ChromiumOS Special Build – R45-7216

New special builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from


Known Issues:

  • Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, Ill need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine)
  • Dev Server update support coming soon.

Please test and feedback!

65 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R45-7216”

  1. Yes! As soon as I get home I’m testing it and installing on all of my laptops! Nice job mate.

  2. Work out of the box, thank you! Have troubles with chome_dev.conf. After changing this file, i can’t login to my system. =(

  3. Hi there,

    First of all, thanks for all you good work !

    I tried this image and I get the splash screen and that’s is.

    When I check the output, I see this as last line :
    gma500 trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe

    I have look around on the internet and saw all kind of solutions for linux distro’s like Ubuntu. But none of that works for the chromium distro.

    Any suggestions ?

    1. Addition, when I use a normal distrobution, I get a normal desktop but no wifi support. No wifi is because I have a broadcom network card.

      So these two combined will be the distrobution I’m looking for !

      1. Well, sometimes you need to add the broadcom support yourself, like with Ubuntu, it’s a broadcom package that you need to add to the repository. With others, its a file you need to download. If you tell me your model and the OS, then I can help.

        1. John,

          I have a Acer Aspire One, modelD270.

          When I use a regular chromium distro from Arnonld, I got working graphics but no wifi (broadcomm 43xx). When I use the special builds, I get wifi, but no graphics (intel gma500).

          When I try to install the broadcomm driver on a regular chormium build from Arnold, and use the 3.14 wlan drivers for broadcomm, I get a kernel panic and a reboot.
          So . . .any suggestions ?

  4. This is spot on! Thank you so much for your efforts. I’ve installed to 13 Toshiba laptops gathering dust and some 8 yr old Opterons ready for the tip. I’m surrounded by memory sticks, DD commands and smiles.


    1. If you know things about DD, then can you help me. When I install, I get (Slow DD Operation, please fix.) How can I fix this when installing from USB to Desktop. Thanks.

      1. When I have sudo I check my logical drives with ‘lsblk’ and in my case the usb stick is ‘sdb’ and my hard drive is ‘sda’
        Then type
        dd if=/dev/sdb of=/dev/sda

        I don’t mess around with block size at the end of the command. Done all my computers with it today.

      2. I started yesterday installing builds and I’m a newbie when it comes to commands and terminals, but whenever I ran into the “Slow dd Operation. Please fix” error I just leave it like a minute or so and it starts back running the installation. I actually don’t know if I should worry about that but it seems to work. Hope it helped.

      1. Hi Arnold,

        In my Acer Aspire one I allso have the GMA500 video card. Just like Shane I get the splash screen and that’s it. When I look at the terminal screen I see :”gma500 trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe” and that’s it.

        The Broadcomm wlan is working but no video. When I use a regular chromium distro from your site, I get working video but no working wifi. And when I try to enable wifi using I get a kernel panic and a reboot. I have changed the script so that is uses the 3.14 drivers.

  5. The new build seems to be much better than previous Special Builds. At least for me with HP Spectre 13-3000t. Odd my trackpad doesn’t support Taps anymore only physical Clicks. Not a huge deal as i’m using a mouse most of the time. just weird it worked before and doesn’t now…

    Flash: anyone had any luck? i haven’t come across a working script yet. tried about a dozen so far, if you come across one working with this build plz share 🙂 TIA

  6. Broadcom for Dell Latitude E4300 still doesn’t work. Also it dies load but says Out of Range and doesn’t show networks. Please fix, I’m very disappointed that it doesn’t work. I hope it’s fixed soon. Thanks Arnold.

  7. I tried the x64 build on my Dell Latitude E6520 – everything worked right out of the (proverbial) box, WiFi included. (I also updated /etc/chrome_dev.conf with my custom API keys, have yet to test Drive integration.) I haven’t tested the touchpad, as I’m using a wireless mouse that I’m very accustomed to, but I’m sure that even if it weren’t working, it would most likely be fixed in special future builds. My only issue is that when I attempt to use crouton to run Ubuntu side-by-side with ChromiumOS, the crouton scripts error out saying that “no screens [are] found”. I did some research on similar errors, and I think that the issue is caused by the fact that ChromiumOS hasn’t fully transitioned to freon (alternative to X server), and until such transition is completed, this error will continue to occur. Just wanted to bring that up for anyone who’s interested in crouton. (Note that last year’s ChromiumOS special build worked fine with crouton without any issues.)

  8. I was hoping that this update would get it working on the spare Mac Book (MCP89 / NV50), but alas, still no joy.

    The Nouveau driver is still moaning about KMS not being enabled. Looking at the Xorg logs, I get…
    (EE) [drm] KMS not enabled
    …plus as couple of (WW) messages from
    VGA arbiter: cannot open kernal driver, no multi card support
    xf86ReadBIOS: Failed to open /dev/mem (Permission denied)

    It all means that Xorg bombs out saying that Screens have been found, but none are usable.

    Any ideas?

    1. I’m so sorry to say, but the only way that will work is if Arnold knows about this. Since he adds the drivers, he will most likely work on them next if you ask him. Also the readBIOS is because of it being a Mac. Support for it seems very limited so bear with him.

  9. awesome job, only a difficulty for me, I need to install flash player plugin to fully enjoy this great project … if I could help it would be greatly appreciated

    1. There are several scripts available to help you install Flash and it has been discussed in the comments of other posts several times on this site. It takes very little time and is super easy to do.

      1. Works fine fine for me thanks for that. It is reporting as version 15, are there any more up to date flash scripts out there does anyone know?

  10. Thank your for the new Build!
    But I have a Question: Is there any way to change the Chromium Logo to the Chrome Logo? I want to change it because I don like the Chromnium Logo!

  11. I can run from USB just fine, but I get a blank screen after I’ve installed to HDD. Anyone one know why that could be?

  12. Toshiba Qosmio x505-q875 with Nvidia GeForce GTS 360M GT215 – not working very well. I hate my card — Ubuntu gave me problems too, but at least I could install half decent driver on it. Also, I don’t have flash support on this build. Someone HELP!

  13. I’m sorry if it seems kind of a noobish question, but with my nVidia GTX 460M (NVC3 (GF106)) on an Asus G53Jw machine I get artifacts, in particular a stuttering black screen or portions of the screen. Is there a way I can get this to work?

  14. I tried the previous build and had problems booting from USB. In fact, USB was not even listed as a bootable device.
    My laptop has no UEFI. Has anyone similar problems?

    I tried on a laptop that supports UEFI and it booted without problems on legacy mode. However on my non-UEFI laptop it does not even sees the USB as bootable device.

    1. I’ve seen it where you set it to boot from hard drive and then under the hard drive list it shows the USB device. might help.

      1. Yeah, generally speaking I know how to boot from a USB in my laptop. A new entry in Boot Devices appear if there is a bootable USB plugged in. But in the ChromiumOS case, this doesn’t happen. I get no option to boot from USB.

  15. Was hoping this would work with my Dell E6400 laptop with Intel GM45 Express Graphics, but no luck. It boots up, but scree is just blocks of white or black on screen. Only thing visible is the Time area in bottom right. First screen flashes up quickly but then video wigs out. Any suggestions?

  16. Also I’ve noticed with this build and with my own build, the Timezone is not automatically changing like it’s supposed to. I have to go in and manually change it. Anyone else noticed this?

  17. The Realtek RTL8723AU is detected in lsusb but in if config it is not flagged as running. Is there something I’m missing?

  18. So I’ve hunted around, poked forums and almost every comment section on this site and I have a question. I’m working with an old Dell Latitude 2110 (because I drew the short straw in a school system to re purpose the paper weight netbooks) and I have a old build of Chromium from you running on it. Works fine except for the Wifi. So I tried the newest special build because I know Broadcom is a PITA, but some people had reported that it was working. With the newest special build it reports all wireless as out of range (yay the wireless is actually active though), buuuut it doesn’t see the ethernet now. Any suggestions?

  19. This build is running fine on my Akoya e1232t notebook. Everything is working out of the box. Wifi, bluetooth, sound, touchscreen…. so great work !

    One thing I can’t get working is codebender for my arduino Deumilanove (this is working on my asus chromebox). Are the drivers for FT232R USB UART included ?

    I can use it with a Leonardo

  20. Hey thanks for the build. Really have been enjoying it on my old little HP netbook. However, I have run into a bit of a complication. Whenever I try and open up the Spotify app an error comes up and says
    “To enjoy Spotify, please install Adobe Flash. It’s Free”

    However, whenever I try and download adobe flash directly from adobe its says
    “Your Chromebook already includes the latest Adobe® Flash® Player built-in containing all known security fixes. It will automatically update when new versions of Flash Player are available.”

    Could you please look into this issue or provide us a bit of a work around to get spotify working onto this build.

    However, in any case, despite this minor annoyance I have really enjoy this build of ChromiumOS. It brings new life to old netbook running at Atom N270 processor. Keep up the good work! 🙂


  21. Thanks for your amazing work!
    Just tried this new release and I could finally install Chromium OS on my old EEEPC1001 HA (had wifi card troubles with other releases).
    Everything works fine now except Media Player: I can’t play neither mp3 nor mp4 files.
    Any suggestions?
    Anyway thanks a lot man!

      1. Thanks!
        Any help about reproducing mp3/mp4 files with the default media player would also be appreciated 😉

  22. Anyone who has a tip on how to get mp3 and mp4 files working on this amazing release?
    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  23. Hi,

    When I try to install this onto a test disk, the system would always reboot after it finished DDing the root partition (it hasn’t provisioned the install yet) . Any ideas?

  24. Hi,

    I tried to boot several chromium builds from an Asus eeepc 1215b with a broadcom wifi card and radeon 6310 graphics card.
    The latest weekly build: Cx86OS-20150726010101.img.7z, boots fines into the startup page but finds no networks.
    On the other side, the latest special build, after the splash screen, Camd64OS_R44-7015.0-Special, stops before reaching the login screen, with the following messages:

    wl0: online cpus 1
    wl_init_rfkill: rfkill registered

    It hangs there forever. Any clue on what’s going on? Thank you very much,

    1. The question do you have repo with used kernel and kernel configuration. I have tried with official 3.19.3 but everything finished with indefinite reboot loop. I also have tried with kvm where headers area not needed but the kernel has no network bridge support.

  25. It always comes up operating system not found tried 2 different usb keys could it be my laptop so confused doing everything right

  26. Hello Arnold,
    I recently installed this version of ChromiumOS on my HP Probook 450 G0. I tried a lot of versions until I got my Ralink RT3290 to work, and this version is the only one to do so.
    However, I have a problem. The mouse cursor is just too slow for me. I want to increase mouse speed but I cannot find out how.
    Thank you in advance.

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