Chromium OS

Chromium OS is an open-source project that aims to build an operating system that provides a fast, simple, and more secure computing experience for people who spend most of their time on the web.

All downloads are located at This will be updated daily where builds compile succcessfully..

Build Instructions for USB

  • Linux
    1. Use p7zip to extract the IMG file from the downloaded file.
    2. At the shell, run the following (where sdX is your USB stick and ChromeOS.img is the path to the IMG file you extracted):
      dd if=ChromeOS.img of=/dev/sdX bs=4M/
    3. Boot from USB stick
  • Windows
    1. Use 7zip to extract IMG file from the downloaded file.
    2. Use Win32 Image Writer, then select the IMG file and select the USB device from the menu.
    3. Click on “Write”.
    4. Boot from USB stick

All builds based on x86 and ARM generic board.

If you want to install to your hard drive, follow the instructions here and here. Heed the warnings noted in the links! When prompted for a password for the chronos user, use ‘password’ (without the quotes!).

Once installed, you can update from the Dev Server noted here.

Tested on Dell Studio 1555 with Intel 5100 AGN Wireless. Oh and VirtualBox of course. If you need instructions on how to use VirtualBox, go here and RTFM..

Thanks to The Chromium Projects


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691 thoughts on “Chromium OS”

  1. I was able to get to the login screen on a Thinkpad X61s. Unlike the Fujitsu P7120 I mentioned above, for whatever reason the sda1 partition was able to be repaired and it now boots to the login page.

    However, I do my two-factor login, and the systems hangs with the white screen and pinwheel “please wait” icon. I guess you could call this the White Screen of Death. Logging in as guest does not work at all.

    I saw that someone else experienced a similar problem, but have not seen any solutions. Can you help?

    1. I have the same issue with the Oct 12 image. Boot from USB, log in then sit with wheel of death

      Also during the boot screen I get the following messages;

      Fast TSC calibration failed
      [drm:intel_i2c_register] *ERROR* cannot find i2c adapter
      atkbd serio1: probe failed
      EXT4-fs (sdb3): couldn’t mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities

      I currently have the x86 version from April 6th 2014 working on this Lenovo T61 fine, except flash crashes now and again, hence why I thought I would try an update.

      Thanks in advance for any help anyone on this forum can provide a newbie ;-)

    2. I get the same error white login screen after entering 2nd factor code. I am using the 64bit build.
      Anyone else with error “EXT4-fs (sda5): couldn’t mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities” ?

  2. Hi,

    Great Work, I was able to create Boot able OS on the USB Stick. But when i boot into the OS, i am unable playback video using the default video player or any app from Chrome store. Also unable to use play music it keeps telling me need to download flash now.

    Can you please suggest any alternative or work around for them…?

    Thanks and Regards

  3. I need the IPSEC to support at least one of:

    Currently, this chromebook StrongSwan installation only supports:

    Can you advise, please?
    Version 40.0.2174.0

  4. Hi, it’s that guy who asked something on February — and I’m back!

    OK, so my Mac can’t run your builds – just because it’s dumb. My EFI works horribly bad when it’s not OS X, so we can just go ahead and ignore it.

    But I tried to run the latest daily on my Surface Pro 2. It “worked”. Sorta. Because there are no drivers for the default Marvell network card. Could you please fix this? The required file is /lib/firmware/mrvl/usb8797_uapsta.bin

  5. I use Chromium downloaded from your website and I think it is a great resource.

    I now have Chromium on a USB drive but don’t know

    (a) how to upgrade the USB drive to a more up-to-date version of Chromium (Image Writer/ Win 32 Disk Imager does not allow me to overwrite the old version of Chromium on the USB drive with a newer one), or

    (b) how to format the USB drive (Windows 7 does not allow me to format the USB drive with the .img file of Chromium on it).

    Can you please tell me what I should do?

    1. a) The USB version wont upgrade since you need to install to hard drive to take advantage of the dev update server.

      b) Just use the win 32 disk imager as per the instructions since that will format the USB properly

  6. Hi Arnold,
    I love the daily builds. I have currently installed the latest Cx86 build on one of my job’s laptops. Now the wifi does not work. And I have looked at the old post about a special build with the Broadcom wifi drivers enabled. The thing is it’s from 2013 so I’m afraid of installing an old build. Is there a new build that is out? Or currently being worked on? Thank you for your time and feedback.

  7. Any word on the VirtualBox images? I was trying to run the 64 bit on my Mac, running VirtualBox. Never been able to get this working.

    1. Rather than run Arnold’s images under Virtualbox, run them with QEMU! QEMU will read Arnold’s *.vdi files just fine. Lookup Drinkcat’s blog on how to run a Chrom*OS image with QEMU, then in a terminal session type in at the prompt, where you’ve stored whatever image you got the following:

      qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm -m 1024 -net nic -net user -redir tcp:9922::22 -hda Camd**.vdi.
      Where Camd**.vdi is the Virtualbox image you downloaded from Arnold’s website. If kvm doesn’t play nice w Crapple’s OS X kernels, try running just QEMU.

      I had endless conniptions trying to run Arnold’s VBox image on my Proliant server running Slackware-current, but good old QEMU booted the image right up.

      Good Hacking Arnold!

        1. BTW, you should bump things up to 2G of RAM, and give yourself a few CPU cores to make it run zippy. her’s an updated script I now use to run your stuff:


          # Qemu can use SDL sound instead of the default OSS
          export QEMU_AUDIO_DRV=alsa

          # Whereas SDL can play through alsa:
          #export SDL_AUDIODRIVER=alsa

          exec /usr/bin/qemu-system-x86_64 -enable-kvm \
          -m 2048 -net nic -net user -smp 2 -soundhw ac97 \
          -redir tcp:9922::22 -hda Camd64OS-**.vdi

          Name that kluge above something like, then chmod +x the file, and boot up!

          I’m currently trying to hack a working ALSA pipe out of this. Rebuilt qemu 2.1.9 w –enable-alsa in the Slackbuild, but no Joy yet on that. Will toot my horn when I get occasion to.

          1. OK, to get SOUND, change the -soundhw to all like this:

            -soundhw all

            And there will be sound!

  8. Hi Arnold, Thanks for supporting chromium os thus far :D
    I am quite noob with any os other than Windows, so I’m not very educated with any of it.
    I would like to add the Marvell ethernet drivers located on your website into your drivers special edition build. The only thing is.. I don’t know how to do it. I can’t seem to open the img file in any extractor program such as 7zip, as it just gives me a 0.img file, which I cannot open. I would prefer info on how to do it for windows, however if necessary i will install ubuntu on VB or a USB. If there is already a build including these drivers I would love if you could link me to them :)


  9. whenever I bootup from the usb, it gets stuck at the signup screen. when I entaer my google account details it just keeps on showing the loading.

  10. Its great that you are doing this, I think that this page could be easier for newbies though, a short explanation of board types followed by a direct link to the latest IMG download for each of the different board types would be helpfull.

  11. All your builds are working fine on my laptop except one thing, when I go to login, I cant login as guest, it just clicks and does nothing, I also cannot sign in with my google account, it just gives me a spinning wheel and hangs on that screen. Literally everything is working, the wifi, ethernet, bluetooth, I also need to mention I get the ex3 mount error msg on boot. Please help the people being plagued with this error fix it.

  12. Hi Guys,

    So reading between the lines “Intel 5100 AGN Wireless” is supported out of the box? So if i buy a Intel 5100 AGN Wireless PCIe I should be good?

    Cheers Rob.

  13. Hi Arnold! Just getting into the wonderful world of Chromium OS and discovered your builds. I feel a little guilty with my old dv5000 at home compiling from scratch, I’m working it so hard =P

    Couple questions: Broadcom B43 drivers included? Since they still aren’t stock-stock on Ubuntu, I’m not holding my breath. Also, I can’t seem to find any kind of information on this but now that ChromeOS can manage Android apps what is going on with that front in Chromium?


    1. Re the BroadCom. Try the special builds (a little old but that’s all I have right now)

      I dont really understand the second question? Try installing apps from the app store to the chromiuomos but I think you will need to burn in your own API keys to allow this (Ive not tested so please google to see what others are doing)

  14. Hello, guys, can anyone help me?
    I’ve been using Win32ImageWriter to try to write the .img file to my pen drive, but all it does is corrupting it ..
    It immediatelly shows an error saying the disk must be formatted before being used, even after plugging it again in another computer/usb port, and I can’t boot chrome from it.
    It also shows 0 bytes of capacity, and, after formatting, the available space decreases from 8GB to 1GB, so I need to run a series of commands to get it working again.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english :)

  15. As a test, I tried Hexxeh’s last build on my Thinkpad X61s. Like many others with various types of hardware, I have been unable to get your builds to boot, until today. Unlike your current builds, his relatively ancient build worked perfectly.

    I would very much like to express my appreciation for the effort you make in providing this, but it seems like a vanity project that is mostly a waste of time, since it only seems to reliably work for you and a few others.

    1. The reality of things is this OS is not designed to run on all sorts of hardware.

      Take a look at MS Windows. It’s a freaking miracle it runs so well on so many different configurations of hardware. The number of drivers included with Windows is staggering.

      Every time the kernel in Chromium gets upgraded, any drivers not provided by vendors or Google need to be manually adjusted and tested to ensure they work with the new kernel.

      Chromium is designed to run on a small set of hardware. That’s how it can stay easy to maintain and small to distribute.

      When you think of the multitude of possible combinations of system hardware out there, from HP to Dell to Lenovo to Acer to ASUS to Toshiba to Sony to…. and on and on… Each one of those manufactures has their own set of multiple different systems released almost monthly. Finding a hardware configuration that happens to have the right set of hardware to run Chromium is almost complete luck. It doesn’t have much to do with arnoldthebat other than some adjustments might get made from one daily to the next which breaks or fixes a tiny little thing that can make or break your Chromium experience.

      I’m lucky in the sense that I have some Toshiba laptops that happen to work “out of the box” with these Chromium builds minus some touchpad and Flash adjustments. If I make the wrong adjustment to the touchpad setup, the system won’t boot. It’s specific to the touchpad hardware in that machine.

      On the other side of the fence, I have some Dell netbooks that almost work but have a wifi adapter in them from a vendor that is not natively supported in Chromium OS. Someone has to code the drivers for this wifi card and then test it. That’s one little driver among the millions possible.

      Ultimately, we need to thank ArnoldTheBat and Hexxeh for coding and compiling stuff that we would not be able to do ourselves. Not complain when it doesn’t quite work. If we don’t know how to fix it ourselves, getting mad at the one person who is working on it (in his spare time) is not the answer.

      Just my $0.02.

      1. I appreciate the shout out to both Hexxeh and Arnold, and I am glad that some people do benefit from Arnold’s build. Did you miss the part where I said that Hexxeh ‘s last build, getting on in age, works perfectly, while Arnold’s doesn’t? I am not surprised Hexxeh works for me. A stock Lenovo Thinkpad X61 is pretty standard, from the CPU, to the chipset, to the Wi-Fi, and on down. Clearly, Arnold didn’t just clone Hexxeh’s build setup. Given the number of complaints, at the very least, he’s doing something different, if not wrong.

        1. I haven’t installed Hexxeh’s build in almost a year but isn’t it running version 33 or something? I could be completely wrong.

          In my experience with the older version of the OS, websites (including Google Apps like Drive) will not function with that older version of the browser / OS. Again – I could be wrong.

          I do want to clarify one thing from your comment. Arnold didn’t take (copy) Hexxeh’s builds. He’s getting the Chromium source code directly from Google. It’s free. Go check it out.

          What Arnold is doing is compiling the Chromium builds provided by Google. Those builds contain drivers that only Google provides (via hardware vendors). If someone were to try and install that OS on a machine with different hardware than what Google deems “worthy” (I use that term tongue-in-cheek) it either won’t boot or won’t function at 100%.

          Arnold is then taking drivers from vendors and trying to compile them against the latest kernel. Which keeps changing.

          I would say that Hexxeh’s build works on the older hardware and Arnold’s doesn’t because Google made a change – the Kernel changed. It’s not because Arnold is “doing something wrong”. Or even different.

          I also want to point out that we are all very welcome to download and compile the Chromium OS code ourselves, build our own disk image, and install it on our hardware. What’s stopping us? Knowledge… ? Time… ? Willingness… ? Whatever the reasons (for me it’s knowledge of compiling against the new kernel), we look to others like ArnoldTheBat.

          The point I was trying to make is that it is not ArnoldTheBat’s “fault” that the newer builds do not work on the older hardware. The drivers provided and compiled into the Kernel are decided by the providers of the source code. Developers deprecate code and drivers all the time.

          Our options are to politely inform ArnoldTheBat that it doesn’t work on specific hardware. He may or may not have a solution. If he doesn’t, it is not exactly polite to then say “well it worked with this other build from April 2013″.

          My 386 ran Windows 3.1. My i5 64-bit machine will not.
          My i5 64-bit machine runs Windows 7/8 or recent Linux distros. My 386 will not.

          Sorry for a potential rant here. I’ll get off the soap box now.

  16. Hi ArnoldTheBat

    Thanks for your fantastic work!

    If I put a new ssd into my laptop and install chromium on that, will my laptop be unaffected when I put my old ssd back in? (main laptop, don’t want to break it)


  17. was wondering if ethernet is included in these builds? I can run from usb but “no network” keeps me from getting past this screen.

  18. Hi Arnold,

    ever thought about using some other comment-system? Maybe a g+-community or google-group (aka. Mailinglist)?

    I find this linear comment system a little complicated to (re-)find some comments that have solutions to problems in it. Yea, I know there is the search, but…

    Second thing I came here for, is that the latest Builds all have Problems with the GPT primary or secondary header and “GPT PMBR size mismatch”. Can be fixed with “gdisk”.

  19. Hi, can someone help me, how to REMOVE the text on the top of welcome screen, where you can find the build info and etc (Example: Chromium 40.0.2207.2 (………))? Thx you very much :-). P.

  20. Hi,

    I installed chromium os (last build from your dev-server) on my eee-pc. Runs fine. Unfortunately I can’t find any working issue to get the flash/mp3 etc. to run. I tried some skripts offered on the web – all failed.
    What is to do?

  21. Hey ! Arnold

    Need some urgent help iam trying to run the .vdi of chrome os downloaded from your website in virtual box but it seems the kernel isn’t booting .. it stucks at the first 4-5 lines only.. plz help . I dont know what settings to configure on virtual box.. to run that.

    Expecting your reply soon.


  22. Hi, I download your lastest image.
    My laptop is a MSI GE60

    the wireless card is an Realtek RTL8723AE.

    I’m a very noob with chromium OS.

    I don’t know how to add the Realtek RTL8723AE wireless driver in your image.

    Can you please help me to do that.

    Many thanks.

  23. Ok, I can connect pass the first windows.

    I used a wire ethernet adapter!!!

    for the lastest image (chromium 40.0.02210.0),
    I need to be connected as local user :
    I do “ctrl”+ “alt” + “f2″
    I use

    but the password “password” doesn’t work :-(

    can you help me to know the password for user “chronos”?

    thank you

  24. Hi,

    I have tried to install Chromium OS on my desktop PC. (I have installed one copy on old ntb and it works fine.) I have some problem with ?probably? graphics card. I have shared video to show it. Can you update driver support (if is it possible)? :-)

    I will send you the hardware report, if you write to me. I could not find here any email.


    Thx, P.

  25. I have wrote this image to several thumb drives and everytime i try and boot it says
    gsmi: exec 0xc1ef: unknown error 0xc1ef
    usb 1-1.1: string descriptor 0 read error: -22
    [sda] No caching mode page found
    [sda] assuming drive cache: write through

    This is on an acer c710 with coreboot installed. I have had your image work a few months ago but my hard drive recently went out and I was trying to boot from one of your images again, that is why it is showing [sda] the thumb drive is the only drive.

  26. Running the October 31 build on an Asus Eee PC 1005HA. Everything seems to be working properly, including wifi (and I didn’t have to use the Broadcom build) and touchpad (a bit twitchy when two-finger scrolling, but that’s probably more the hardware’s fault). It’s quite zippy even on the stock HDD, but I bet it’ll be blazing fast on an SSD. Thanks, ArnoldTheBat!

    1. You can adjust the resolution of the two-finger scrolling (or any other touchpad setting). You’re running the default settings. The defaults are a set of options that should run fine on as many as possible.

      It’s all in the file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/40-touchpad-cmt.conf

      That’s quite the file, though. You’d have to find the section that matches what your trackpad hardware is. I also forget what the option is for the resolution two-finger scroll but you can find documentation for that file online.

  27. Hi, i recently downloaded the latest version of chromium and it works great. However, it does not enable the flash plugin. And i cant seem to access my original os windows anymore. My system boots upon my usb device which boots the chromium os. I just need to enable flash player on the chromium os and find a way to access Windows from time to time. Please help, thank you.

  28. Hi.
    does anyone know how to keeping the system from shutting down when i log off and close the screen? If i clos the lid when i am logged in, it only goes to sleep.

    it is important for me to log off every time because of multiple users on same device.

    1. That is a feature of ChromeOS (Chromium OS). If you have an actual Chromebook they do the same thing. It’s to preserve energy, I think.

  29. Hi,

    I’d like to ask if the latest build supports my NVIDIA GPU and my Belkin N300 F7D2102 wireless adaptor. If not, then how can I install drivers for them? Also, does the latest build have support for the App Runtime for Chrome, which allows me to run Android apps? I’m wondering as I’m thinking of replacing my Android-x86 USB with Chrome as I’m having issues with my NVIDIA card and my wireless adaptor.


  30. Please could you add support for “rt3290″ it’s a PCI 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 card, found in my laptop “HP Pavilion 11-n001sa”

    It would also be great to see touch working :) to

  31. I’ve got two different laptops that I’ve tried several versions (including Hexxah’s Vanilla and Lime) and cannot get either of them to work. The laptops are a Dell Inspiron M5040 (AMD64 and Broadcom) and a Toshiba Satellite M55-S1001 (x86 and Atheros) . Can anyone suggest a version that will work on either of these?

    The closest version I got to working was Hexxah’s Lime version on the Dell, but it wouldn’t recognize the Broadcom wireless.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  32. Thanks for the great work. Not sure if you can help with a couple of small issues. Running the latest weekly 64 bit build on an acer d270. It appears that there are issues with the GMA 3600 graphics driver. If you run gmail in full mode the browser errors after 10 seconds or so.
    The power control also has an issue where when you select power off it actually just restarts.
    If you have any tips or options for better drivers that would be great.


      1. thx a lot, cause the latest cause a lot of trouble. it crashes when i change any flags, it crashes if I have ARChon install, it crashes…..
        I was just feeling regretful for updating to nov-13 build.
        now, thx a lot

  33. Hi. I get a kernel panic error every time I load chromium. I have to run this line to fix it: boot: chromeos-usb.A root=/dev/sdc3.
    Is there a permanent fix for this?
    Also my touchpad is not working, even when I follow your fix listed on your homepage. When I run hexxeh last chromium build I don’t get the kernel panic and I can get the touchpad working after downloading the elan driver but I have a alignment issue.

  34. The 2 events keep alternating …

    1. Got my x86-64 image built on 10-26-14 to update just fine! Use the command posted most recently for the update. Good work Arnold!

  35. Are the virtualbox files working for anyone? I’ve tried several of the nightly and weekly builds and none of them are getting past the initial kernel boot.

    1. I just finally read through this rather length thread and found several people saying Virtual Box wasn’t working for them. And one suggestion to try qemu. Trying that now!

  36. thanks for buid …
    im installing Camd64OS-20141117010102.img to usb. and boot on my Lenovo T430 , and its working well ,wireless and NIC is working fine.
    install trusty via crouton and rebuild kernel module make me can running VMware Workstation 10.0.3. and virtualbox inside the chroot env.
    btw i found strange issue with chromium browser , when i type keyword in addres bar like : “chromium os” , the page browser crash because the url will pointing to “”.

    to fix the searching i must manually typing the URL in address bar like “ os”

  37. Latest x86 build works great on an eMachine 355. One thing I’ve noticed is that running chromeos-setdevpasswd from root’s commandline works… but…
    I can log in as chronos with the new password, and sudo su with it as well.
    I can *also* log in with the old password of ‘password’, and also sudo su with ‘password’ as well.
    Any ideas?
    By the way, thanks for all your work on this product, it’s awesome!

  38. I have a lenovo Z61p and tried several builds unsuccessfully.
    USB live stick works fine until I log in into my google account.
    I can select ethernet or wireless lan, I can select different wireless connections, chromium shows an error if there is no connection, I can shut down etc. I mean, the system seem so be alive.
    But when I write my email and pw to log in in my google account it freezes (progress circle turns on and on), I can only shut down.

    Any suggestion?


  39. I am running chromium off a thumb drive with the latest 64-bit nightly build (as of last night) on an emachine d620. It works, but the video has some weird saw-toothed video distortion where major sections of the screen won’t update. Sometimes rolling the mouse pointer over the affected sections clears them up, but only until something changes on the screen.

    I’ve tried tweaking xorg.conf – but the changes don’t seem to take effect.

    I also tried the “mulit-driver” build, but that just goes into an infinite reboot loop.

    Any suggestions?

  40. Just thought I would post back on the latest builds, fully working with touchscreen on my Yoga Pro 2. I can now flip the screen around and have a Chrome tablet :) Thanks !

  41. Hi Sir Arnold :)
    I Have a silly question.. :V

    If I install dis on my computer, Can I Install windows os on it ? If I dont want it like a Noob :D Like Inserting DVD installer ? or Like on Usb ?

    Please Answeer. Thanks :D

  42. I’m trying to install on a Zotac ZBOX with an NVIDIA ION graphics adapter. It won’t fully boot. Anyone know of a workaround? Is there a way to rebuild the kernel with ION support?


  43. Hi. I get a kernel panic error every time I load chromium. I have to run this line to fix it: boot: chromeos-usb.A root=/dev/sdc3.
    Is there a permanent fix for this?
    Also my touchpad is not working, even when I follow your fix listed on your homepage. When I run hexxeh last chromium build I don’t get the kernel panic and I can get the touchpad working after downloading the driver but I have a alignment issue. By the way I have a acer aspire 5742 laptop.

  44. It does not boot from USB
    I run on UEFI, i enabled legacy boot and all that stuff to boot other devices.
    When i choose to boot it from usb and i choose one of the GRUB options it just shows a black screen, always. Where’s the problem?

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