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Alpha builds – R78-12476.0.2019_09_08

Alpha builds are now available for testing. These builds will pretty much always be near cutting edge release (in this case R78) and allow testing of new features before they are back ported into the released Special builds.
This will allow for a simpler mechanism to test and deploy new features without waiting for the cut of a specific release from Google to baseline in the main ChromiumOS repo.

Consider these builds even more alpha in quality therefore!

This particular build will not auto update but can be forced once the real R78 special version is deployed if desired.

When R78 special is ready, the upgrade process can be performed with the following command line after opening a shell prompt:

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=http://chromebld.arnoldthebat.co.uk:9080/update

Build Details

  • Added kernel based Broadcom brcm80211 drivers and removed old Broadcom STA driver
  • Switched back to Intel IWL7K Wireless drivers
  • Added in all 4.14 kernel supported Marvell Wireless cards




Known Issues

  • Play Store does not work
  • The Google assistant does not work.


Please test and log issues on https://github.com/arnoldthebat/chromiumos/issues. Ensure you tag the issue with the ‘Alpha’ tag as well as detailing the version of the build the issue was found in. When detailing the version, please use the tag with version of the build you are testing against. For example, for this build, use the tag: ‘R78-12476.0.2019_09_08’