Chromium OS Special Builds

Chromium OS Special Builds are an enhancement to the default vanilla builds of Chromium OS to allow support for as many  devices as possible.

All downloads are located at and will be updated as new functionality is brought into the build as well as regular maintenance releases to keep the UI up to date.

Two deployments are currently supported, x86 (32 bit) and amd64 (64 bit).They are based on the x86-generic and amd64-generic overlays but have the following additional support:

The builds also allow Over The Air (OTA) updates from dev servers. From the browser, just go to Settings > About > Check for and apply updates and magic will happen. Updates will be automatic for builds after R46-7323 and will allow for development tools update with a single shell command:

sudo stateful_update

Install is exactly the same as

Have fun testing and using it. Feel free to feedback with whatever isn’t working as expected and I’ll try to build in to the next release!

Known Issues/Bugs:

In addition to the Special Builds, there are now enhanced Vanilla builds. These allow Google Drive integration and certain enhanced media codecs. This should allow the users with working daily builds more functionality and usability.

These Vanilla builds will also update automatically as and when I get the Update Server ready.

Please do not log issues with the Vanilla build since they are a courtesy build and will only work on devices with Freon supported graphics and CMT supported touch pads. WiFi and Ethernet will also have reduced support.

457 thoughts on “Chromium OS Special Builds”

  1. Sorry for double posting – shouldn’t be a “reply” but a “new post” …

    I checked special builds “Camd64OS_R50-7881.0-Special” and “Camd64OS_R48-7549.0.U-Special”.

    I couldn’t find the bluetooth driver (btintel.ko) for intel wireless combo-cards (e.g. AC 3160), whereas the related
    wifi driver (iwlwifi.ko) is available.

    On daily builds the kernel module “btintel.ko” is available and located in /lib/modules/…/kernel/drivers/bluetooth.

    Would it be possible to add “btintel.ko” in your future special builds.

    Apart of that, these builds are running fine on my machine.

    @arnoldthebat: Many Thanks for your engagement !

  2. i have this installed on a dell 2120 and i was wondering how i would get the tap to click working ….i really like your builds and want to thank you for your hard work … this will really bring life back to alot of machines we have that just won’t work with windows anymore

    1. I’m trying to install Chromium Cx86OS_R50-7881.0-special on a Dell 2100. After booting from thumb drive I would like to install on the hard drive. However, the instructions say to log into Chrome, press ctrl+alt+t, type /usr/sbin/chromeos-install. The command is unrecognized. After looking at help_advanced I see that the install command is install []. I have tried several device names to put in [] but no luck. any idea of how to get the device name. This is the best Chrome OS that I have tested and I would really like to use it. Thanks for your time and help.

  3. Dev, sorry one again question.
    When i boot chrome os, it give me multiple choice.
    Local image a
    Local image b
    Verified image a
    Verified image v
    Alternate usb boot

    What different betwen all?
    Which should i choose?

    Please answer, thanks dev…

  4. Hey. work for a school system and we are looking for alternatives to utilize some existing older computers. Do you have any builds or could you maybe make us a build that would load on 32 bit Dell 260s Dell 270s Dell 280s and Dell latitude 505s looking to convert some classrooms over to chrome and use whatever machines we can.

      1. Yes i have tested quite a few. We are a small school and use our machines until they quit. So if we could get a 32 bit build that would allow us to utilize these old machines that would be great.

          1. We have about 25 GX270’s There are also some 260’s around. Thank you for giving this consideration and please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I have Debian installed on one unit now and would be happy to do what I can to see what drivers/config it is using if that would be helpful.

          2. we have probally 50 or more dell dx260s and maybe 50 dx270 and probally about the same on the dx280. not really worrried about the laptops as much. we have alot of dell 620s but some of the special builds are working ont he 620

          3. Thanks man …that would be awesome if you did. This would make alot of kids at the school happy im sure.

        1. I am in the exact same situation as Theawakener: a school with a lab full of Dell GX270’s that need some more life squeezed out of them. I would be extremely grateful if we could get a working build for these.

      2. i keep testing alot of them…the special 32 bit numbered 7323 did actually boot up on a dell 280 but it is hit or miss with it….i could really use a build for our school systems for the 280s 270s and 260s. please let me know if you can help.

  5. Hi arnoldthebat and firstly thanks for your engagement.

    I have an issue with a Dell 1525 with Broadcom 1395 WLAN mini-card, the same issue with no networks available on startup.

    I`ve tried the Broadcom Special build with no succes and tried the latest daily build from 5 march, also without succes.

    Could you please be so kind and advise me on how to proceed? I am not really tech savvy but I really want to use chromium .

    Thank you.

  6. Tested latest special build r50 on my hp pavilion dv7-1298el and it hangs on first chromium os white splash screen… any help?
    Tested both 32 and 64 bits versions

    Arnold, can I collect any log that helps you to understand and fix the issue?

    Thanks in advance

  7. do you happen to have a howto or manual about how to add AMD or Nvidia drivers to the chromium os dev image? I like you special builds but I want to try build one myself

  8. I would love to know if its possible to do a full install of chrome os to a 64gb pendrive, as apposed to just making a live usb. This Is possible with linux mintand other linux distros but when I tried this by using the command:
    $ install /dev/sdb
    it just reports an error in attempting to install to a removeable drive. Am I just using the wrong syntax or is this not possible.


  9. I have been able to successfully apply the latest custom build to a Careworx kiosk device, so thank you for your hard work! Nearly everything works except for the onboard Ethernet adapter. It is being detected in hardware when running lspci as “Ethernet Controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL811/8168/8411 PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet Controller (rev 07)”, but is not operating at all and does not appear anywhere (eth0, etc.). I’ve located a few documents in regards to this here: but I am not able to execute all commands (for example apt-get is not available).

    Would it be possible to add support for this adapter in an upcoming special build, or do you know why it is not working properly (maybe a stupid oversight on my part?)?

    Thank you!

  10. Hey
    I was wondering if there is a possibility that you create a port of your build to the PowerPC(The PowerPC mac) platform . Gentoo is supporting the powerpc and also the linux kernel is also supporting this.

  11. Hello,

    I would like to install your Chromium OS Special build on an old netbook (Acer Aspire One). It runs fine from the USB, but I want to dual boot it. I found this: but the partitions on your USB image don’t match the description in this article. Could you please create an article on your site explaining how to install it on HD without erasing everything? That would be great. Thanks!


    1. Hello,

      just bumping this question in. Is copying the partition from the USB drive kind of the way described in that article work? Thanks.


  12. Hello,

    should the wired Ethernet port work? I had to connect to WiFi even with my Ethernet cable plugged in.


  13. Arnold,
    Just switched 2 of my old XP laptops to Chromium with R50. Worked first time – USB then HDD.
    Thanks for the work!
    Will they update automatically with new releases or do I have to do something?

  14. Is there like update 51 coming for the special builds? Cause the daily/weekly builds cant detect the wireless ac on my Acer V3-372-51Z9, which then defeats the whole purpose of converting to a Chromebook if WiFi doesn’t work

      1. Will it support NVidia cards too? My HP Pavilion has a GeForce 9600M GT and doesn’t boot on current special build 50.x 🙁

          1. thanks for your reply 🙂

            Hope to be able to use your special builds on my notebook soon 😀

  15. Took me a while to find this, but Cx86OS_R50-7881.0-Special.7z has my old Toshiba Tecra A9 humming along nicely with touchpad, volume and speed, of course! I’m still trying to find flash and mp3 support for Chromium browser.
    Thanks Arnold and others on the site for your great work on this build

    1. For Flash support, try this:

      1. Type CTRL-ALT-T
      2. This should get you to a terminal. Type in “shell” and hit Enter.
      3. Type in “sudo su” without quotes and type in the password, which is “password” without quotes.
      4. Copy this: curl -L | bash
      5. Go back to the Terminal tab and paste by using SHIFT-CTRL-V.

      BAM, you’ve got Flash!

  16. thanks for making chrome os special build
    i succesfully installed on my suck windows baytrail tablet

  17. Hi there,

    Trying to enjoy this package on a Samsung NB30 netbook. I’ve gotten up to the first setup steps like a breeze but it seems the wifi/ethernet drivers aren’t supported.

    You’ve mention to request to get more networks covered.

    WiFi Driver: Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN 802.11n
    Ethernet Driver: Generic Marvell Yukon 88E8040 PCI-E Fast

    Link to these here:


  18. Hi arnoldthebat! At first I wanted to thank you for great work, I’ve deployed special R50-7881 of ChromiumOS to both my laptop (on USB stick though, permament install, not live image) and some older PC’s (for kids, they mostly play web-based games).

    Just one question: If you release updated build (R50-7978 I suspect), will I receive update through native updater, or CLI?

      1. Oh, then installing it on USB with ‘chromeos-install –dst=/dev/sdb –ignore_dst_removable’ is not gonna work? No problem. It’s cloud-based system – reinstall won’t do much harm.

        Thanks for responding 🙂

      2. PS:
        On my laptop, daily builds run just fine. The only problem is Wi-Fi, which works at first, but after brief moment it changes to “Wi-Fi is turned off”. Special builds are unaffected by this problem.
        Worth mentioning: At first boot, if i’m fast enough to add account, Wi-Fi will work until next reboot.

        The problem is related to power management (In Ubuntu, adding ‘options asus_nb_wmi wapf=1’ to modprobe.d, would fix the problem.

        Question: Is it possible to use only ‘special-kernel’ by extracting it from this build and booting it in daily?

  19. Kinda unrelated but you may be capable of doing it :

    Did you ever consider maintaining x86 chrominum-browser ppa for folks running older Ubuntu 12.04 who cannot upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 due to low ram ?

  20. Blank Screen After the Chromium splash Screen.
    The Mouse Cursor Is Working And Present on the blank screen.

      1. Blank Screen After the Chromium splash Screen.
        The Mouse Cursor Is Working And Present on the blank screen.
        Same problem on my:
        Laptop Asus X102BA
        Please help. thanks

  21. Hi Arnold,

    I have used your special build on a ThinkPad X1 carbon 2nd generation (haswell) and finally it got the wifi working. However, I have a built in Sierra wireless EM7355 GOBI 5000 Modem 901F. it is running an AT&T Sim card. I cannot get any build to recognize it. It simple says “Mobile Data Disabled” and cannot select the icon. How can I get it to work? Would upgrading to a broadwell device make any difference, or switching to a different modem?

    Any help appreciated. Like many others, I just cannot stand to use Windows anymore.

  22. Hello, I have a Thinkpad Yoga 14 (2014) with nvidia optimuz graphics

    the latest Special Build has the keyboard, trackpad, trackpoint, and wifi working tremendously. The only problem is that I believe it’s using the nvidia gpu as opposed to the intel gpu; with 50% battery it’s telling me I have less than 2 hours remaining, where between windows and ubuntu I can get anywhere from 6-8 hours browsing the web

    ChromiumOS is lightning speed and works miraculously. Is there an installation option that will disable the nvidiagpu? Or am I completely wrong and something else is ruining my power management?

  23. i hv tried all the versions i.e daily , weekly and special but neither ethernet nor wi-fi is working. m using HP15 r007tx laptop. any help ?

  24. First of all, awesome work. This is one of the few projects that actually boots without issues on my Asus T100, though wifi doesn’t work (tried special build). I’ve given up on this thing so not asking for help here.

    I would like to ask about another computer I think I’d like to consider daily driving your Chromium OS on: Asus Zenbook UX305FA (Intel Core m processor).

    It boots fine. I need the special build to get wifi, bluetooth is untested. I was able to get it running and get a really good feel for Chromium OS and see what I can do with it. However, the one thing that prevents me from leaving it on the laptop is it can’t sleep.

    When I close the laptop, it attempts sleep, but never seems to completely go into sleep state. As a result, it gets into an unusable state and appears dead. I have to power cycle the laptop to get it running again. This actually makes Chromium OS unusable for me as this will require that I shut down even if I just want to close the lid while plugged in. In Windows and Linux, I generally have the lid close while plugged in “do nothing” but there are no configurations for this in Chromium OS that I’ve found.

    1. Same issue here. I’m trying to revive an old set of laptops for my classroom using chromeos and if they can’t sleep correctly, it’s a deal breaker

      1. OK, This definitely worked better in the older versions. Could you try one for me and let me know? Its likely the kernel config need better syncing now we have upgraded to version 4.4

  25. Thinkpad Yoga 14 again. I decided to try and install it to my secondary m.2 ssd that I normally run ubuntu off of

    after trying both ctrl-alt-T and using the shell from there and from using ctrl-alt-f2 from the log-in screen, I was unable to get a successful installation

    I followed the directions you linked and specified the destination like so
    >/usr/sbin/chromeos-install –dst /dev/sdc

    The installation proceeds without error every time except when I go to boot from the SSD it hangs at “booting from kernel”

    the weird thing is it runs perfectly fine off of the USB drive. If you can get back to me on either this or the battery performance, that’d be great

  26. Hi, I’m trying to run your builds on my Inspiron 3452(N3700 Braswell).
    I tried running Cx86OS-20160528010102 and it booted from the usb without any issues except for the wireless(the firmware for RTL8723BE isn’t included in the vanilla builds).
    So I tried running Cx86OS_R52-8268.0-Special.
    When I booted from the usb, the display only show a black screen after the chromium splash logo. So I switched to dev mode with ctrl+alt+F2 and typed vainfo.
    vainfo showed that it couldn’t connect to X.
    Is there any way to get around this?
    (maybe manually load the firmware on the daily build(I don’t know how) or fix the graphics issue on the special build)

    1. It looks like its an Intel Graphics card so I’m a little surprised this doesn’t work on the Special Builds. Using either build, can you post the output of dmesg please so I can see that its doing? Please post to pastebin and link here.
      The vanilla builds now use Freon as the graphics drivers so it sounds like that’s a little more advanced than the X drivers I’m using!

  27. Hi

    Just writing this from my ‘new’ chromebook thanks to your rather wonderful site.

    This HP Mini 210 Netbook was practically unusable with the Windows 7 install that was on it, taking forever to do even the most basic of functions. It had been gathering dust in a drawer for at least 12 months. It’s working great now.

    Because it’s got Broadcom Wi-Fi, I used the Broadcom special build download (x86). A couple of sites (Gmail and Skype Web) are telling me that the browser is outdated. I’ve tried to find out about updating but can’t find much help. Could you point me in the right direction, please.


        1. Hi

          Well, thanks again for everything so far. I was so impressed, I bought a cheap second hand netbook similar to the existing one and installed the latest version of the special builds. Broadcom wireless works a treat and the speed of the machine is brilliant.

          I’ve installed pepper flash on both. The older OS seems to be fine with it, but in the later one I occasionally get messages that I need to update flash. Also some flash dependent apps (e.g. Webcam Toy) don’t work and, frustratingly, Word Online hangs when you open it (although the version that opens via Dropbox works a treat!)

          Any ideas what I’ve done wrong?

          Still very happy though. You’ve made my life SO much easier. 😀

          1. Hi

            I tried reinstalling pepper flash today, and it now works fine. I don’t know how I managed what I did before as it was working on some sites and the pdf reader and the sound codecs were working. Weird!

            Anyhow, the problem with Webcam toy still exists. It’s now giving me an “Aww Snap” WebGL error.

            Thanks for your help and sorry for wasting your time previously.



  28. Hi,

    Using the special build for my Lenovo W500. Works great BUT, when I am running it from USB it goes to sleep after 30 min which is great. I installed it on the HD and it does never go to sleep. Why could that be?

      1. Sorry, it started to work by itself. No idea why. It sometimes still hangs and I just restart and then it is all good. Still want the messages or is that something for the next release? I can live with it kinda…

        New problem though. Chrome sync gives me an error every 10-20 minutes (if I go into settings, it does not spit out an error, I have to check). When I log out and back it, it works another 10-20 seconds. Any log I could check?

  29. I have installed the latest special build r52 on the Pixel 2015 and it looks great with a few broken things. No Audio or mic, no html5 support in browser and touch pad buggy (mouse jumps to right sometimes when clicking). Anyone know fixes for the drivers? Anyone know of a good Chromebook Pixel 2 forum? I was given a chromebook pixel 2 without an OS installed and could not recover the original chromeos from the recovery tool so chromium seems to be my only choice any direction would be helpful. THanks

  30. Absolutely amazing on my Thinkpad X1 Carbon. The touchpad “jumps” to the bottom of the screen when I click about 50% of the time, but other than that, flawless. THANK YOU!!!!

  31. Amazingly cool stuff. One quick question though, when are you planning to update the special builds with latest normal builds? Basically looking for Google Play store on the special builds. Thanks.

  32. arnold i have problem to enabled wifi, the laptop boot fine select wifi answer the password but before the wifi is disable and not enable more, my wifi card is realtek rtl8192cfw.bin according the lspci, i am try copy the file in /lib/firmware/rtlwifi/ but this don’t work, try copy the firmware of debian and ubuntu put this don’t work, helpme please

  33. Do Wired-net and GPU work? I have AR8132 (Qualcomm Atheros), ath5k module loaded. WiFi (atl1c module) works.
    [if I messed up module names, I say the wired one]

    For GPU I have Intel 4500MHD (i915 driver)

  34. Hi, Just like to say a big Thank You for all your efforts!

    Have just installed “ChromiumOS Special Build – R52-8268” on my old Dell Mini 10V and it has a whole new lease of life! -)

      1. Some of the apps in the Play Store require Flash. The one that comes to mind now is Spotify. But it looks like people have stopped providing support for Flash, as of about a year ago. Would somebody mind explaining how to provide self-support? Where does one find compatible codecs? How are they extracted, built, and installed? I have looked at the scripts that are published for doing this automatically, and the command-line steps are not difficult. The only missing piece is the codecs themselves. Since pre-built current codecs are no longer available, one needs to know where to find them and how to prepare them for install. If there are new proprietary or security obstacles to doing that, it would be good to know what they are and why, even if it means deciding to give up trying to install Flash. But if it is installable, I would like to be able to do it myself rather than relying on an out-of-date script. Thanks.

  35. Hi all,
    I have special version 52 and wanna get some issues reporting:
    1. It cannot cast to my Chromecast.
    2. Cannot boot in OS automatically, I need to choose partition to boot in my BIOS in my laptop, Samsung NP300.
    3. Could it be managed in a domain? I find that I can show out “Register window” by clicking Ctr+Alt+E

  36. I’ve tried a few different versions. x86 and x64/special as well

    I cannot get this to boot on a Dell Optiplex 580 — Has anyone had any luck? I either get stuck at the boot splash or booting to kernel message

  37. I recently got a Lenovo Thinkpad 11e 3rd gen win10 laptop. I have tried installing x86 R50 special, blank screen after the Chromeos initial logo screen. I can get to the clt-alt F2 console and chronos and that seems to work ok [I am a very long term chromeos user from its beta/tester introduction on cr-48, and use the chromeos quite a bit]. However, I cannot get into the ctl-alt-t console.

    11e 3rd gen is a 64-bit Intel cpu Celeron N3150.
    Processor Celeron N3150 (4C, 1.6 / 2.08GHz, 2MB, 1600MHz)
    Graphics Intel HD Graphics
    Memory 8GBx1
    Display 11.6″ HD (1366×768)
    Storage 128GB SSD
    Optical None
    WLAN & Bluetooth Intel 7265 ac + BT4.0

    1. Should I be using the amd version build (instead of x86) even though my cpu is Intel?

    2. Has anybody here tried any release on the the Thinkpad 11e 3rd gen?

  38. Using the R52 special build for my Lenovo W500. All works great except the broken sync with Google every 10-60 minutes… Logout fixes it but I feel I check way too often if it is again not synching. I was hoping the new build would magically fix it. Tried all the other ones, daily and whatnot but they don’t have Wifi support so I have to wait for the special build. Any rough estimate when it will be out?

    No rush, what you do is awesome even if the new build is out in 5 years from now 😉

  39. Hi,

    Trying out your latest build on a few old netbooks for a new school deployment. We’ve found that v52-8268 seems to load OK but have stumbled at the hurdle of Enrolling. We’re getting a message to the effect of “Device is locked in a mode that prevents enterprise enrolment”

    Other new ‘real’ Chromebooks are enrolling fine, and end up being fully policy-controlled, so although it’s a relatively new backend, it’s definitely working fine. Just wondering whether there’s an issue with the build or with our backend settings..

    Chrome About shows:
    Version 52.0.27220
    Platform 8268.0.2016_05_16_2144 (Developer Build – tonyd) developer-build x86-atb

    Wondering whether it’s something to do with it being a ‘developer build’..?

    Cheers – and thanks for the great work on the project so far!

  40. Thanks a lot for putting up these builds. I have a toshiba chromebook 2 that was just 2 months out of warranty when the ssd died. Thanks to your work and that of John Lewis (to allow it to boot from usb), I have it working almost as great as it was before… 🙂

    The only problem I haven’t been able to figure out is how to get the audio working. Any thoughts on that? I tried building from scratch for the SWANKY board, but that didn’t work properly. (It books, but gets stuck on “Please Wait …” when you log in.) I’m back to using your R52-8268 special as it’s almost fully functional. Thanks!

  41. So I am on R54 (great build! stable and sync doesn’t crash all the time).

    I tried to use smartlock so I can connect my Android to R54 and poof… unlocked when I am around. When I click on Setup it shifts me to the password dialog. And then back to the button which after that doesn’t do anything. Known issue?

      1. Thanks for looking into it, the features seems perfect for home use especially (no need to look it when I am home…)

        1. Click on Settings
        2. Click on Show advanced settings
        3. Scroll down to Bluetooth and Smart lock for Chromebook (beta)

        I assume you need to enable Bluetooth. If I do, I can connect to my Android fine but it never pairs (error). If I go click on the Setup button for Smart Lock, it asks me to enter my password. Then nothing. I can hit that button again and nothing…

        Any idea?

      2. Hey Arnold, just checking in to say the same issue happens on my Chromebook.
        After the password prompt for Smart Lock nothing happens.

  42. My old neetbook Samsung N150 (Win 7 starter 32 bits) only go in the old Chromium OS Vanilla 4028 & the Cx86OS_R54-8659.0-Special.7z. In most the others versions the wifii not work.
    In the first, when install this in the HDD not yet actualize the Chrome and not work
    In the first (Vanilla) after can install on the hard disk (only with “install” & “facepunch” passwd) not update the Google Chrome and there is everything.
    In the second (Cx86OS_R54-8659.0-Special) not can install & the HDD and this moment not recognize my user…

  43. Im resurecting a old netbook for a older friend of mine. I can install Chromium just fine and seems to run alright. But I need help with a couple of things if you are able. First its a Acer Aspire One AOA110-1588 (yes a dinosuar LOL). The touchpad works even though the OS says there isnt one, except tapping doesnt work and the physical buttons need to be used, so need to know if there is a fix for this. Also since this is a older person who has trouble remembering things I was wondering if there is a way to do autologon so that way they dont always have to try and remember there password all the time when they turn it on. But besides that this is probably the fastest Ive seen this thing run, and yes Ive tried puppy linux, xp and all the others. That darn slow hdd this machine has on it really kills it. But chromium seems to work well enough besides those 2 issues. Much thanks!

    1. Nevermind. It works. Got C720P working with the build. Been using the build all this time and did not even realize this could be done. WELL DONE! From the reddit post mentioned above, this is the relevent info to get it work. Presumably any build should work within the hardware requirements. Shell access is needed for this:
      sudo su
      cp /etc/chrome_dev.conf /usr/local/
      mount –bind /usr/local/chrome_dev.conf /etc/chrome_dev.conf
      echo “–enable-arc ” >> /etc/chrome_dev.conf
      And then run: restart ui

      1. update, I get the play store icon but no functionality. It basically just gets stuck loading the play store. It seems it needs to be enabled for the account.

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