ChromiumOS Special Build – R46-7323

New special builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

New Features:

Updateable USB versions. No need to install to your hard drive anymore since Dev Server updates should now work direct to USB drive! These should start to work from the next special build deployment onwards.

Download 64 bit USB build from

Download 32 bit USB build from


None – Maintenence Release

Known Issues:

Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, I’ll need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine).

Other News:

Dev Server updates are available as per .

In addition, stateful updates are working again for the special builds but currently rely on a little editing. In order to fix for now, please update your /etc/lsb-release to reflect the changes below from shell after you have successfully updated your build and prior to reboot

sudo su
mount -o remount, rw /
vi /etc/lsb-release
For amd64 builds

For x86 builds


Then type the following and reboot once completed.

sudo stateful_update

I’ll be looking to hardcode the dev server end points for the next special build update so that only an optional stateful_update command is needed.

As ever, please test and feedback!