ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R57-9202.B

New Vanilla Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA1: 4d7dcec1d3db8f521c8011a273177bf021e49847

Download 32 bit build from

SHA1: e8753d3ce7d58ded2094069c83fa0fb45c244f2b

These builds are an enhancement to the normal Vanilla Builds in the fact they support the Broadcom STA wireless stack. They will also form the baseline for future Vanilla versions where additional enhancements will be introduced. These builds will eventually mirror the Special Build enhancements but without the graphics overhead.
With this in mind therefore, do not log issues relating to the graphics stack!

Special Builds will be ready ‘soon’ for people needing additional graphics support!


  • R57 Chromium Release
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Improved Wireless support due to disabling APManager
  • Broadcom STA version

Known Issues: