ChromiumOS Special Build – R47-7451

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

Download 64 bit USB build from

Download 32 bit USB build from


  • None – Maintenance Release


  • Dev Server updates are now compiled in at build time.

Known Issues:

Synaptics drivers are still the default for touchpad as per my previous post. CMT is proving challenging to get working on all devices currently without a myriad of config files!

In addition, I need to do some additional tidying to make the builds more portable across build servers. Ill be doing this prior to bug fixing for the next build.

74 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R47-7451”

  1. Feedback on these new builds tested on a Dell Inspiron 1579-5720 laptop:

    IDT High Def Audio (Issue #8) Audio had been working on the previous 32-bit R46-7323 U-Special build, but it no longer works on the 32-bit R47-7451 build. Seems strange that it worked on previous build but not latest one. (Audio on 64-bit versions continues to not work on the latest and previous U-Special builds).

    The unzip feature works (if you Enable the “Disable New Zip Unpacker” flag) on the 64-bit R47-7451 U-Special build, but does not work on the corresponding 32-bit build.

    Everything else works fine. Thanks for the new builds, Arnold!

    1. Update to previous comment on IDT Hi Def audio on Dell Inspiron laptop: I got it working on both 32 and 64-bit R47-7451-U-Special builds, though the “fix” seems odd and quirky. I clicked the Status Area on lower right corner of screen, then clicked on the Audio Output/Input selector to the right of the volume slider. Output was set to Headphones (I had speakers plugged in). I cycled through the choices and when I came back to Headphones, suddenly audio began working! Go figure, but I’m very pleased that it’s now working!

  2. Hey, are the updates cumulative? For example, if I have a BCM43xx-equipped netbook can I install the most recent build or must I install the May 10 build (R44-7015), which is stated to have Broadcom support? Thanks 🙂

      1. Hey Arnold,

        I have a Samsung R540 running your latest special build, Your build claims to have support for broadcam wireless drivers but the enable wifi button is disabled.

        Please reply ASAP


    1. Is there a fix to access google drive from the files app. I do not see anything and the folder is empty. I had same issue in the previous build too.

  3. Hi Arnold!

    Trying to update with the update_engine_client –update command in chromium os shell, but get this error: “Update failed, current operations is UPDATE_STATUS_IDLE”. Normal behaviour?

    1. >Hi Arnold!

      >Trying to update with the update_engine_client –update >command in chromium os shell, but get this error: “Update >failed, current operations is UPDATE_STATUS_IDLE”. Normal >behaviour?

      This is happening to me also. not sure why.

          1. Sorry already succeed, loved the new materialized chromium logo. But the wifi can’t work 🙁 it is disabled

  4. Hi – now runs the “32 bit build” on my Dell Latitude D420 and everything seems to work perfectly – thanks! But I did not manage to get the Flash Player to work in Google Chrome. Does anyone know how to solve it?

      1. There are lots of posts about getting Flash to work. Here is a very quick rundown:

        Get to a shell and become super user: super su

        Then run a script that installs Flash for you. I believe mine is still working: curl -L | bash

        Some people report that they need to put “http://” in the URL, but I’ve never had to do that.

  5. Hi Arnold, i have strange problem, my pc is connected to samsung tv, video output is hdmi and audio is 3.5 mm jack to rca (red and white jacks) i cant output audio to tv on chromium os, i have 2 outputs in settings and i tried it both
    speaker (internal)
    hdmi/dp,pcm=3 jack (HDMI/DP)

    if i connect headphones to pc i can hear sound with speaker (internal)..can you help me? Thanks

  6. I am trying the non-U build now, to see if it is any better (with WIFI especially) than the U build. I don’t need to update this if it works perfectly 🙂

    I will never be adding any extra hardware/whatever to my laptop 🙂

    Cheers for all the hard work!

  7. I’m trying out the 32-bit, non-usb version on a Dell E6410.
    I get to the point where i enter the mail and password, but then when i click next…. It just sits there on “waiting”.

    Any ideas? I’ve tried 64-bit USB aswell.. But the same thing.

  8. Hello! I would like to boot it off pxe, from my network openwrt server, but the iso won’t boot via memdisk. Arnold, do you have any ideea how this could be done?

  9. Hi Arnold.

    Acer Aspire 5315

    WIFI is enabled only in the firs boot. In the second boot when the graphics appear WIFI turn off in this moment.

    In 7216.0 is OK but the graphics not.

    Can you give us a script for reset the WIFI?

    I will try with 7323.0 and report then.

    Sorry for the english and thank for the proyect. You are big.

  10. There is definitely something wrong with the wireless in this build. every-time I turn the computer off completely I have to put the “sudo stop apmanager” to get the wireless working again. If I just shut the laptop and have it sleep, it sees the wireless with no problem when I power it back up. Strange.

    1. @gary: that also happens to me.
      This build is in my case (acer Aspire|V5) tremendously buggy. Previous build 7323 was better (although some graphical problems).

      But it is quite fun to try and appreciate very much Arnold’s voluntary work…

      Hopefully next build is a bit better… meanwhile:
      “sudo stop apmanager”
      every time you start ChromiunOS…

  11. I tried doing the update_engine_client –update command in crosh as directed, but it keeps erroring out at “Update failed, current operations is UPDATE_STATUS_IDLE”. I’m on build 7323.

  12. Hey Arnold – I was wondering if there was a way to reduce the verbosity of some of the drivers? My devices are outputting errors to the screen that are visible in the Xserve boot screen (Chromium splash screen). Most of them are wlan errors.

    I edited my grub.conf and reduced the verbosity level to 1, but I’m not sure how to stop other errors from popping up on the screen. They aren’t errors that I need to worry about – they don’t affect the functionality of the machine.

    Ultimately, I would like to take the devices out of “dev” mode, but I think that’s part of the build right? I wish I knew more about this stuff so I could do it without asking you…

  13. Just wondering if anybody has the same problem:

    I am using the Chromium OS Build Cx86OS_R47-7451.0.U-Special.7z from Arnold the Bat and everything works great except the sound. There is no sound at all, and no audio devices are detected. I checked the BIOS, and integrated sound is enabled, and works fine with Windows XP.

    But alsamixer just shows cras, aplay: device_list:221: no soundcard found… and “dmesg | grep sound ” shows “no soundcards found”

    The desktop is a Dell Optiplex Gx620 with Soundmax Integrated Digital Audio (Analog Devices ADI 198x Integrated Audio x86)

    Any ideas on how to get sound in Chromium?
    FYI: I tried older Special Build Versions with no luck.

    1. I have the same problem with Dell GX520. It does not detect a sound cars so if I plug the headphones on the jack I can not hear anything but if I connect a Dell USB monitor sound speaker it works fine. Would like to find a fix for the 3.5m jack to work with headphones.

  14. Hi, i have a Asus EEEPC 1000H and i use this build.
    The wifi and ethernet doesn’t work. I need to use my android phone in tethering usb and the system read this as “ethernet” and i can navigate.
    I have a Ralink RT2860.
    All is activated in the bios and if i write “iwconfig” it found the wlan0 (but not the eth0) but the system say “WiFi is off”.

    Help please 🙁

  15. Hi Arnold
    I am running ChromiumOS Special Build – R47-7451 and my Intel N6300 wireless is not supported it seems. I can see the drivers in /lib/firmware but how do I install them please.

        1. Sorry but I don’t know how to do that. I don’t know much about Linux. I also need to install the sound card driver for a Dell GX 520. I have 100 + of those old computers running chromium os but they just need sound so the kids can use starfall

  16. I’m using the latest special build 64 bit and I disabled the Zip flag and now it still won’t open zip’s! It says “error_internal”.

  17. Hey Arnold! Does you make another newer build? Because this build is great but tremendeously buggy!

  18. the x64 worked best on my MacBookAir6,2! Flash, API, PDF have configured.

    anyone have a link for a working mp3/m4a codec? because i have tried many links but still doesn’t working 🙁

  19. Have been trying to get ChromiumOS running on my Asus 1215B (AMD Brazos e450) for over a year now. Always had issues with either the graphics, the wifi, mouse, or something. Even the special builds haven’t helped me much. I did managed to get it working via Neverware’s CloudReady (ChromiumOS-based), and for those who are still struggling to get things working, you should give it a try to see if the ChromiumOS experience is what you are looking for.

    CloudReady worked for me right from the start – graphics were fine, mouse worked, and most importantly the wifi worked as well. Adobe flash is part of the build, but not mp3/mp4 at the moment. It’s mostly stable on my netbook, but I do get the occasional hang / crash necessitating a reboot, and it does run quite hot (lack of power mgmt for the amd apu maybe). I think the more recent kernels have better support for my Brazos e450, so it might still be a while before I’m comfortable enough to turn my 1215B into a full-time chromebook.

    Anyway, I’m still kinda hoping that eventually I’ll see a working build from Arnoldthebat, and much thanks for all your effort and sharing your builds over these many months. But while I wait, I’ll be fooling around with CloudReady.

    1. Hi Isky

      Hope the Neverware builds work out for you (if only I had that level of funding!!). My project is not going away soon so feel free to try again in the future!

  20. Hi,

    Latest build works great, except when I try and Enroll the device to be managed by a Google Apps Domain. I get an error “Oops! A network communication problem occurred while trying to enroll this device. Please check your network connection and try again.” It looks like they fixed the error. When will a new special build be available?


  21. Hanging up on Lenovo E125 Laptop
    AMD C-50 CPU, VGA compatible controller: [AMD/ATI] Wrestler [Radeon HD 6250], Realtek RTL8188CE WiFi Adapter
    Qualcomm Atheros AR8151 v2.0 Gigabit Ethernet.
    Full lspci output –
    it doesn’t load up, showing chromium logo for a few seconds and then black screen with text –
    ifconfig output (3) –
    dmesg output (3) –
    Xorg.0.log (3) –

  22. I have install ChromiumOS on my USB stick. Daily build is ok but Special Build not ok. Laptop used is Acer Aspire One D270 and this is stuck when power on

    “early console in decompress_kernel
    Decompressing Linux… Parsing ELF…done.
    Booting the kernel.
    [sda] No caching mode page found
    [sda] Assuming driver cache: write through
    gma500 GPU: power management timed out.
    gma 500 : trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe
    gma 500 : trying to get vblank count for disabled pipe”

    Thank you very much for your dedicate

  23. This build works almost perfectly fine!

    Only resuming from sleep and the previously descibed wifi error do not work.

    After resuming, the command line interface appears and the computer reboots. Please fix this in the next build!

  24. I’ve run into a situation with microphone stuff. Specifically Google Voice Typing into a document or using the microphone to search by voice at Also, the Chrome extension “Read & Write”.

    I have not had the opportunity to try the mic with anything else.

    The microphone does not pick up. I also tried plugging in a microphone and I also used a USB microphone. So of the 3 (internal, plug, usb) you would think one of them would work.

    This is on two extremely different hardware platforms (Toshiba i3 laptop and Dell Atom netbook).

    Any thoughts?

    1. Hi

      Search by voice is API limited so wont work in the old builds and is limited to 50 calls per day for enabled API (so not much point). Now I have API integration sorted I can switch things on/off at leisure so Ill research the cost options for voice support soon.

      The latest build (today) does have working microphone on all my laptops so could you try the new build and then maybe a hangouts call to test at your side?

      1. Awesome – will try it out ASAP!

        Seriously, your work is amazing. I’ll comment in the thread for the Oct. 31 build when I try it.

  25. Trying to run the /usr/sbin/chromeos-install just prompts me to specify –dst

    I have no clue what to enter there, any help would be greatly appreciated. Runs great from the USB but I want to give it a more permanent home on my old-as-hell-Toshiba.


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