ChromiumOS Special Build – R44-7015

New special builds out today with built in Broadcom Support!!!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from

Notable changes:

  • 64 & 32 bit builds
  • 3.19.3 kernel
  • R44 codebase – new material design
  • Working Touchpad (should include ElanTouch but not tested)
  • Working Webcam/Audio (Linux UVC)
  • Working Hangouts
  • Working Broadcom wireless – should work with all cards noted here.
  • Working Intel wireless (iwlwifi)
  • Working Bluetooth
  • SD Card Support
  • Radeon/Intel Graphics Support
  • NVIDIA support (untested)
  • Suspend/resume works.

Tested with Dell Studio 1555, Studio 1535 Laptops and Thinkpad S230U

Radeon Graphics testing covers: HD 3450/3470/4350/4370/545v)

Intel Graphics testing covers up to Gen 3 cards only.

Known Issues

  • Intel Gen 4+ cards wont work yet
  • Touchscreen does seem to work very nicely (Thinkpad) but currently disables the touchpad!

Certain Atheros  and Realtek wireless are also built into the kernel. These are not tested so feel free to feed back on how your testing goes.

Both of these builds will provide the base for additional WiFi support. These subsequent builds will also be available via Dev Server update when completed.

Happy Testing!