ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R76-12239.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 3d398f08f407583cf2956a6d52c8c839701f749608c46b90946047072669270c


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Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
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The Update Servers are now available.

13 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R76-12239.B”

  1. v76
    Does not work with chromefy,
    cannot boot after using the script,
    however FydeOS v7.2 (CrOS 75) chromefies well.

    1. Actually worked using this with the special build (didn’t work for vanilla)
      eve 75 with ATB v76 special works for Acer CB C720P
      This is how it worked for me (maybe too many steps)

      Use ATB v76 special
      chromefy nocturne 74 / swtpm.tar
      chromefy eve 74 / swtpm.tar
      chromefy eve 74 / caroline 74
      chromefy nocturne 75 / swtpm.tar
      chromefy eve 75 / caroline 75
      It successfully boots…

    1. And there is another issue i am facing is on my laptop it only works in legacy boot. In uefi screen turns black with laptop remain on.

  2. first, thank you so much for this great work! it’s like gold to many of us
    second, the question
    I’m trying to install chromium on an old Asus S200
    all the builds boot correctly from usb up to the R69, and then I can install on hard disk
    with newer builds the usb boots, but I can’t see nothing on the screen other than the splash message (something like booting from local image A); I think the system is loaded to the end, because I can hear the typical sound when the login screen appears, but I cant’t do nothing else, neither access to a consolle with CTRL + ALT + F2
    already tried the nomodeset boot option, but no change
    any suggestion? thank you

  3. Hello, i have HP DV6 6020st when i try to boot with this version, keyboard and touchpad is working for a minute at first, but then they don’t work (external usb mouse and keyboards are working.)

  4. I used this build ( and previous special builds also) everything was smooth except BATTERY. it drains too fast. On win 10 it gives about 4 hrs but with chrome os it is nearly 2 hours.

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