ChromiumOS Special Build – R44-7015

New special builds out today with built in Broadcom Support!!!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

Notable changes:

  • 64 & 32 bit builds
  • 3.19.3 kernel
  • R44 codebase – new material design
  • Working Touchpad (should include ElanTouch but not tested)
  • Working Webcam/Audio (Linux UVC)
  • Working Hangouts
  • Working Broadcom wireless – should work with all cards noted here.
  • Working Intel wireless (iwlwifi)
  • Working Bluetooth
  • SD Card Support
  • Radeon/Intel Graphics Support
  • NVIDIA support (untested)
  • Suspend/resume works.

Tested with Dell Studio 1555, Studio 1535 Laptops and Thinkpad S230U

Radeon Graphics testing covers: HD 3450/3470/4350/4370/545v)

Intel Graphics testing covers up to Gen 3 cards only.

Known Issues

  • Intel Gen 4+ cards wont work yet
  • Touchscreen does seem to work very nicely (Thinkpad) but currently disables the touchpad!

Certain Atheros  and Realtek wireless are also built into the kernel. These are not tested so feel free to feed back on how your testing goes.

Both of these builds will provide the base for additional WiFi support. These subsequent builds will also be available via Dev Server update when completed.

Happy Testing!


212 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R44-7015”

  1. It will be awesome if you have Intel Iris graphic card support!!!
    Thank you for all your works!!

  2. Thanks for the build, you took care of a few issues I was having. I am trying to repurpose some old Dell E6500 laptops as chromebooks and you have helped me do that. It seems as there is quite a bit of literature out there stating java will not work , along with quite a bit that says try these 20 things that end up working some of the time. if there are some instructions on how to get that rolling in this image, I would be appreciative.

  3. My report on using this build on my notebook

    >> System :: Dell Inspiron 15-3537 (PJ8GD)
    specs: 4gb ram / 160GB HDD / 15.6″ non-touch LCD / i3-3227U

    (tbh I don’t know what exactly this thing is just that it is an i3 based Inspiron with extra trimmings)

    >> Graphics – working fine – Intel HD 4000 @ 1366×768

    >> Wifi – working fine – Atheros 9k (9485 chip) — Requires setup from login screen/initial startup

    >> Touchpad – working two finger scrolling, non-working tap to click, must use buttons- unkown hardware (guessing elan?)

    >> Bluetooth — working, Logitech M557 mouse connected

    >> Ethernet – working – Realtek RTL8101e/RTL8102e

    >> Card Reader – RTS5129 USB card reader – Not Working (cards not seen for me)

    Install — Works with usual caveats

    over all everything has worked for me, just missing flash etc 😉

    Sean Wahl

  4. When I’m at the keyboard/network selection screen, the only thing I can select is shutdown. The rest of the buttons do not work. Anybody knows why this is?

  5. I thought I would give this a crack on a spare MacBook Pro that has a GeForce 320M in it (x86 version). I too am getting nouveau errors (MMIO write faults). The command line seems to work fine, so I can do some stuff there, but obviously the UI goodness is just out of reach. I see you mentioned in another reply that you haven’t really been able to test the nVidia drivers and that you suspect you might have done something wrong. Fingers crossed that this is the case and that the next special gets it to work.

    I also tried on my Dell M6500, and it works a charm!! Thanks a million!!!

  6. Hi!

    Do you have any idea when support for Ralink Wireless cards are coming? Your version is much faster than others I’ve tried and the only one where the synaptics driver works perfectly. Just waiting for that wlan support and I’ll commit to the switch;).

      1. Hello I just saw your list. Any way you can add B43 and B43-Legacy to it, since older Broadcom Drivers aren’t compatible with BRCM.

          1. I try all of them, they all come back with an error, and I did confirm I have a broadcom.

    1. Hello Joachim,

      it seems the Card is supported, but the Firmeware Files are missing.
      I try to extract the required files from an Debian or Ubuntu distribution.

    2. Just download the rt2860.bin Firmware to /lib/firmware (you need to remount root Filesystem rw) Reboot and have fun ?

  7. My Notebook: HP 15-r202ng, CPU Core i5-5200U
    After booting, I have a black screen. Before that, I can hear the boot sound.
    I need support for Intel HD 5500
    “/etc/portage/make.conf, Gen 4-7, VIDEO_CARDS=”intel i965″”

    How can I install?

      1. Arnold,

        If i can help on testing Gen4 intel card, let me know here !

        I have several Dell Optiplex 745 (intel
        82Q963/Q965 Gen4) for a small school that i would like to refurbish with chromium os (to be compagnon of theire chromebooks).

        I have lots of GPU hang in syslog (manifest by black screen during 5 secondes). I try lot adjustment on different stacks:
        – i915 module parameters (semaphores,…)
        – X11 config in 20-intel.conf (uxa, NoAccel… ),
        – chrome parameter command line in chrome_dev.conf (–disable-gpu,..)
        – and changes in Chrome flags in ui.conf

        … but without success.

  8. Hello, Dell Latitude E4300 Broadcom is non functional and does Chromium OS work on a PowerPC device like a iMac g5? Thanks.

  9. We have been testing the latest special build on Dell E6520 laptops in hopes of repurposing them for use by students. The latest special build seems to generally work fairly well. I add the script at for flash and codecs for MP4, MP3 etc. I am able to view most any MP4 sample video embedded in a website but the current hang-up seems to be when I attempt to download and play a sample MP4. The default video player opens but just displays a message “This file could not be played” as if a codec could not be found. Any thoughts or suggestion s would be appreciated. Thanks.

  10. Thanks for the update with the broadcom drivers. I’ve installed this build on a Dell Latitude 2110 Netbook and the WiFi NIC (broadcom) is working fine. With the older Broadcom special build I only had wired NIC functioning.

    1. btw, I installed the 64 bit build that has WiFi correctly functioning. Have not tried the 32 bit build on this 2110.

      1. If possible, I’d love to get support for the Asus Eee Top EE1602C. The generic build works sluggishly without wifi or touch screen. This special build has off-target touchscreen and no wifi.

  11. Hi,

    I’ve tried a few of your builds and they’re much better suited than Hexxah’s old versions, but I still can’t get wireless/ethernet to work on my Samsung N210 netbooks (ethernet is detected but not usable)

    They’re really sluggish and I just want to repurpose the 20 or so we have, because they’re just dead weights right now. I’ve tried multiple builds of your Chromium builds and other Linux distros but they’re either still slow or (in the case of Chromium) have no network devices.

    Are there any plans to add support for Realtek wireless cards? They’re supported out-the-box in most Linux distros (especially Ubuntu based), is there a way to include them in the next special build of ChromiumOS?

    Thanks a lot for all your hard work!

    1. More realtek support will be in the next special build. As for slow performance, are you installing to HDD? That ‘should’ make a massive difference.

  12. Hello!
    I’ve tried this on two different similar laptops with similar specs. Whenever I boot from USB, I get a black screen that says “decompressing linux”. Once that’s done, a new line shows up that says “booting kernel”. Then about a dozen other lines show up that I can’t understand. I’ve tried the Alt+Ctrl+F2 > login > crosh > install. But I get an error. Please help!

  13. Whoopee! wireless now working on Dell Inspiron mini 10V. However, trackpad double touch not working but left and right click are. Just got to find a way to get double touch working then bingo, will have breathed ne life into my little red dell netbook.

  14. I tried the hexxeh builds and got no touchpad to work (even with your instructions or the script).
    Tried your newest special build and ‘boom’ trackpad works but wifi fails…mac address is there but no signal.
    Got a medion akoya e1210 (kind of msi wind) with the rt2860! Thanks for any help.

  15. Hey Arnold,

    First of all thanks for the great release, only I have one issue and I guess it won’t affect many people but it is critical for me. Armenian keyboard in this release is not the correct one, I think it is the typewriter instead of phonetic. Can you please check and if there a workaround and let me know?

    typewriter: asdf – ջվգե
    phonetic: asdf – ասդֆ


  16. Is there a way to get a Ralink corp. RT2790 Wlan Card working.
    With the Chrome OS Build from Hexxeh wlan works good, but these Builds are very old and the Touchpad wont work.

  17. Yo, Arnold. My Asus u36sd works perfectly out of the box. Thanks its great. But I cant use Nacl Web App. For example Secure Sheel. In js console:
    NativeClient: Nexe crashed during startup
    nassh.html:1 NativeClient: [7,1680488704:14:06:48.039609] Native Client module will be loaded at base address 0x00006e9e00000000
    nassh.html:1 NativeClient: [7,1680488704:14:06:48.041223] NaClHostDescMap: mprotect to turn on PROT_EXEC failed, errno 13

  18. Hello Arnold, I have just found out that I don’t use b43, I use Broadcom-wl, is there any way to implement that in the next build?

  19. Hey Arnoldthe bat,

    works great on my Neo Netbook,
    only thing I cannot get working is Flash?

    any ideas?


    1. Go to a command window and get root access. Then run:
      curl -L | bash

      Assuming I made no typos, that should fix your flash (also assuming the script still works).

  20. Trying to install to harddrive on HP 2000-2b09wm. Booting from USB gives “…map pfn expected mapping type uncached-minus…” error. After running install to harddrive, same error occurs. No GUI appears.

  21. +arnoldthebat you’re the best man! Running fine on Lenovo S10e
    Thx a lot! I’ll test on desktop i3 3rd with Radeon HD 5450

  22. Hi, great build!
    Is it possible to add the “broadcom” PHYmodule? The BCM57780 i have requires it and the “tg3” module (which is included) or is there some way to add it afterwards?

  23. Your build is just what we need to breathe new life into our school laptops. Everything seems to be working except I am unable to enroll them for device management in our Google Apps for Ed. The error is : Oops! A network communication problem occurred during authentication. Please check your network connection and try again. Any way around this?

      1. Thank you for your response. I will keep an eye on the project site and yours to see if anything develops. Thanks again for all your hard work.

      2. Hi Arnold,

        Looks like the enterprise enrollment issue may have been resolved by the Chromium community about 2 weeks after you posted the link. II look forward to testing your special build when it gets updated. Otherwise, keep up the awesome work!

    1. Schooltech, I wish you luck as I am in the same situation. Trying to breath new life into a few hundred HP Minis. I see that the issue Arnold provided a link to appears to have been fixed by the community. Hopefully we will both be in luck with an updated special build.

  24. Has anyone figured out how to get broadcom wifi credentials to save when connected to a hidden SSID? I have to re-enter information every single time after reboot. Nothing seems to work. I’ve heard its a common problem but can’t seem to find the solution. Thanks.

  25. ASUS Eee PC Seashell Series – Everything works except tap to click.

    Any idea why the login page would just show up as a blank white page?

  26. Hi and many thanks for your work!!
    Does this special version support Atheros AR8132 ethernet chipset?

  27. Hi and thank you very much for your work!!

    Does this special build include support for the Atheros 8132 ethernet chipset?


      1. Tried and nope, it does not 🙁
        Chances for the future builds?

        ps. sorry for the previous doble post, my bad

  28. The Ralink RTL8192SE WiFi card isn’t working, due to a missing file. It report every network as out of range, but I have found a fix. The linux driver downloaded from has a file called rtl8192sefw.bin, which needs to be put in /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/, and the rtlwifi folder needs to be created because it doesn’t exist.

    Even though I have solved my problem, auto-updates are going to be hell-on-earth because I will need to re-do this every single time. My two questions are:

    Would you be able to simply add the file inside the builds so I never have to do it again?

    Would I somehow be able to use this method in the weekly builds, so that I get updates? Even if I need to change the kernel, if you could tell me what exactly I need to do I can probably script it, making me run one single shell script after every auto-update. I only need support for that specific card, that’s all. So all I really need is the Ralink driver, plus that file in a possibly scriptable way.

  29. HP Elitebook 8460p

    downloaded but continue button is greyed cant pass the setup screen as no wifi is detected (wifi card is Intel® Centrino® Advanced-N 6205)

  30. Hi Arnold, thank you for this build.
    I get this error when I try to boot it from USB in my Macbook Air:

    [1.348524] i8042: No controller found
    [1.454189] usb usb1-port1: couldn’t allocate usb_device

    Does it mean anything to you? (I tried the non-special daily build and it boots fine but with no wifi and trackpad support…)

  31. I have this build installed on some 2120’s. Everything works as it should except that I am unable to complete the enterprise enrollment. I receive the “Oops network issue” message. The netbooks connect to the network/ internet with no problems when browsing as guest or signing in as a normal, non enterprise, user.

  32. Thank you for all your work!

    I’m using Dell 2120s at my district, the x64 package worked wonderfully. The x86 did not (not sure why, but I Didn’t spend hours troubleshooting it.)

    Thanks again for your help!

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