ALPHA BUILDS – R80-12677.0.2019_11_25

New Alpha builds ready for testing!

These builds will not auto update but can be forced once the real R80 special version is deployed if desired.

When R80 special is ready, the upgrade process can be performed with the following command line after opening a shell prompt:

update_engine_client --update --omaha_url=

Build Details

  • Realtek rtl8821ce wireless support


Known Issues

  • Play Store does not work
  • The Google assistant does not work.


Please test and log issues on Ensure you tag the issue with the ‘Alpha’ tag as well as detailing the version of the build the issue was found in. When detailing the version, please use the tag with version of the build you are testing against. For example, for this build, use the tag: ‘R80-12677.0.2019_11_25’

5 thoughts on “ALPHA BUILDS – R80-12677.0.2019_11_25”

    1. The chromium image is working just great on my Asus Vivobook flip 14. Tnx for that!
      But when I try to chomefy this one I get an os that boots a black screen and capslock is flashing (kernel panik). Do you have any idea why the latest builds are nog chomefyaible? And can we do something about it? It is the only way to get the Playstore working for now.


  1. Arnold, Hi! I love this build, it is working great with a HP-17 i3 that I have. I have applied Chromify and everything is working!

    I do have one mousepad/touchpad behavior I’d like to change. I cannot use the left and right trackpad buttons for clicking. I must have the mousepad touched, then press the left or right mouse button to click.

    Can I change this behavior by modifying any files? I want it to behave like that standard laptop mousepad where I have to do is click or the left or right mouse buttons for the click.

    Any tips you have are welcomed.

    Can I change this to operate

    1. Hey ChromeDome,

      Can you tell me how you where able to apply Chromefy with this build? I didn’t succeed in this yet.
      What recovery build have you used?
      (Maybe it’s better chatting via mail than on this comment section, you can mail [email protected])

  2. Hi every time i am extracting the zip file I am getting a bin file instead of a img file. This is happening in case of special build and alpha builds. Daily Vanilla is ok. Please help

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