ChromiumOS Special Build – R46-7323

New special builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

New Features:

Updateable USB versions. No need to install to your hard drive anymore since Dev Server updates should now work direct to USB drive! These should start to work from the next special build deployment onwards.

Download 64 bit USB build from

Download 32 bit USB build from


None – Maintenence Release

Known Issues:

Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, I’ll need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine).

Other News:

Dev Server updates are available as per .

In addition, stateful updates are working again for the special builds but currently rely on a little editing. In order to fix for now, please update your /etc/lsb-release to reflect the changes below from shell after you have successfully updated your build and prior to reboot

sudo su
mount -o remount, rw /
vi /etc/lsb-release
For amd64 builds

For x86 builds


Then type the following and reboot once completed.

sudo stateful_update

I’ll be looking to hardcode the dev server end points for the next special build update so that only an optional stateful_update command is needed.

As ever, please test and feedback!

81 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R46-7323”

  1. Hi Arnold,

    I’d like to test your image with a newer kernel. Is it possible to just switch the kernel in the bootloader config? Do I need special instructions? Sorry for such open question 🙂 and thanks for your great work

  2. i have asus x501u with AMD Brasoz Dual Core C60 i really wanna install chromium OS but it boots then freeze no wireless .
    thanks for your hard work

  3. Interesting the the vanilla versions of your Chromium builds will boot just fine on my Lenovo X130e (with AMD cpu) and everything works except for wifi, but none of your special builds will boot at all. I believe the wifi adapter is an Atheros.

    Any ideas?

  4. Hi, first – thank you for your work and support (bow)

    The issue – it seems that Android Runtime and ARChon are not working with the special builds. I’ve tried running Vine, Evernote and Skype but they are failing at

    NativeClient: Nexe crashed during startup

    NativeClient: [23,3060033600:07:09:14.785179] Native Client module will be loaded at base address 0x000000005ea60000

    NativeClient: [23,3060033600:07:09:14.791637] NaClHostDescMap: mprotect to turn on PROT_EXEC failed, errno 13

    timeout to spawn ChildPlugin process: umareporter(so_executable), umareporter bool ArcRuntime.ShutdownIsCrash false longtime ArcRuntime.Uptime 241599 enumeration ArcRuntime.LastBootStep 1 6

    give up to spawn ChildPlugin process.

    Before I was using the weekly builds and it was working fine, not sure what happened.

    Any idea if I am doing something wrong?

  5. Great Work!
    But i have a Question…
    Can you maybe bring OTA Updates for the Chromium OS Special Builds?
    This would be great!
    Special Thanks from Austria 😉

  6. Hey i have two questions, will this work with broadcom wireless adapters?

    Also when will i be able to use chromium with my chromecast?

  7. I tried to get Widevine working (Netflix support) by copying the binaries from the Ubuntu/Debian Chrome deb, but i am so far not successful. Is this build compiled with widevine support?

    There is an option here at the top for including support, but not the binaries of course, but not sure if this is what’s needed,

    the Arch Linux distro’s Chromium build includes support for widevine, that’s where I got most of the instructions.

    1. Hi

      Its not compiled in by default.. Ill take a look at the link you note and see what I can do. Its low priority however since Im concentrating on hardware support currently

  8. Hi Arnold, I have a question. My Dell Latitude with Broadcom is still not supported, I don’t know the brand, but I know its a Latitude E4300, are you ever going to support that again?

  9. Hi Arnold,

    Is this output normal?

    chronos@localhost / $ sudo stateful_update
    Downloading stateful payload from http://devbox1:8080/static/stateful.tgz

    gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file
    tar: Child returned status 1
    tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now
    Successfully downloaded update.
    Missing var or dev_image in stateful payload.

    Thanks for the release

    1. I think file for editing should be lsb-release instead of lsb_release.

      chronos@localhost / $ sudo stateful_update
      Downloading stateful payload from
      HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      Content-Length: 66318103
      Accept-Ranges: bytes
      Server: CherryPy/3.2.2
      Last-Modified: Mon, 10 Aug 2015 18:21:12 GMT
      Date: Sun, 16 Aug 2015 10:03:16 GMT
      Content-Type: application/x-gtar-compressed
      Successfully downloaded update.
      Performing standard stateful update.

  10. Is anyone else having trouble getting Chrome remote desktop to work?

    I am able to connect to chromium os on my laptop from my desktop running windows 7 and I am able to connect to my desktop from my android phone. But I am not able to connect to my desktop from my laptop running chromium os.

    It seems to get stuck on the connecting screen before it even asks me for a pin.

  11. It’s possible to have a working ChromiumOS build for Macbooks?

    Usually all the old builds were booting fine but wireless and touchpad did not work.

    If you’re willing to help us getting something working, I can help you testing (and offer you a beer) 🙂

      1. MacBook Air model A1304 does not work.


        No controller found
        Incomplete mode parameter data
        assuming drive cache: write through
        no bios dp data
        w10: online cpus 1
        rfkill registrered
        wlan0 scan_results error (-22)

  12. Hey Arnold !

    A BIG High Five. It works flawlessly on an old Dell Optiplex 745 (intel Video 82Q963/Q965 Gen4). The previous Special Build had problems (black screen during 10 seconds …), but this one is the ONE and work very well.

    Thanks you very much

  13. Are there plans to fix the issue with hidden SSIDs breaking wireless after reboot? The special builds work great on our Latitude 2110s and we would otherwise roll them out to our fleet of netbooks but we would need them to use a hidden SSID and every special build I have used breaks the wireless.

      1. I’m having issues writing the dmesg to a thumb drive so I can send it. I can dmesg > /var/logs/dmesg and I’ve mounted the drive and cp /var/logs/dmesg /dev/pen/logs/ and I can see the dmesg file on the drive using ls -l and see the file is about 50KB but the drive is empty when I put it into Windows. I’m relearning Linux as I go along, haven’t gotten very deep into it since college about 15 years ago.

        As far as fleet, we are K-12 and have probably hundreds of these 2110s. They have gotten to the point that Windows 7 with all the updates and software are slowing it down to the point where no one wants to use them and they may not make it to Win10…if we can put Chromium on them (we already have a lot of Chromebooks and everyone loves them) then we might get another year or two out of them.

      2. Also, to be more specific about what I am seeing. During initial setup I connect to out hiddent SSID (WPA2) and it connects OK. I finish initial setup and logon with my Google Apps account. Everything looks great, I surf the web, my apps/extensions sync…perfect result. I cleanly shutdown the device and turn it back on. It boots to the logon screen with no connectivity. None of our non-hidden SSIDs are visible. If I go into the network screen and tell it to Join Other and re-setup the hidden SSID it then connects and also shows the non-hidden SSIDs also. Connectivity then works 100% until reboot.

          1. That does. The notes say that it should have been fixed ages ago unless it has regressed. We do not see the issue on our Chromebooks (Dell Chromebook 11, ‘new’ Dell Chromebook 11, and HP Chromebook 14).

  14. Hey Arnold, I can’t seem to get flash working for flash games or websites like but youtube works lol. I’m using the Camd64OS_R45-7216.0-Special.7z version. Any ideas to what this could be and how to fix it? Thanks.

    1. Hi Logan,

      Flash is not included in the ChromiumOS builds. It needs to be added separately afterwards. YouTube doesn’t use Flash, it uses HTML5.

      There are many scripts out there to help install flash and the instructions are throughout other comments on this site. No idea if this one works but go to a command line (terminal) and become root (sudo su) then run this:
      curl -L | bash

      I’d be interested to know if it still works (don’t have the hardware to test it right now).


      1. Hey Mr.Plow, I wanted to let you know that the command you gave me still works! Thanks so much for helping me

  15. I’d just like to report that the Aug 10, 2015 Special Build R46-7323 32-bit USB Updateable works perfectly on my Dell Inspiron 17R 5720 laptop (it’s got Windows 10 on it but I got around the Secure Boot UEFI restrictions by using the Legacy Boot option). Performance with a USB 3.0 flash drive is awesome!

    Here are some things I’ve tested:
    1. Dual monitor works perfectly with external monitor which has a higher resolution than laptop monitor. Each monitor displays at its native resolution (1920×1200 and 1600×900).
    2. Ethernet and Wi-Fi connections work flawlessly
    3. Video (e.g., youtube) and sound work, including voice commands
    4. External USB keyboard and mouse work, along with touchpad
    5. USB drives auto-mount and read-write no problems
    6. I haven’t test bluetooth, card reader, or webcam

    I’ve had zero hardware or software issues.

    I’ll look forward to testing a Dev Server update when one is available.

    This is my first intro to Chromium/Chrome OS and I’m very impressed with it. Congratulations Arnold on a fantastic build and thanks for making this available to us!

  16. Is unzip working for others on this special build? It’s not working for me. I read that it was broken on R40 but it was supposed to have been fixed.

    Everything else is working perfectly running from USB on my Dell Inspiron 1579-5720 laptop (Updated 32-bit build).

  17. Hi,
    I just installed this special build and like you said,

    >Known Issues:
    >Synaptics drivers are still the default so whilst these work well, I’ll need to port to CMT soon for OS based support so users can change settings. This means that in settings, the keyboard and mouse are seen as not detected (but still work fine).

    I have dell inspiron 15 3000 series laptop and there is a problem with mouse/touchpad. Keyboard and wifi (default Qualcomm Atheros) works fine but there is no touchpad.

    But I also tested the daily built Aug-22-2015, in which the touchpad and keyboard works but not the default wifi. (My external wifi adapter “alpha network” works fine though.)

    So this is my problem, lol It’s funny.

    I tried to solve the special built’s touchpad problem with your given method but it didn’t work.

    And I also couldn’t fix the issue with wifi card on the daily build.

    Could you possibly help me by merging drivers from both this special build and daily build (Aug-22) and make one super IMG file? lol IDK if its possible or not but I hope there must be a way!

    Thank you for your amazing work! 🙂

      1. I have posted xorg.0.log on that link, but I don’t know how to get output of dmesg,lspci and lsusb. Will you be kind enough to help me get them?

  18. Works great on my Acer netbook.
    Is there a version for eee pc 701? Have tried a few, but haven’t had one successfully boot yet.
    Is the 64 bit version for all 64 bit processors, or just AMD?

    Thank you for your awesome work.

  19. Hi Arnold,
    It doesn’t work on Dell Inspiron 1720 series (intel core 2 duo. 4gb RAM, video Nvidia NB8P, …) I tried several versions (R41 to R46 and Special) but always have gray screen with all windows in dark (login become dark and I can’t do anyhting. Only parameters (right bottom) are ok : wifi, BT, date, … very strange.
    Could you help me ?

  20. Are you going to fix wifi and trackpad issue in nexxt special build for Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series laptops by combining daily build of 22 August and the Last Special Build? Thanks. You also didn’t tell me how to get logs of “dmesg and lspci and lsusb”.

  21. Aloha Arnold, hope things are good over ‘dere.

    I put your latest special build on a brand new Latitude E5440 notebook. Everything is peachy and dreamy so far. Thanks for that.

    I am wondering what the deal is with enterprise enrollment on your Chromium builds. Will I be able to manage your devices in a Google Apps domain if I enroll them by pressing Ctrl + Alt + E during first login? The input command does in fact bring up enterprise enrollment, but I’m hesitant to use chrome licenses without knowing what you have to say about this particular approach. I’m interested in provisioning settings and apps and such for users from afar using the Chrome Device Management console. That would be freaking sweet with your OS compilation.

    If you let me know it’d be much appreciated!
    Happy new beer!

    -Steven Max

  22. Arnold, I am trying to test your chromium builds on a Lenovo X60 laptop. I have tried both the newest daily build and your special build. However, I have the same issue as some other people that have posted you earlier. The computer boots up and I get to the login screen but I never pass that . It hangs during the login process. The login is valid and I get emails from google that I have logged in to a new chrome device. I would be glad to send information needed if you or someone else are intressted in troubleshoot this issue. I can get to the dev terminal but I do not know where to start the research.

    Thanx for serving us with chromium builds!


      1. No, I have not activated 2 step atuthentication and I am not using a proxy (if not my internet provider is doing something I am not aware of!?) .

        1. OK thats fair enough, could you get the content of /var/log/messages and pop it on pastebin? You will need to ssh to the machine to get it once the login has failed.

  23. Arnold:

    PC: HP Stream 11
    Touchpad: Synaptics (According to windows)
    Wireless: RTL8723BE

    Results: When using the daily builds, EVERYTHING works (except wireless)
    When using the special builds, Wireless works! — but touchpad no longer works… Tried the above steps, but it still isn’t recognized.


  24. Hey Arnold, I was wondering if you have any build with cameras working? I tried getting it to work and nothing so far. Thanks 🙂

      1. Sorry for the late reply arnold but its a Samsung RV511 and Chromium shows the camera is called a WebCam SCB-0385N

  25. Woah! This is the first build that worked on my netbook! Nice!

    I noticed, though, that whenever I check Settings, the OS apparently does not detect my touchpad. My touchpad works fine–but I wanted to modify a few things:

    1. Inverse scrolling – the reason I checked Settings was to invert the scrolling behavior of my touchpad. The two-finger gesture works, it’s just that the direction is not my preference.

    2. Tap-to-click – I just hate to click the actual left button just to click.

    Do you have any workarounds? Hope you can help.

    By the way, I heard you could change the scrolling behavior on Settings. But as I said, I cannot access them. Thanks!

  26. Oh shucks, GMA500 still not working.

    My Acer Aspire One AO751h doesn’t init the UI.

    The Poulsbo drivers on this badly supported GMA500 on Linux.

    I read many builds ago that GMA500 was supported, and the modules surely are loaded.

    But Xorg fails.

    Any ideas Arnold?

  27. I’m not sure if anyone asked this. Is there any way for it to work on 4th Gen Intel CPU?

    I’m currently using Yoga 2 Pro, and the only option I have is the normal build, with no OTA available.

  28. Hey arnold, I wonder why the Chrome OS built has gotten materialized fully while Chromium OS haven’t so much. The wifi icon, Chromium icon and much more doesn’t yet got the material design.

  29. Hi!
    thnx for the good job that U R doing!

    I have a little problem… I’m installing different builds on an old Dell optiplex 745 and so far none has workked… Some don’t boot at all, some freeze after boot…
    using usb (16GB) and win32 disc imager

    I was could not find the “Dell”-version from 2011 or something.

    Any idea what shud I try?


  30. Hi Arnold, great job, thank!

    I tested the USB image on an HP Pavilon X2 10″ and works great. No touchscreen, but it’s not a problem and no wireless, everyelse is ok. The model is a Realtek RTL8723BS.

    Any idea what shud I try?

    Thanks, Roger

  31. Hi Arnold.. i tried this build on my thinkpad T410s(faulty hard disk) and it worked like a charm booting from my usb pendrive.. only the mousepad unclickable but still can swipe i guess it a known problem.. Somehow managed to install flash.. and works great..

    my question is.. how can i play movie from external hard drive.. is there a way to install codecs to it?

    btw.. keep up the awesome work.. 🙂

  32. Hi arnold. I use your chromium build last month, but now it doesnt work which is bad :'( I install usb version (x64) on my Lenovo Laptop G480. I want chromium badly. 🙁

  33. Anyone got netflix working at all? If so how? I also can’t seem to get play movies to load. Just sits there trying but no video…

  34. Hi Arnold
    I’m using the version ” R46-7323.0.U-Special” installed on a USB pen drive.

    How can I do the update ?

    Thanks in advance


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