5 thoughts on “Special Build Overlay Repo now available”

  1. Was using R60 special, then decided to reinstall with R72 special and I haven’t been able to use WiFi.

    I have a HP ProBook 6360b (wireless card says this on it, checked the Intel site for drivers but I got nothin’: 582564-001 HP INTEL WIRELESS CARD WMIB-275N).

    It did work in R60, doesn’t work in R72.

  2. I am somewhat confused on how to install this. Looked for
    repo/src/overlays. Tried to find any hints on the Chromium Projects . Any help is appreciated.

    1. @mattz ChromiumOS and ChromeOS are based on Gentoo Linux, which uses overlays to include new software packages by defining where to grab the source code when an installation is requested. Check out the Gentoo documentation for overlays and/or the Chromium wiki about overlays and it should get you on the right path.

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