10 thoughts on “Chronos Password”

  1. It would be great to know what the chonos password is – just ready to install on an HP 2570 but I’m thwarted!

  2. Zinc you could do what I did and just go back to a build from 2 weeks ago, everything was cool then. Also i’m avoiding doing an update until after this gets resolved. Cheers to arnold for the effort on straightening this out btw.

    1. I had the same thought as TTWRLR and found an earlier build without the problem – it installed to my SSD fine – however, the HP2570 refuses to boot it! Have tried every combination of UEFI and standard and tinkered with the scripts within, but it simply refuses. Looks like /sda12 is undetectable by the BIOS as a boot partition. Just to make sure the SSD wasn’t the problem, I loaded Mint 16 and that works fine.

      Any ideas?

    1. Same here, i need to use a seconth keyboard for typing. Which is annoiyng since i have to use the logitech keyboard as a mouse.

  3. Obviously off-topic but does anyone know why no Google Drive files are being synced to my user? Drive folder was empty. Added a file, it isn’t synced.

    Chromium 44.0.2402.0 (Utvecklarversion) (64 bitar)
    Version 41014ba975c7bde34c81aade45cc7edd0bb03ee8
    Plattform 7075.0.2015_05_17_0319 (Developer Build – buildbot) developer-build amd64-generic

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