Chromium OS

Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.

All downloads are located at This will be updated daily where builds compile succcessfully..

Build Instructions for USB

  • Linux
    1. Use p7zip to extract the IMG file from the downloaded file.
    2. At the shell, run the following (where sdX is your USB stick and ChromeOS.img is the path to the IMG file you extracted):
      dd if=ChromeOS.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M
    3. Boot from USB stick
  • Windows
    1. Use 7zip to extract IMG file from the downloaded file.
    2. Use Win32 Image Writer, then select the IMG file and select the USB device from the menu.
    3. Click on “Write”.
    4. Boot from USB stick

All builds based on amd64 and ARM generic board.

If you want to install to your hard drive, follow the instructions here and here. Heed the warnings noted in the links!

Please note: there is a new behaviour with the chronos user password. The password has been removed from build R55-8777 onward and will continue to be removed for better overall security. Older builds have the password of ‘password’.
This means you need to use ‘chromeos-setdevpasswd’ from either shell or console to set your own password from build R55-8777 onwards.

By default, this also disables SSH access so if you also need this level of access, you will need to set a separate password using ‘sudo passwd chronos’. This allows the password for dev access and SSH access to remain separate if needed.

You can also just set a password using ‘sudo passwd chronos’ and this will allow for both dev and SSH access if you need to keep them the same. Do not use ‘chromeos-setdevpasswd’ if you want to keep the passwords the same.

Once installed, you can update from the Dev Server noted here.

Thanks to The Chromium Projects


2,715 thoughts on “Chromium OS”

  1. Hi! I have a problem with trackpad and mouse control on my latest C×86 vannila pack available and on the special one it s not detecting my wi-fi card. My laptop is a AOD260 Acer Aspire One and I need help. First C×86 versions don’t work OK they have the same problems as the other one’s no wi-fi no trackpad or mouse functions.

  2. Hi, I have tried to download a chromium version and do not get it to boot from USB.

    What I have done is 2 alternative ways:
    1. download unzip z7 and zip in ZIP then use chromebook recovery tool to create recovery USB –> does not boot
    2. download z7 and on windows machine with rufus created bootable usb and does not boot.

    Any hints what I might be doing wrong. I also saw on youtube movie that some of the builds do not work to do what I am doing, so am I just in bad luck? or doing something wrong.

    many thanks

  3. Hi. Great work! Thanks for your builds. I have an old laptop using Intel Atom 1.66 GHz without TPM chip. What do you recommend for this device? x86 or x64? I want to chromify it after. So far, your x64 build works , but it freezes and cap lock blinks after chromify ( I’ll really appreciate your help.

  4. Quick question, I’ve tried a few different builds but am having trouble connecting to my wifi. It looks like the wifi is actually turned off but I know the device’s wifi works fine because I boot with other OS’s without that issue. Is there something I’m missing? I think the wireless card in it is Broadcom BCM943142YHN_2 . Thanks!

  5. Please add WIFI compatibility with laptops Asus X555LJ Series. The net list is empty and I can’t turn on the WIFI.

  6. Hey, I was wondering if you could look into adding android support? not the Google Play Store, but APK support. kinda like that FydeOS does. that would be really neat if you could get that to work. thanks!

    1. For your processor to work it must have the SSEE 4.1 instructions (required for the Android subsystem to work) if it does not work.

      P.D. If what you want is to run Android apps on your PC, you can install Bliss OS (the best, current and supported), Prime OS (the most compatible with hardware) and Android x86 (the base project, lacks a desktop interface). If your processor is 64 bit but does not support SSEE 4.1 download the 32 bit version this will work.

  7. Hi Arnold, first of all thank you for your work. You know, my Broadcom wifi card “BCM43142” used to work with your Special builds, but now it isn’t detected. It worked till v76. Is it possible to re-add support for it??

  8. I’m running VMWare with Chromium OS on a Late 2012 Mac mini server, 2.6 GHz Core i7, Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536MB GPU. I connect to the Mac mini via TeamViewer from a remote location. VMWare works and the Chromium OS virtual machine launches just fine, but mouse movement and left button clicks are ignored. Right click works and brings up a menu in the display, but the cursor sits in the middle of the screen and doesn’t respond to mouse movements. Keyboard input is fine.

    I’ve tested the same configuration using a Windows 10 virtual machine and it works as expected. I’ve also used VNC Viewer to connect to the server via a Windows box and get the same problem. So I assume there’s something about the Chromium OS build that doesn’t like the remote mouse input. Any thoughts?

  9. My Chromebook Acer CB5-311 (Tegra K1) does not longer updates by Google. Is it possible to install Chromium OS on this device?

  10. I have installed the last special vanilla build for amd64, but wifi is not working, how can I fox it?

    I have an Intel internal adaptor but is not working any time. Anyone knows how to fix it?

  11. hello arnold
    i have tried several but i am not able to get chromium working on my acer 5720z
    it just doesn’t want to boot what view can I use for this

    mvg c.arnoldus in rotterdam netherlands
    this is no joke it is really my last name arnold

  12. I love these Chromium OS builds! Even though they may not have play store support, I can deal with it (i use ARC welder [chrome app] instead). I was actually able to modify the boot screen using linux and making my own custom.
    Even though I can’t get the OS installed on my notebook’s hard drive, I was able to boot it using a thumb drive and it does a good job! There are a few errors, but it’s not the OS at fault. It’s just my computer is old and it’s graphics card isn’t great. I’m not sure why, but there isn’t a way to update it without re flashing/etching a newer version of Chromium OS every time one comes out. But it’s fine, I guess.
    I am using Chromium OS 83.0.4103.99 dev (Vanilla Build)

  13. Hey Arnold, I install the latest Chromium daily build on my PC, and it requires me to have API keys to sign in with my Google Account. Will these API keys be in the special builds when they come out?

  14. Are the mentioned Cx86OS releases from the download page no longer builded?
    Or is there still a way to build an live usb for x86?

      1. You might want to update your site for the x86 builds, as I was looking for them as well. Both this page mentions x86 is supported, as well headers on the downloads (daily/special/weekly). I had some old laptops I was going to image for some kids, but not x64.

  15. Thanks for the build service. How does one use the ARM builds on specific devices? The arm-generic one does not seem to boot on an ASUS C100PA. Probably needs drivers/firmware for its hardware. Is there a quick fix like installing just those things via a rebuild of the kernel?

  16. Builds since version 80-87 have broken chrome://flags. Page shows with search bar and reset button but nothing else. Chrome_dev.conf flags sometimes work. Tested on multiple machines and VMWare with same problem. Both vanilla and special. Latest 88.0.4xxx.xx+ vanilla works as do my own builds with codecs and location/signin apis enabled. I would love to use 85 special because everything else is good in it, but I rely on flags for some features and to get hardware rasterization on a sandy bridge desktop. Any feedback and/or any fix in store or is this just a known bug in chromiumos?

  17. @arnoldthebat
    Hi , i tried latest daily , weekly and special images on qemu but when using gl=on it has graphical issue and huge screen flickering , needs hard shutdown , there is no issue with same option on Cloudready images !
    Your images are awesome , please fix this bug.

  18. With the latest special build, everything works except accelerometer for Tablet Mode recognition. However, I see that the driver for my accelerometer (Kionix KXCJ9) is mentioned in the chromium git below. Any ideas why it does not work and how to get it to work? (Laptop: Teclast F6 Pro)

    Best regards

  19. Hi Arnold,
    is there a special build for the ASUS EEE 900 ?
    Been trying some and always end up “Your system is repairing itself” but that never works.
    Gtz. Loek

  20. I’m trying to run R85-13310.b Special on an HP Envy 6 laptop. It boots up fine but the keyboard and touchpad on not functioning. I can’t enter my Gmail credentials to proceed. Any thoughts on how to resolve the issue?

  21. Hi,
    I have an ASUS R700D laptop.
    CPU – AMD A8-4500M
    Video – AMD Radeon HD 7670M

    When I run the USB installer (Camd64OS-20210113200101.img or Camd64OS_R87-13505.B-Special), I see the Chromium logo but after 1 minute it changes to snow on the screen.
    I guess the videocard is not (yet) support in your releases?
    Can you include drivers for the videocard in the next release?

    Thank you in advance!

  22. Just installed version 87.0.4278.0 on a USB and it seems to work pretty well with the exception of video playback. At least some YouTube videos do play, but I can’t play anything at Netflix, Disney+ or HBOMax. From USAToday, the ads before the video seem to play but not the site’s video content. GIFs don’t play on other sites.

    I’m not sure if this is anticipated behavior, since I saw articles on other sites saying MP4 and H264 content isn’t supported by default in ChromiumOS, with very old articles with steps to add it, but they seem outdated and apply to x86 not x64. If there is a way to add/enable these codecs, would you please point me in the correct direction.

    Only other issue is I can’t tap-to-click on my Dell’s touchpad.

    Thank you

  23. Hi Arnold
    Thanks for your hard work on this project. I have a problem logging into my account. The error is “Something went wrong”. Not a lot of detail there. I even created a new account with Chromium OS and it all seemed fine until I logged in and got the same error. Any help would be great.

  24. hi Mr Arnold please give your support on chromium os on Hp chromebooknx360 14-a (SONA) chrome os run Camd64OS -20210213200101) after installing sound an audio keyboard backlight not working kindly guide

  25. Hello there

    Currently Chrome OS version is v91 its quite old
    When Will you update chromium os images to the latest version???

    Thank you

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