ChromiumOS Special Build – R47-7451

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

Download 64 bit USB build from

Download 32 bit USB build from


  • None – Maintenance Release


  • Dev Server updates are now compiled in at build time.

Known Issues:

Synaptics drivers are still the default for touchpad as per my previous post. CMT is proving challenging to get working on all devices currently without a myriad of config files!

In addition, I need to do some additional tidying to make the builds more portable across build servers. Ill be doing this prior to bug fixing for the next build.

VirtualBox Vanilla Builds

Ill be retiring the vanilla VirtualBox VDI builds toward the end of September.

The reason is the builds have had a lack of graphics support for some time now so aren’t really workable. I wont remove the builds until they age out automatically however, so feel free to download as needed since the OS still boots and the network will connect.

Special Build deployments with VirtualBox/VMware graphics support will be coming ‘soon’!