ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R90-13816.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: e5ea2ce6a587e83c53c6b3b83506439cdb214b8188ecf4862bb4c6148173bce5


  • Version Bump


  • Google Play Store is still not working!
  • The Google assistant does not work.

Known Issues:
Change Log:

The Update Server will be made available in the next week or so.

4 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R90-13816.B”

  1. Can any of these be install on arm tablets like the Samsung Galaxy 10,1 w/Tegra 2 processor?

    I honestly like Chromium Os better than Android anything and the fewer Android programs, the better.

  2. I really want to use your build sir , but my pc is potato with following specs ( AMD E1-6010 APU with AMD Radeon R2 Graphics, 4.0GB)
    I tried this build but it was not booting black screen nothing else can you make or if that’s not possible can you suggest me your build that support such low specs pc

  3. LOVE these builds! Took an EOL Acer C720 and got it running CrOS 89 thanks to you, Arnold! I actually like that the play store and assistant don’t work… fewer services running means better OS performance!

    Question (probably been asked before): Is there any way via the shell to install WideVine? There are tuts for Linux Chromium, but I’m wondering if it’s possible here? I’d like to be able to Netflix and Hulu on the lappy. Any info is appreciated!

  4. I cant login to any of my google accounts on this version.
    After entering the correct password, it says, something went wrong there.

    Any fix please?

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