Multiple Driver Special Edition Build

Update 12/01 contains additional ATI drivers for testing.

Once loaded, I’m not expecting the graphics to work immediately since xorg.conf will be read only so the auto detect features may not work. So the initial boot screen may well still fail but [Crtl-Alt-F2] should get you to command prompt

To potentially remedy, once logged in, issue the following:

sudo su
mount -o remount, rw /
Xorg -configure
cp /root/ /etc/X11/xorg.conf

The pray to the Gods of Graphics for goodness to occur.


Hi All contains multiple driver enhancements including:

  • Intel GMA 500 Graphics Drivers
  • Nvidia Generic Graphic Driver
  • AMD Generic Graphics Driver

This build still includes the Broadcom drivers noted in the previous post.

Please don’t expect too much since I have no way of testing these so have no idea if they have worked. I’ve merely added them to the kernel as part of the compile.

If you could respond to this post specifically with what works, what doesn’t (and what your laptop build is), Ill see what I can do for future builds.. Please also post output of lsmod, dmesg and Xorg.0.log (preferrably to so I can review if its even loading.

As always bear in mind this is a one time build so updating from the dev server will undo all additions..

51 thoughts on “Multiple Driver Special Edition Build”

    1. I have a dell optiplex 755 that i’m trying to get chromium OS on. The only build that has worked so far is the multi driver build, however this build is old, a lot of chrome apps are incompatible with it. I tried to updating from within chromium os but upon restart I get a kernel panic error that i get with the other builds. Have someone discovered a way around this? Any advise on how to proceed will be greatly appreciated.

  1. No joy, unfortunately, on my unit: ASUS 1215B, AMD E-450 (Brazos) APU with AMD HD 6320. Boots to logo, then blank screen. If I leave it and don’t try to access the console, it will reboot.

    Taking a quick scan of the logs, it does seem that the drivers for the HD6320 are there, but there’s a “addscreen/screeninit failed for driver 0” fatal error in the logs. So close, yet, so far.

    lsmod –
    dmesg –

    1. Can you add a minimal entry to xorg.conf and see if it makes a difference?

      Section “Monitor”
      Identifier “External”
      Option “RightOf” “Panel”

      Section “Monitor”
      Identifier “Panel”

      Section “Device”
      Identifier “MyCard”
      Driver “radeonhd”
      Option “monitor-VGA_1” “External”
      Option “monitor-PANEL” “Panel”
      Option “RROutputOrder” “PANEL”

      Section “Screen”
      Identifier “MyScreen”
      Device “MyCard”
      DefaultDepth 24
      SubSection “Display”
      Depth 24
      ## This is superfluous and actually harmful with a
      ## static configuration. Enable for dynamic config only.
      #Virtual 2704 1050

      1. I have the same problem, running on a Mobility Radeon HD 3200 family card (RS780M/RS780MN). Running Xorg -configure doesn’t help because for some reason it wants to create both a radeon card and a card that uses the fbdev driver, along with two monitors to go with them.

        The minimal config you have above doesn’t work either (even after correcting ‘radeonhd’ to ‘radeon’, unfortunately.

        The annoying this is that there are no lines marked ‘(EE)’ in the Xorg.0.log that would indicate where it’s dying. The only clue is the ‘Unable to retrieve master’ line, and that’s not terribly revealing either.

  2. I’m running it now, seems smooth and all is going well! I tried the touchpad fix, and it worked, but with some caveats. The mouse is a little slow, there is no horizontal scrolling, there is no touchpad detected in settings, and scrolling is extremely fast and sensitive. Other than that, all is well! Will there be a way to update the special builds via dev server?

      1. Thanks a ton! I know it’s probably a pain for you, but it helps a ton. I’m really glad you’ve continued building, you’re actually one of the few who continue to do so. On a side note, I’ve been playing around with crosh, trying to get crouton to work, to no avail.

  3. Didn’t work for me.
    I’ve got a clevo P150HM with an AMD 6970m. It just remains on Black screen and then reboots.

  4. It didn’t work for me either, Nvidia Quadro on a Dell Latitude D630. I hope I can get this going some how cause this laptop runs like crap with windows and linux… (better with ubuntu then win 7 or 8 though).

  5. ok, mixed results on an thinkpad edge e330. the graphics problems are gone, but I could only manage to get it booted once (from an USB stick). the second time, it resets after the chromium logo and suddenly the (m-sata..) SSD is gone from the boot menu, this one has an old chrome-os version on /dev/sda, windows 7 on /dev/sdb and the usb stick on /dev/sdc is the chromium OS special build.

    after turning the notebook off and on again, the SSD on /dev/sda re-appears.

  6. I’ve got a HP Evny 6 with Intel i5-3317U include intel HD 4000 and Radeon HD 7670M.
    I use Cx86OS_R34-5196_Multi_2 to boot.
    It just show Chromium logo and then reboots.

  7. Thanks so much for these special edition builds! I am actually using them on desktop machines and the wired ethernet seems to be non-working on the special builds only… Any thoughts would be most helpful.

      1. The ethernet on the Daily/Weekly builds works great, it is only the Special builds where it never recognizes the NIC. The chip is a Broadcom BCM4401 or BCM578x onboard Ethernet on the machine I have in my hand at the moment, but I have tried on several different makes/models, as well as adding an additional NIC (Netgear GA302T) but still no dice.
        Thanks for responding so quickly!

  8. Hi! thanks
    This edition works! but when I logged in, only to find there was no Chinese input method… what a P!
    Is there any chance you would put that into the input list? I wish that would happen sometime later.
    And thanks again for the good job!

  9. im new to chromium os and trying your mdseb on an amd 64 pc with an nvidia geforce 9100 it boots to a blank screen a ctrl-alt-f2 yields a black screen i can type on but no log on prompt any ideas?

      1. Good news I think, I’ve found a solution to the radeon video problem that meant X failed after boot (wnet to console only). I did a little snooping and found this

        If you read the discussion, writing a radeon.conf to /etc/init/ with the following code:

        start on starting boot-splash 8
        task 9
        exec modprobe radeon

        I had installed the multi on my old acer 5542. First the graphic desktop worked fine. Updating to the latest version via the dev upater worked alright but ‘broke’ the graphics. Finally adding the conf file did the trick.
        Bear in mind, you’ll need to remount the hard drive file system (as explained by Arnold elsewhere (xorg -configure attempts; mount -o etc…). Also to create a file you’ll have to use vi, the only text editor I could find in the terminal. It’s tricky, but with these instructions
        I managed.

  10. Many many thanks for the effort arnold!

    I have asus n56vj with NVIDIA GT 635m optimus graphics.
    I dont get the graphics though.. while at chromiumos logo, i can go to the prompt using ctrl alt F2.
    here are the logs. dmesg lsmod xorg.conf Xorg.0.log_chromiumos xorg-configure_chromiumos

    I tried Xorg -configure , but it gave the following output:
    Fatal server error:
    Server is already active for display 0
    If this server is no longer running, remove /tmp/.X0-lock
    and start again.

    Please consult the The X.Org Foundation support
    for help.

    Also, if i hit ctrl alt F1, it tries to switch to graphics mode,the blinking prompt cursor goes away,and i can see the mouse cursor but over the prompt only, and nothing more graphics ever appear.. and then after switching back to prompt, it silently reboots.

    This rebooting after a while, while trying to switch to graphics is a behaviour similar to when i dont forcefully go to prompt mode, and remain at chromiumos logo.. which also reboots the notebook.

    Any more help that i can provide in sorting out whats going on?

    BTW.. i have recently tried to compile the nvdia.ko kernel module using the chromiumos source.. and just tried to day to create an image and test it out.. but the image didnt even ended in booting uptill chromiumos logo. I think i did compile the modules fine.. but the assembling the kernel modules and nvidia .so into right places is the thing i am not sure of. I followed this guide i got from an earlier discussion here.

    Any way.. please let me know if anything you need from my side apart from the above logs.
    Thanks for helping.

  11. I am stuck with the same bug for my Radeon HD6290. Any solutions ?

    ‘Unable to retrieve master’
    addscreen/screeninit failed for driver 0

    Boots to logo, then blank screen, Xorg -configure does not work either.

  12. Hi Arnold, I tried to use this version on my Sony Vaoi VGN-S5XP, with an Nvidia GeForce GO 6400 and an Intel Centrino, with 1 Gb of RAM.

    When I started it up, all I got was a mess of horizontal lines at the bottom of my screen, no chrome logo or anything. Ubuntu runs fine on the system, so I think it’s a difference in drivers. Hexxeh’s Chromium Lime doesn’t even show anything.

    Don’t know if it’s relevant but the scroll lock light starts blinking when it starts to boot, and after approx. 1 min. so does Caps lock.


      1. Thanks Arnold 🙂 I’ve been struggling to find an OS for ages, XP and ubuntu are so slow it’s not funny…

        Any idea when the build will arrive?

  13. Just tried it my old netbook (with a GMA500): boot screen fails and [Crtl-Alt-F2] doesn’t get me to command prompt 🙁

  14. Hi Arnold,
    Thank you for keeping the chromium alive. You are doing a great job.

    The build works like a charm on my Asus Aspire One 1 gen mini-laptop. Planning to use this old bugger as a music station and one issue arose: the spotify app crashes shockwave flash. Flash works perfectly with everything else. I am aware of the linux fix with pepperflash (I only have one flash version installed). I see people complaining about this on the spotify forums as well for the original chrome OS, so might be something with the Spotify code?

    Another issue is that when i close the lid and chromium sleeps/hibernates it won’t come back without reboot.

    All suggestions on how to fix these issues are welcome.

  15. Any chance you could add support for Trident CyberBlade XP Ai1 graphics driver? I know its very old but would be great to give my old Toshiba Laptop a new lease of life.

  16. Do anyone know why the special amd64 build don’t work on my acer aspire v5 122p? It got a amd a6-1450 processor, but when i try to boot, it just says “try to boot linux kernel” or somthing and stops. Any suggestions?

  17. This version works on my Acer Aspire One AO-110 (Intel Graphics) (your latest regular “daily” build the screen constantly flashes and bounces horizontally).

  18. Hi,

    great work it’s booting on Dell Optiplex 745,
    but problem with ethernet, not network found,

    please fix,

    Thax much.

  19. Is there any chance that the special build will get updatet to latest chromiun build? It works perfect on my old acer travelmate6492, but i cant get the new builds to work, screen flickers, random reboots etc.

    Best regards and thank you for the work!

  20. i tried the image to boot up and when i tried the commands but when i type Xorg -configure it says at the end error 2
    plzz help

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