X86 Nightly Builds

Google have deprecated the x86-generic build, so with this in mind, in order to keep the builds automated, Ill be discontinuing the nightly 32 bit builds which mirror the x86-generic board.

In addition to this, I’ll shortly be changing the update server to be fully automatic for the remaining daily builds. In order to get the latest version therefore, all that will be needed is a simple ‘check for update’ from help/about within the browser.

Special and Vanilla Builds will continue to have both 32 bit and 64 bit support for the foreseeable future.

7 thoughts on “X86 Nightly Builds”

  1. Hi Arnold,

    First of all, i’ll thank you for your great and amazing work. ChromiumOS Special Build r58-8872 works great on Acer Aspire.

    Could i share 3 requests/questions with your community ?

    1- I had a permanent error to create Supervised Users with this build. Is it normal ? Any users’d same error ?

    2- I always use DNSCrypt and sometimes TOR for few years for privacy. Could you propose a Special “Privacy” Build with this ? or at your knowledge, does someone propose a Chromium OS minimal Privacy build ?

    3- Last request is about Play Store : Do you think when and how we could use a chromium OS build with play store without to buy a specific chromobooks ?

    By the way, thanks for all…
    Best regards.

    1. Hi

      1. Yes, Ive seen the problems with supervised users. Its something I need to fix.
      2. I’ll take a look, but Tor looks to be an extention already…
      3. On the list of stuff to review.

  2. Whats the latest news on PLAY STORE?? I use Phoenix os basically due to Android and multi windows but a chromium OS with Play store would blow Phoenix away!!

  3. Hi arnold, i’ve installed the last weekly build of chromium os (x86) is the only build that work for me, but i have a problem.

    basically I’m not the owner, i’ve used only this account to manage all chromebook distro tried (flint, cloudready, lime ecc..) but i’m not the owner… When i try to change the update channel i get the message: “Only the owner can change this option” the same thing appen when i try to manage other people from settings.

  4. I have installed this conpilation in my computer but no have more updates. do you help me to tell that i have to do for update mi chromium?
    My computer is a x86 based cpu, i can’t install a x64.
    Thanks for all the work !!! it’s GREAT!!

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