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  1. hello !
    I recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S from a friend who is not using it ! too broke to invest in a laptop.
    sadly this device ships with Windows 10 so i had to ditch it in favor of Chromium OS. sadly many drivers are not working.
    the problems i am facing are:
    – the audio is sadly not working through the speakers and twice the speed through the headphones !
    – touch-pad is not recognized after detaching the keyboard cover even though it works on a frech start up.
    – brightness controls on OLED screen is not working at all!
    – auto screen rotation is also not working.
    – finally the cameras are not seen by the system at all.
    i managed to install the WLAN driver and now it works perfectly but i need guidance to find a Solution for the other chalanges
    thank you !

  2. Hello Arnold,
    I have an old Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook C1410, which runs on Windows 10, but so slowly…
    I tried your Chromium Special Build Cx86OS_R58-8872.B-Special and it seems to work, but when I want to connect with my Homenetwork, Chromium says “unknown Network error”.
    Do I have the wrong WIFI-Dongle? I Use DLink DWA 121.
    Please help!

  3. Hello Arnold,

    Could you please advise what version and how would work on Lenovo Carbon X1 1st Gen laptop? I downloaded the latest yesterday daily versions (special x64, vanilla x64 and regular x64) put them on USB by etcher and booted all of them successfully from theive USB on this Lenovo Carbon X1 but none of them sees the WIFI so there is no wifi connection for login, only Bluetooth is on and the Wifi switch has no effect. Actually, this laptop needed a bios update for successful boot with your builds.

    WiFi worked with Fydeos and CloudReady live UsBs on this laptop a day ago.


  4. I have an ASUS c434. I can’t get audio to work with the generic builds.

    Can you compile a RAMMUS specific build for me?

    Would definitely be grateful and donate if you could help

  5. hi, is it normal that once you have copied everything from USB to hard drive that you still need to boot from usb ? regards, Adrian

  6. Hello Arnold

    A big thanks from me. My mum (who’s 82!) has been using an LG Chromebase for 5 years, and it’s now end-of-life so no more updates for her – even though all she uses it for is email and banking. Installing chromiumOS from your build was a piece of cake – mrchromebox’s BIOS, followed by USB boot and then install. It looks no different to her, which is great.

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