ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R60-9592.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 1008cdd048dea218b8c4210d749cc8b49bee96af810ce600dffe1c7cec9c5efc

Download 32 bit build from

SHA256: 1008cdd048dea218b8c4210d749cc8b49bee96af810ce600dffe1c7cec9c5efc


Known Issues:

Play Store Enablement
The Play Store is enabled in both the builds but does not currently work. Don’t log issues therefore around this feature since I’ll be looking to review for the next build. It will ask you to apply a critical update if you click on the icon. This critical update will not work (nothing happens). I have released this for testers (and myself) to try to figure out the next steps to get this working properly.

Update 17/09/17: The Update Server is now available for OTA updates.

44 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R60-9592.B”

  1. Hi,
    Touchpad doesn’t work. I also can’t go to CLI (ctrl+alt+F2) to install it to hard drive.
    Do you know when vanilla special build will be available?

    1. hey
      my current version is
      Version 58.0.3029.140
      Platform 8872.79.2017_05_28_1448 (Developer Build – tonyd) developer-build x86-atb

      when can i get this above build to my pc ? (update)

  2. The support for Android/Play Store should be enabled in the moment of building Chromium OS. The option USE=arc should be enabled otherwise the files corresponding to Android OS will not be part of the build. I checked your R60 version and it do not have the Android files. The simple rebuild with the arc option enabled should solve the problem of enable Android support.

  3. Chromium OS will not boot on a Dell Precision M6400

    None of the Chromium OS images will boot up on my Dell Precision M6400.
    It just freezes on the Chromium splash/boot screen and stays there forever.
    It has an nVidia Quadro FX2700 GPU, 4GB of DDR2 system RAM, a Core 2 Duo T9400 CPU

    1. Same for me on both HP Spectre x360 and Asus Vivobook s550ca. But Special Build – R58-8872 was solid (and thank you, arnoldthebat!)

  4. I think SHA256 for the 32 bit version is different than the one you posted ( you have posted same for both).
    Also, i need help. I’m a noob and i am stuck with 5 options in boot screen ( local image A B etc) and no solution i find online fixes it. I believe the usb is supposed to boot to a chromium logo screen.
    I am using a Notion ink Cain ( baytrail hybrid).

  5. Hello Arnold

    with the version 58 was all fine but with this I’ve black screen and the Caps continue to bleeping!

    Any solutions?

  6. I just updated to your latest build
    There is a problem ,after restarting the system
    It boots and restarts automatically
    I am not able to access the system
    Can u please help ?
    My system -Dell Vostro 1015
    Worked properly in ur previous version

  7. Hey Arnold!
    The CTRL+ALT+F2 command does not work on laptop(HP).
    Also the when I click on PlayStore it says that install crucial update, Sign out and back in again. The keeps on coming everytime when I click on it,even after I have signed out and then signed in again. Please help.

  8. hey
    this build giving problems .. when I updated and restarted the system .. it boot ups .. but the mouse won’t work and after 30 seconds it shutdowns .. restarts back … this loop continues
    what can I do?

  9. Care to enable DRM for chrome? such an old classic problem but no solution yet. i wonder why?
    unable to play netflix, amazon videos. any solution?

  10. one cloudready they said ill need to disable discrete graphics in favor of integrated graphics but this option isnt shown in my bios. can i do something?

  11. Hello sir! Excellent work. My problem is that my keyboard gets disabled when I sign out and I can’t sign in again without shutting down. Device – HP x360 13 inch
    Also, I can’t run “shell” command in crosh. Is my developer mode enabled? (Camd64 R60 9592B special build)

  12. So, is there any chance the next build can add Nvidia drivers?

    I have tried all the builds from January 2016 onwards, and none of them will boot on my laptop. They all stop at the white Chromium splash screen, I have tried the keycombos to get to a terminal, those will rarely work, and when I can get to a terminal it locks up immediately after showing the initial prompt.
    I have found out that the halt, is caused because Chromium OS does not support Nvidia GPUs.

  13. I want to move some of our older XP and Win8 laptops to chromiumOS. So I Installed the 32 bit R60 build (both the R60 and R62 64bit builds ended up corrupted for some reason) on a ByteSpeed M100b to test things out. It installs, but no track pad.

  14. hej Arnold, I’m using the special build with a lot of pleasure for several months now. Very happy with it brings me already.

    Can you give me an answer to the following questions:
    When will be a new release of the special? Last update is created in august, so maybe a new version has some nice updates and fixes?

    Do you have any luck yet on the play store?

    thank you!

  15. Do all the builds provide the option to switch to developer mode ? How do I switch to developer mode ? I want to install Linux apps on this build type…but I am not able to switch to developer mode….

  16. Hi,
    I am looking for the correct build to use for my old HP Compaq nx8200 laptop (32x pentium M – intel 915PM chipset – ATI RADEON X600 -PCI Express, 2 GB RAM): I have already tried the R60-sp, R58- vanilla / special, R57-vanilla and R55-vanilla; with these versions at boot the first “chromium” page appears followed by 5 minutes of “self-adjustment” of the system, then retry the boot .. endlessly.
    Do you have any advice, on which build I can use?

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