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ChromiumOS Special Build – R46-7323

New special builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Camd64OS_R46-7323.0-Special.7z

Download 32 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R46-7323.0-Special.7z

New Features:

Updateable USB versions. No need to install to your hard drive anymore since Dev Server updates should now work direct to USB drive! These should start to work from the next special build deployment onwards.

Download 64 bit USB build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Camd64OS_R46-7323.0.U-Special.7z

Download 32 bit USB build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R46-7323.0.U-Special.7z


None – Maintenence Release

Known Issues:

Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, I’ll need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine).

Other News:

Dev Server updates are available as per http://arnoldthebat.co.uk/wordpress/2015/07/11/dev-server-now-available-for-special-builds/ .

In addition, stateful updates are working again for the special builds but currently rely on a little editing. In order to fix for now, please update your /etc/lsb-release to reflect the changes below from shell after you have successfully updated your build and prior to reboot

sudo su
mount -o remount, rw /
vi /etc/lsb-release
For amd64 builds

For x86 builds


Then type the following and reboot once completed.

sudo stateful_update

I’ll be looking to hardcode the dev server end points for the next special build update so that only an optional stateful_update command is needed.

As ever, please test and feedback!

Dev Server now available for special builds

Dev servers are now available to update ChromiumOS special builds. Starting at version R45-7216, both x86 and amd64 versions are available.

Please test and feedback!

To update, get to command prompt (Ctrl-Alt-T), then enter shell as normal. Then issue the following commands:

For amd64 builds

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:9080/update

For x86 builds

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:9090/update

As ever, this update will overwrite any customisations you may have done (such as flash and API_KEYs). Please backup beforehand!

Happy updating!

ChromiumOS Special Build – R45-7216

New special builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Camd64OS_R45-7216.0-Special.7z

Download 32 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R45-7216.0-Special.7z


Known Issues:

  • Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, Ill need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine)
  • Dev Server update support coming soon.

Please test and feedback!

ChromiumOS Special Build – R44-7015

New special builds out today with built in Broadcom Support!!!

Download 64 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Camd64OS_R44-7015.0-Special.7z

Download 32 bit build from http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R44-7015.0-Special.7z

Notable changes:

  • 64 & 32 bit builds
  • 3.19.3 kernel
  • R44 codebase – new material design
  • Working Touchpad (should include ElanTouch but not tested)
  • Working Webcam/Audio (Linux UVC)
  • Working Hangouts
  • Working Broadcom wireless – should work with all cards noted here.
  • Working Intel wireless (iwlwifi)
  • Working Bluetooth
  • SD Card Support
  • Radeon/Intel Graphics Support
  • NVIDIA support (untested)
  • Suspend/resume works.

Tested with Dell Studio 1555, Studio 1535 Laptops and Thinkpad S230U

Radeon Graphics testing covers: HD 3450/3470/4350/4370/545v)

Intel Graphics testing covers up to Gen 3 cards only.

Known Issues

  • Intel Gen 4+ cards wont work yet
  • Touchscreen does seem to work very nicely (Thinkpad) but currently disables the touchpad!

Certain Atheros  and Realtek wireless are also built into the kernel. These are not tested so feel free to feed back on how your testing goes.

Both of these builds will provide the base for additional WiFi support. These subsequent builds will also be available via Dev Server update when completed.

Happy Testing!


ChromiumOS Special Build – R42-6813

Hi All

New Special Build available for download at http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R42-6813.0-Special.7z. As per the previous build, this is cumulative so contains all the previous drivers.

Unfortunately, there is still no Broadcom support! Its a work in progress so bear with me…

In addition, the old versions of the special build  can be updated from a new Dev Server by issuing the following command.

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:9080/update

The only thing I have noticed not working too well is that extensions sometimes crash on login. It is a simple reload to add them back in again however..

Sleep/Restore on laptop lid close/open seems to work fine now as well.

Happy Testing!!

ChromiumOS Special Build Updated

Hi All

An updated build is ready for testing at  http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R41-6679.0-Special.7z

This is a cumulative build, so in addition to the Radeon graphics previously noted, this build has additional ATI graphics support as well as support for Realtek wireless and NICs. The links show the model numbers and are ported directly from linux-firmware. Tested working with Studio 1555 plus Edimax ew-7811un (rtl8192cufw drivers)…

Happy testing!


New ChromiumOS Special Build Available!

Hi All

Its been a while (and thanks for being patient!) but I’ve just released a new special build at the following link: http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R41-6500.0-Special.7z

This should have much better support for Radeon which I’ve tested using a Dell Studio 1555:

  • Graphics – loads the Radeon Module (full 1920-1080 HD in this case) – working
  • Sound (Radeon HDMI) – working
  • Touchpad (Synaptics) – working
  • Intel Wireless – working

As for Radeon cards supported, the build should support all listed firmware here.

No Broadcom or other wireless drivers yet since these are for the next phase, but keep testing and feed back on what works or otherwise.

Happy testing!

Dev Server Update

Update 30/06/14

Hi All

Please update your 64 bit updates to use the following link as within the next week: http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8081/

Update 25/05/14

There have been a few reports of the build type (x86 and amd64) being overwritten by you, my constant testers. With this in mind, as from tomorrows build, amd64 builds will be pinned to http://chromebld2.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/ and x86 builds will be pinned to http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/ . This will work around the problem until I figure out why the updater is ignoring the build already on your machine.

For x86 updates, please use

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/update

For amd64 builds please use

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8081/update


Hi All

The Dev Server now deploys both x86 and amd64 based build updates.

In addition, there is now a failover server located at http://chromebld2.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/ if http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/ fails to work for whatever reason.

Please test and let me know how you get on!

For instructions on how to use: http://arnoldthebat.co.uk/wordpress/2012/12/28/dev-server-updates-now-available/ 

Remember to change

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/update


update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld2.arnoldthebat.co.uk:8080/update

If you need to switch to the new server. Ill look to make this fault tolerant later!

Multiple Driver Special Edition Build

Update 12/01

http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R34-5196_Multi_2.7z contains additional ATI drivers for testing.

Once loaded, I’m not expecting the graphics to work immediately since xorg.conf will be read only so the auto detect features may not work. So the initial boot screen may well still fail but [Crtl-Alt-F2] should get you to command prompt

To potentially remedy, once logged in, issue the following:

sudo su
mount -o remount, rw /
Xorg -configure
cp /root/xorg.conf.new /etc/X11/xorg.conf

The pray to the Gods of Graphics for goodness to occur.


Hi All

http://chromium.arnoldthebat.co.uk/special/Cx86OS_R34-5196_Multi.7z contains multiple driver enhancements including:

  • Intel GMA 500 Graphics Drivers
  • Nvidia Generic Graphic Driver
  • AMD Generic Graphics Driver

This build still includes the Broadcom drivers noted in the previous post.

Please don’t expect too much since I have no way of testing these so have no idea if they have worked. I’ve merely added them to the kernel as part of the compile.

If you could respond to this post specifically with what works, what doesn’t (and what your laptop build is), Ill see what I can do for future builds.. Please also post output of lsmod, dmesg and Xorg.0.log (preferrably to http://pastebin.com/) so I can review if its even loading.

As always bear in mind this is a one time build so updating from the dev server will undo all additions..