ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R74-11895.B

New Special Builds out today! Apologies for the delay!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: efcd41266307f25654b86b2bde8d5b66e2e219d0af52e77575531be27e167d6a


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Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
Known Issues:
Change Log:

The Update Servers are now available.

22 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R74-11895.B”

  1. No luck with this one either on the Chromebook Pixel 2013. Exact same behavior as Vanilla. Hangs at the Chromium logo screen, then have to revert back to ChromeOS recovery to get anything else to load. 🙁

  2. Would you pls add support for the Surface WiFi chipset (Marvell AVASTAR 88W8797), the old Surface would be so effective as a Chromebook!

  3. I am using WIN32ImageWriter and procedure laid out to build the image, tried to use the USB to boot and install to a Dell E5450, Doesn’t recognize as a boot device. Tried several of the CARMOS files .
    tried both
    It’s as if it doesn’t pick a boot loader. Am I missing something when I build it?

    Was able to use Same USB to boot to to another OS.

  4. Hey,
    Id like to ask you, if its possible to add the RTL8723de wificard driver in the next version 🙂 Actually my friends and myself enjoy your builds but we all need to use wifi dongles 😛 Would be great if you can add the driver. Ty

  5. my touchpad is not working on my hp elitebook 6930p. i have tried multiple solutions from the internet but none of them work

  6. Is there going to be a release with Google play support? If so, how long will it take to put it into Chromium OS?

    Also, when will the Google Drive bug be fixed?

    1. Google Drive bug is out of my hands since the FUSE driver is now closed source… As for Google play, it will need to wait until its open sourced by Google, if ever…

  7. Is it possible to boot this off of a legacy device? I can’t get my device to detect it because it’s GPT.

  8. Used Plop bootloader to boot into the USB and it says it’s Loading vmlinuz.A then I just get thrown into a black screen for eternity.

  9. Hey Arnold, do you know if your builds support silead touch screens? thanks in advance for a response

  10. Installs on Toshiba NB505. Touchpad works, Google play fails with something went wrong. Chrome doesn’t connect to Google and propagate book marks etc . Gmail crashed after starting to load mail. Files works. Settings works.

  11. I can’t turn on the wifi with RTL8723bs transmitter,the previous builds supported it,but the bluetooth didn’t worked on them.

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