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VirtualBox Vanilla Builds

Ill be retiring the vanilla VirtualBox VDI builds toward the end of September.

The reason is the builds have had a lack of graphics support for some time now so aren’t really workable. I wont remove the builds until they age out automatically however, so feel free to download as needed since the OS still boots and the network will connect.

Special Build deployments with VirtualBox/VMware graphics support will be coming ‘soon’!

Chronos Password

Update 13/04/14

Hi All

This is now fixed on both daily builds and the dev update server. Enjoy!

Hi All

The Chronos User password of ‘password’ seems to have broken over the last few builds and includes dev server updates. I am investigating but please bear this in mind when attempting to update your devices or when downloading new builds.

Build Server Failure

Update 30/03/14

All services are now restored.

Hi All.

As some of you may have noticed, builds are a little lacking lately. Nothing more serious than a server failure which I have ordered parts for.

ETA for builds to begin again should be within the next 7 days. The Dev server is still fine so if you want the latest updates rather than full builds, feel free to use that!

Dev Server Death

Hi All

Update 30/06/13 – The Server is back online! Been a while but all should be good now..

Hi All

The Dev Server is down until further notice due to a security breach at my hosting provider.

Ill let you all know when its back up.

I would appreciate some feedback to see how many of you are using the site to see whether its worth resurrecting longer term