ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R72-11316.B

Update 10/03: New Build with fixes for zero day.

Update 11/02: New Vanilla Builds out today  based on the new stable release!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 72c5497e84fca7e62dbbe8edf4e4e8bd362a5833e1a5d090e8be6685cc131cef

These builds are an enhancement to the normal Vanilla builds in the fact they support the Broadcom STA wireless stack as well as additional kernel resident wireless drivers. No additional graphics support is provided however.


  • R72 Chromium Release
  • Additional Realtek wireless support
  • Additional Atheros wireless support

Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
Known Issues:
Change Log:

Please also note that GDrive is not working from the files application. Google Docs and Sheets are still working fine in the browser however. Review!topic/chromium-os-dev/MxYBMUnh80g as to the reason why!

The Update Servers are now available.

39 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R72-11316.B”

  1. Hello, I really love your work. I was just wondering if you are gonna include wifi drivers for Qualcomm based wifi cards? I don’t have wifi in any of your builds.

      1. Thank you so much for getting back. That’ll be great to have wifi on my laptop. Cloudready has support for my laptop but in my experience they aren’t very stable.

  2. Thanks Arnold! Just loaded up the vanilla build on the chromebook pixel (2013) and it seems very stable so far. Thanks for adding the keyboard backlight driver! The ALT brightness keys still don’t work, but I can now control the backlight by changing the value in /sys/class/leds/chromeos::kbd_backlight/brightness. Everything else seems very smooth and fast. Only other thing I’ve noticed is that the files app won’t open Google drive, even after loading the API values in /etc/chrome_dev.conf. Not sure if anyone else is having that issue or found a fix. Thanks again for doing this! It is really appreciated!

      1. Thanks Arnold. I saw that article and the section on “passing keys at runtime” so I enabled the Google Drive API and got my own API key, client ID and secret. I added those to chrome_dev.conf but no luck. Are you passing your own keys at build time in I wonder if those override any runtime keys? That would explain hitting the rate limit.

  3. Hi everything works fab on this. Just wondering though my atom machine x5 does not show any battery information or percentages. Is there anyway to fix that? Thanks

  4. Hi Arnold I was wondering if you could possibly get battery to show on cherry trail cpus? Everything else works. Or if you have a method I can get this working. Thankyou

  5. No wifi for my MacBook Pro (2014 mid).

    The wifi card is Broadcom brand, 0x14E4, 0x134
    Should be bcm4360

    If you can add support would be great.

  6. I have installed the special version on my cheap laptop and everything is working fine. I say keep up the good work! The only thing I would like to see in the (near) future is the ability to run Android apps 🙂

  7. Great resource! Can you make a 32 bit R72 vanilla? I want to try out native Google Assistant on my old netbook. Really appreciate your work.

  8. Just used the Update Servers (“About Chromium OS –> Check for updates”) to get version 72.0.3626.103. Everything is working great so far. Thanks Arnold!

    1. Hey Arnold, do you know if 72.0.3626.122 will be available on the update servers to address recent zero day exploit?

  9. Hi, thanks a lot for this amazing work!! Just tried out a little bit just for fun and it works great, it would be awesome to have Google Play working! Does the Google Play support is on your schedule or plans for the future? Thanks for everything!

  10. I have noticed the vanilla build and the special build don’t boot or if it does just doesn’t show anything on the Acer Aspire cloudbook 14. I know R69 worked on it really well but R72 doesn’t boot or anything.

  11. Hi Arnold,

    I installed the latest special build (R72-11316.B) on my Pixel 2013, however the touch screen doesn’t work.

    Is this an expected issue, or a problem?


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