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  1. hello !
    I recently picked up a Samsung Galaxy TabPro S from a friend who is not using it ! too broke to invest in a laptop.
    sadly this device ships with Windows 10 so i had to ditch it in favor of Chromium OS. sadly many drivers are not working.
    the problems i am facing are:
    – the audio is sadly not working through the speakers and twice the speed through the headphones !
    – touch-pad is not recognized after detaching the keyboard cover even though it works on a frech start up.
    – brightness controls on OLED screen is not working at all!
    – auto screen rotation is also not working.
    – finally the cameras are not seen by the system at all.
    i managed to install the WLAN driver and now it works perfectly but i need guidance to find a Solution for the other chalanges
    thank you !

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