5. good, my eeepc 901 hasn’t been used for long time as win7 is very show, this special version works finally (daily/weekly do not), touchpad and wifi can be used and i can see the youtube video.

    yet when i want to install to ssd, it shows ssd have bad sectors and don’t have smart compatibility, i don’t know how to fix it and stop to this step.

  6. Brilliant! Testing on Toshiba R700 (previously could not boot!)

    Seems to work really well. So far I’m just running from USB so a bit slow (limited by USB, obviously).

    +Trackpad (including two-finger scroll)
    + Screen / graphics
    + WiFi (have not tested ethernet)
    + HTML 5 video
    + Audio
    + Flash (after running the fix to install it)

    Must say – quite impressed. It’s running version 42. I’m seeing some network/browsing bugs but that might just be this particular model.

    About to try it on a very old Compaq laptop I have…

    Great work here, Arnold!

    1. The Compaq R4000 booted to command prompt. Video not supported (no surprise). It was complaining about b43 firmware and would not bring up the gui.

      Still, this is progress because it kernel panicked before.

      1. You need to use the Broadcom version of Chromium found here:
        It is old and a bit outdated, but it works fine. The reason it shows that is because even though you might not have a Broadcom (Or you know you do) Chromium identifies the Wifi Card as Broadcom. To get the Broadcom support working, you can find that here:

        1. That’s not quite correct. ChromiumOS will detect the right card but without the drivers, you are stuck. I have had some success with Broadcom drivers over the last few days so should be able to get a new Broadcom specific special build out soon.

    2. do you have a copy of that .iso that you can send me i got a compaq presario c500 it works great but cant log in through sudu su to fix trackpad problem

  7. Can’t wait to see a build with broadcom support. I have an Acer Aspire One d250, which the wireless adapter was replaced in. It’s got a Dell DW1701, which works in linux distros such as ubuntu, but I really want Chromium OS on this thing, as Linux doesn’t perform well enough for comfort, and it’s really just intended to get me onto email and such on the go.

  8. I have a macbook pro and been trying to install it on the mac but the mouse,trackpad and wifi dose not there a solution to fix this issue .hope you could find a solution for most of the errors. thanks

    1. Are you doing anything special to get it to boot the OS? I can’t get my Mac Mini (Core duo) to boot from the disk image. I’ve tried USB as well as copying the disk image directly to the main disk. The only thing I haven’t tried, which I might do next, is get it working on a different laptop and then swap the HDD but something about the Mac doesn’t want to boot this disk image…

  9. Please Please Please, I am begging you, make a 64-bit edition. My computer won’t accept the 32-bit version, while it will accept the 64-bit. But this build has the driver I need for my wifi card. Can you please help me?

  10. Hey Arnold, have had success with your builds specially those from august etc, the newer ones i can’t get to the desktop, so i keep using those builds around august, and everything has been working fine, thank you very much for the effort you have been putting into building all the regular versions as well as the special versions.

    Now onto my problem, one of my laptops has a Broadcom 94352HMB aslo known as bcm4352 which is not supported by chromium OS , your old broacom version does not support it as well, even though i followed the instructions on the download page, maybe because the wifi adpter is still new, my question is what is the possibility of bringing support to this card, and if you are not interested in doing so, any pointers on how to add support to it, as linux user i am used to use DKMS to add and remove kernel models something that is not supported on chromium OS, any pointers on what to use or what i should be trying to do?

    Thank you in advance


    1. Hi. The bcm4352 wont be supported on the old builds. Its something I am working on in the newer special builds and is proving a bit of a bugger to get working!!

      Its gentoo based so feel free to have a tinker and let us know how you get on!!

  11. On first boot on an Acer Aspire One AO751h, at the end it halts saying the BIOS is not supported, aborting!

    If I build ChromiumOS myself it boots normally…

  12. I have an Acer Aspire One 532h that refuses to install to the hard drive. This build finally has everything working except says it cannot detect my hard drive. I couldn’t find anything online about chrome not detecting a hd like this. Could this be because im using a hdd instead of a sdd?

    1. I had the same problem. Try Installing the OS again using the “Install” command in Crosh, then make sure it doesn’t just go into finding bad sectors but installs the os. Also make sure to have a different linux USB so you can format the HDD to EXT4 since Chrome Doesn’t want to do it itself. When thats done, it should take about 15-30 minutes to install then reboot, if it takes less, try the install again.

  13. Planning to try this on RPi2, please let me know how I should go about doing so? (Is it as simple as copying this image with WIN32 image writer, or extra/additional steps are required i.e. kernel specific files, mount different location…)

  14. Regardless of how many times I retry the update, I get “ Update failed.”

  15. Hi,
    Need help
    my trackpad working fine able to click shutdown button at start up but cannot choose network so stuck there.
    One more thing let i click on “no network found” as soon as i remove my usb i get the list of wifi for second but as no usb therefor no further
    Can anyone tell possible workaround

  16. Reposting to get more visibility up:

    Well, my Acer AO751h with all the horrible hardware, Poulsbo/GMA500 chipset and Broadcom wifi, seemed to boot pretty ok…

    Except that the UI never loads. It gets stuck in the terminal boot sequence… I can’t make it work…

    Been trying to download older special builds to see if anything works, but the download speed is so damn slow that it will take 8 hours to download.

    If there is any command I can type to make the UI appear in this latest build, it will be appreciated.

  17. Can not install R42-6813 due Password not be the standard that would be pacepunch. Could you pass me the correct password USB installation for HD?
    Thank you very much. Thank U!

  18. Asus Eee Top ET1602c: So, the latest special (chromiumos-special-build-r42-6813) seems to be more stable for me once installed to the HDD (no more app crashes). And, WiFi and touchscreen both work, whereas they both don’t work at all on the latest daily x86 on the same model PC. The only issues I’m noticing on the special is that the touchscreen is a little off-target, and the PC won’t sleep. Any ideas? Especially the sleep part.

  19. i just want to know what is the difference between normal and special builds because i don’t know what to download for my hp mini compaq cq-10-100ev

  20. and for info, the lenovo g40 30 touchpad is elantech, and I heard in gentoo forum that I have to edit the kernel config to make it works…

  21. Hi there. I used one of your builds of april, and the image displaying was much much better (looked fine and clear, on lenovo G470, running native) then the build from google’s waterfall build bot, and much much better then also on linux, on both firefox and chromium… I reasearched and maybe is related to be a bug on image displaying while the browser resizes the images. But I thought that the images were much better anyway on your build.
    Are you aware of something like that?

  22. I’ve tried several of your builds in the past, and I always seem to run into the issue of the login window appears as a black box for about 2 seconds, and then vanishes never to be seen again. Is this an issue people have seen on other PC’s? Any ideas on what I could try to fix it?

  23. So far this build is working great for me! My questions is, I am running it on a Sony Vaio VGN-TXN19P Laptop which has a biometric fingerprint reader. I know it’s a long shot, but is there any possible support for that in the Chrome OS? I really miss just swiping my finger to “log in” everywhere. Thanks for your work on this OS! My old XP Laptop has new life! I will most certainly buy you a beer! Cheers!

  24. Hey Arnold,

    First off, thanks for all you do.
    I have been working with Chromium OS for just a few months, but I have a few brief concerns/questions.

    Across a fleet of varying machines types I am running into some pressing issues involving the Chrome web store. If I use the included start menu icon to access the web store, it produces nothing but a blank page. If I access the web store by URL or googling it, everything appears fine but all newly-installed extensions and applications appear to crash upon installation/loading. (Previously installed applications remain in-tact) This is a tad concerning to say the least, but I am too appreciative to really complain. ^-^

    Also, supervised user creation crashes at the final step each time. I have verified proper sync settings. (I think.)

    Performance appears to be great on even the crappiest machines I prepare with your blend of Chromium, but often times the chrome browser will randomly begin to produce the
    “cannot load page (Purple Screen) press to reload” splash screen thing. Sometimes it just goes away rather quickly, other times it hangs for ages. I know that system beefiness is not the issue, so what could be causing this?

    Thanks again, and I’m looking forward to your updated builds.
    All references and information I provided regards Cx86OS_R42_6813.0 Special and a few other builds in which the chrome web store was slightly less of a problem but the other two instances of issue I presented remained.

    1. Hi

      You havent installed various flash scripts have you? One of them completely destabilised the last special build I used to such a degree, I gave up and reinstalled. All the apps I tested with worked fine and to this day are consistently good (latest special build).

      That said, Ive not tinkered with supervised users for a good while. Ill go and have a look see.

  25. Hi, i have a hp mini 110c netbook to. At the moment i am runnig xubuntu, and this is not very fast as i would like…there are some hope for a realese for this netbook with simple instalation? without no tricks like HeyRadar said?
    it will be more faster?
    who have this mini netbook wich os are using?

  26. Hi Arnold,

    I am trying to join the Chromium world and revive a few old devices. I can’t seem to get the USB built right.
    I have successfully created Win10 bootable USB and Linix bootable USB, and gotten my two laptops to boot to those system. All of those were from .iso files.
    When I use ImageWriter to create the Chromium USB with the .img files, the result is a drive that doesn’t boot. I am using a win x64 machine. I have looked at the USB and see that it has created about 12 partitions often 2 will be recognizable (16MB and 1GB) but my PC wants to format them (I don’t).
    I have tried both the x86 and x64 weekly builds (Apr 26, 2015) and the special build from Feb. R42-6813

    Any suggestions???

      1. OK,
        I did use that USB to install Win10 preview on the exact machine I am trying to put chromimu on. I also tried to install it with 2 different SD cards, and a micro SD card in a USB reader.

        I will try putting a Ubuntu build on the USB and confirm that that boots. The funny thing I noticed is that the Win 10 and Ubuntu builds come as .iso files. It seems like it is a problem with the .img files that I am having.

        thanks I will let you know

  27. Hi ! I want to know if I can upgrade my chromium os to special build ? Im on daily build sir and I install it on my hard drive. Thanks for your all effort ! May God Bless you more and moree Beers ! Cheers ! 😀

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