Hi All – for those of you experiencing login problems on the latest special builds, below is a link to a later build of ChromiumOS which should hopefully work!

sha256: e9fdd9737d25f62fd77eb014994f1beb2840bd09d719343728c6e549de5d5f16

12 thoughts on “CHROMIUMOS ENHANCED BUILDS – R89-13729.B”

  1. Hi Arnold,

    Don’t know how painful this might be, but I replaced my Qualcomm Atheros AC/AX card with a Broadcom BCM94352z (combo wifi/BT) card. I tried some other builds as well as official Chrome OS via Brunch 1.0, but the WiFi simply does not work.

    Are there any Broadcom drivers included with this latest special build (R89-13729.B) and if not, would it be ridiculously hard to make a build that includes the driver?

    Many thanks for your continued great work!!!

    1. So, I installed the latest version of CloudReady Home (Free) and it lets me use my WiFi, and bluetooth appears and shows my Logi Pebble mouse (but will not authenticate it).

      WiFi seems really solid, and it looks as tho most of the MacBook Pro/Air models are supported (meaning my Broadcom BCM94352z is supported. Pity about the Bluetooth tho…

  2. Never mind, laptop is more buggy than a rainforest floor after sleep/wake. Completely locked up for no reason whatsoever today, on 2nd attempt at testing. Bluetooth still broken too.

    Any chance of snatching the BT drivers from CloudReady partition and plonking it inside your ChromiumOS partition?

    just asking, coz WiFi was rock-solid using CloudReady.

  3. Hi buddy , I am noob so please some one reply , I am using Camd64OS_R72-11316.B-Special. because this version is working smooth but I can’t play videos on youtube and can’t use Spotify so please help me

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