ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R62-9901.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: ac9423218735b00f3bfc1f68dca03944482e62e5abbfb397fa60b4d6f2271edb


Known Issues:

The Update Servers are now online as of 19/11/17 so update away!

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35 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R62-9901.B”

  1. Hi Arnold, thanks for builds. First time running yours on my Thinkpad T60p.
    I noticed no touchpad support. (TrackPoint – the red joystick in the middle of ThinkPad keyboard – works, but I dislike it).
    FlintOS vanila v1.1 R60 have my touchpad working (sadly with no two finger scrolling even after suggested tweaks).

    What files to look at and compare? The ones in /etc/gesture ??
    Any advise appreciated.

      1. It was a special build. Hence post in this thread.

        Now I installed the enhanced Vanilla r62. And…
        1) My touchpad works. But two finger scrolling doesn’t.
        2) Not sure why my Radeon V5250 (X1700 alike) card is supported by radeon kernel module here. I though it’s only special builds support radeons…

        I read that Flint OS said that they committed PC related changes upstream… (“Our first step has been to enable Radeon card support which we have successfully submitted back to the upstream project. “) Maybe they are coming down now?..

  2. Thanks Arnold. Downloading the image now in hopes of better touchpad support. I have been testing on a Dell Latitude XT2 XFR. It works great except for the touchpad. When the computer is asleep I can wake it with the touchpad, so there is hope.

    1. Well, I try to load the image and it gets to the Kernel boot and sits at a black screen requiring a hard shutdown of the machine.

        1. I tried today’s build with no success either. Last version that I was able to have working was Camd64OS_R62-9901.B-Vanilla.7z

    1. Yes the kernel version is Aug 28, which is the R60-9592.B-Special build. That is what I currently have installed on the XT2 and works with everything except the touchpad.

  3. All the v60 and 62 builds (Special and Vanilla) have me stuck on the splash screen for hours. Only v58 and older works. What’s going on?

    Plus, I retried v58, and tried to OTA to 60, but it kept saying it’s up to date. OTA isn’t working — on any channel

      1. Huh. Flint OS was still compatible with my PC on its latest v60. Can you do the same?
        My computer runs on the Intel Celeron 2955U graphics. Those are no longer compatible?

  4. hey arnold 🙂 i was watching Google I/O 2016 and in the minute 3:46 the presenter is runing the play store in chromium os

    and According to some Google devs, most of the code needed for running Android apps on Chromium OS (the code supporting this ability is collectively referred to as “Arc++”) is now available as open source, and, for the most part, “there’s nothing stopping people from implementing this approach elsewhere.” See :!topic/chromium-os-discuss/OfBln-hl7ug

    what do you think ?

      1. I wish i can help 🙁 i’am sure if you make a post in the front page about it someone will help. thanks again arnold for all your great work and effort.

      2. I can send an Asus Flip c101 with a cracked digitizer but with a working screen. It is one of the Android supported models. Email me if you’d like to coordinate it. It would be an unbelievable amount of awesome to have full play store support. You’re welcome to have it if you’d like.

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