ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R62-9901.B

New Vanilla Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: aea8312be1f783890719263622ff8a5313cc0317dcd66eb7757e2b5b1b3d307e

32 bit builds are still being worked on…

These builds are an enhancement to the normal Vanilla builds in the fact they support the Broadcom STA wireless stack. Once we have had some feedback from you testers, Ill upload these builds to the devserver to allow for OTA upgrades.
As ever, please do not log issues relating to the graphics stack!


  • R62 Chromium Release
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Improved Wireless support due to disabling APManager
  • Broadcom STA version

Known Issues:

FYI: The Play Store is still not functional so don’t ask when this will work since it will be down to whether Google decide to open source it!

27 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R62-9901.B”

  1. Hey Arnold. First, thanks for the good work! Any news on the Play Store? It’s same in the new build. Also, any idea if smart lock is supported, I can’t seem to run it (maybe something with API’s I guess)

  2. R62 does not boot on my 8 year old Dell Inspiron. There is the initial Syslinux boot txt then the USB activity light on the device goes out. R58 has been running on internal disk since it was released and R60 runs OK.

    The same USB device boots as far as the Chromium splash screen on my year old HP Stream Windows 10 laptop. R58 USB booted OK on this machine but R60 also only got as far as the splash screen.

  3. Touchscreen not working on Yoga 2 Pro or Packard Bell Easynote. What changes did you revert a couple of builds ago ? Should I put this as an issue on github ?

  4. Hi, what things can be the reason for the usb not booting up? It sticks with black screen after choosing from boot menu, although I’ve been using these builds for a year on the same machine. It boots up on other laptops… did my x61s break somewhere recently? Can I diagnose it somehow? it’s dual core 64bit, has Intel GM965/GL960 GPU, I don’t know what to think. lotsof thanks.

          1. Cool, but do You mean this enhanced build under the same link that’s posted? (or a new daily vanilla? cuz the latest of those is from 2:06am today) I suppose the former. 🙂

  5. Does this generally not work on custom builds. Was going to give it a go on my system which is built on a Gigabyte Z170N- WiFi and an Intel i5 6500 but cant get based the boot from local image. screen goes black and reboots

  6. Is there any way to support multiple monitors? I have monitors using displayport MST. When I boot up using a dock, both screens are mirrored. My system has an Intel Haswell graphics controller and therefore uses the Intel i915 Xorg module when booting up Linux.

  7. Could I ask for support for the wifi card Realtek 8821AE in the next special distribution, or for it to be included in the daily compilation?
    The wifi card does not work in the current special and daily distributions. “dmesg: bluetooth hci0: Direct firmware load for rtl_bt. rtl8821a_fw bin failed’.

    Thank you and greetings.

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