ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R67-10575.B

New Vanilla Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 5c477dac2a4681db04135df35885054a2f4671d81b9f51c4114eadbcaca49463

These builds are an enhancement to the normal Vanilla builds in the fact they support the Broadcom STA wireless stack as well as additional kernel resident wireless drivers. No additional graphics support is provided however.


  • R67 Chromium Release

Known Issues:
Change Log:

The Update Server is now running as of 02/07/18.

2 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R67-10575.B”

  1. Hey, Arnold. I was wondering if there could be an easier way to install Flash, media plugins, and Widevine, like how Cloudready does it? I use your builds because of the storage space, and because it’s closer to the latest Chrome OS, but I need Cloudready only because it allows to install the plugins in the Settings. I would appreciate it if you were to do the same thing in your builds? Then I’d be on your builds full-time. Thanks, Arnold.

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