ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R80-12739.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 4e12447f1e7485423362261afca139160f657d9612ba1d7b27e4c2d69dad64e2


  • Version Bump


  • Google Play Store is still not working!
  • The Google assistant does not work.

Known Issues:
Change Log:

The Update Server will be made available in the next week or so.

10 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R80-12739.B”

  1. Hey everyone,

    Has anyone noticed today that the update servers are down or is it just me? I just installed version 58 since it was the most recent version I could fir onto a 8GB USB drive.

  2. Arnold, You are master of chromium here 🙂
    Tell me what I can do to run it on Samsung N102SP – tryed few versions but everyone is stuck on first chromium logo (white one with blue letters).
    Tryed even to install it on hdd via console but after restart it is the same… 🙁

    Chromium is only Chance to give that little computer 2nd life.

    Intel ATOM N2100 1.6GHz

    1. Your best bet would be a light weight linux distribution like Lubuntu 18.04- or you could try CloudReady if you have atleast 2GB of ram.

  3. Hi Arnold

    Thanks for your work. Is it intentional that the driver is missing from this version? I was trying this on an old hp laptop which hangs on the logo, and the logs say the absence of that file is a fatal error.

    Kind regards,

  4. OK I got this working. I was using legacy boot in the BIOS wich is not UEFI. When I select UEFI I get the grub boot menu but then the system does not wan to boot. When I select VGA (analogue) display mode in the BIOS I get graphics on the external VGA screen and a little while later I get the screen on the laptop as well.
    The wifi ssid is not picked up and even when I maually input this the wifi does not connect so I assume the wifi driver does not work correct

  5. Thanks for your continued effort in putting out another special build! I’m curious, with this new build, once I pass the network config the system shows it is checking for updates and then goes to this ‘please wait’ phase that never ends for me. Every now and then it flashes a really quick message I couldn’t possibly ready. I’ve left this run over night on 2 different systems to no avail. Any ideas what might be happening?

    1. My bad. Well sort of. So I mentioned this was an issue on 2 systems. On the first one there was not ethernet option so I had to give up. On the second one, there was and as soon as I plugged the cable in, I was prompted with a config dialogue that allowed me to input my proxy settings. So I would agree most wouldn’t have a proxy but it is a bit of an issue for anyone that wouldn’t have a proxy auto config in place and the wifi network dialogue doesn’t prompt the user at any point to input settings. Not a huge deal breaker obviously but thought I’d add that tidbit.

  6. Hi, Arnold
    Thanks for the excellent work.
    Recently I picked up my HP stream 7 tablet from dust, and tried your image. Here is my result:
    the latest build, touch screen does NOT work, WIFI does NOT work
    latest special build, touch screen does NOT work, WIFI WORKS.
    then I looked your history blog, there is a comment under R62 build saying HP stream 7 fully working, but I tried:
    touch screen WORKS! WIFI doesn’t work 🙁

    I’m not sure why, is there any major driver removal since R62 to current?

    Thanks again for your time and excellent work!

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