ChromiumOS Special Build – R48-7549

New Special Builds out today!


  • None – Maintenance Release


  • Google Drive Integration!
  • Improved Wireless support due to disabling APManager
  • Google Apps for Work/Education users now work without hanging at login. I’m unable to test Enterprise Enrolment however for device control so please test and feedback.

Known Issues:

77 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R48-7549”

  1. Wifi doesn’t work for me with this build until I stop apmanager. Pretty sure it’s an Intel chipset Wifi… The laptop is a Toshiba R830 (Exact model is PT320C-0F502L). Wifi worked perfectly with previous build and I had no problem with apmanager.

    Again – apmanager is running on startup and I have to stop it to get Wifi.

    1. Bugger! I turned that off in etc/init/apmanager.conf. Something else must be starting it so I’ll go and review.

      Thought I had cracked that since it fixed all my 5 test laptops…

      Which variant of the build are you using? Its possible I borked the edit.. Ill check anyway!

  2. Microphone works (used a Hangouts call like you suggested) but Voice Typing in a Google Doc causes the browser to crash. Probably the API you spoke about.

  3. Running it on an Acer Aspire 5738. This is fantastic work. I’ve never seen an OS take to being run from an SD card, let alone installation, so well. Props to you for this.

  4. Hi Arnold!

    Once again, trying to update with the update_engine_client –update command in chromium os shell, but I get this error: “Update failed, current operations is UPDATE_STATUS_IDLE”. Something I need to do on my side?

  5. Hello Arnold, don’t know if u were able to install the sound driver for Dell GX520 on this version. I tried it but it still is not working everything else is working awesome!


  6. Hello Arnold,

    I’ve had issues trying to import CA certificates (greyed out on all buttons for import) via . That will cause problems in some schools (including mine) where proxies are used upstream (i.e. Zscaler SSL certificates).

    Any assistance here would be appreciated. I’m going to try an enrolment to Google Administration Console tomorrow for some feedback to you (Cloud print will register the device as a “developer”device, suspect if it works this will also show). Working well on HP probook 5320m, 4330 and Asus UX31E. Thanks for your work 🙂

      1. Thanks Arnold,

        I’ll aim to lodge a bug request over the weekend. Oh, for feedback for enterprise enrolment, the following message is displayed “This device is locked in a mode that prevents enterprise enrolment. If you want to enrol the device you need to go through device recovery first”. This is likely due to the chromebook identifying itself as developer (developer mode), similar for Chrome cloud printing. Thanks for the feedback.

  7. Anyone else having an issue with device going to sleep during boot. Get to the white screen with Chromium logo, then device goes black and enters sleep with blinking power button. I can wake device with keys , white splash screen comes back, then it goes back to sleep. Can’t seem to get past this state.

    1. Wow… never seen that. And I’ve installed Arnold’s image on roughly 9 different devices, including a Mac Mini.

      Sorry… can’t help you here. If you can get into the BIOS maybe turn every power saving feature off? Totally grasping at straws there.

      What is the exact make and model of the device?

  8. Hey Arnold,

    some feedback from someone actually trying to boot that thing on a self-built Desktop Gaming PC (shouldn’t be many trying this XD).
    Getting the “EXT4-fs (sdb3): couldn’t mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities”-error, somewhat annoying. As I read I’m not the only one experiencing this: Any news?

    I’ll also add my Hardware, maybe you can tell me if any of those aren’t supported yet:

    CPU: AMD FX-8320 on ASRock 990FX Professional Mainboard
    GPU: AMD RadeonHD 7970 Ghz Ed. (Tahiti GPU)
    – Broadcom BCM57781 (LAN)
    – Qualcomm Atheros AR9287 (Wifi)

    And last but not least: I’d love to compile my own build, but am lacking knowledge. Can you recommend a source to lear with?

      1. I get to see the Chromium logo, but not further than that. When booting as UEFI device, it shows me that it hangs up on the initialisation of the sound device/driver. My board has a Realtek ALC892 chipset, pretty standard as far as I know…

        Thanks for the link btw 🙂

  9. Hey Arnold i need help.
    I’m trying to change mac adress..
    i’m went to shell, gained root rights
    ifconfig eth0 down
    ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:BA:12:00:FE:00
    ifconfig eth0 up
    when i enter ifconfig mac is changed, but its not changde in options
    when i try this on linux, its working..can you help me?

  10. Hi,

    I’m trying to use a laptop with chromium os. I can use it with linux if i use the this kernel boot parameters “processor.nocst=1” in the grub. How can i do this in chromium os?

  11. Hey Arnold,

    I am an Enterprise user, for schools. I have used the special build to try on one of our Dell Netbook Latitude 2110. The special build fixed my Wifi issue and I was able to connect it to my Enterprise enrollment… However. After doing so I am unable to add other chromium enrollments even thought they are a different x86 build and not the special build. I receive a “Error when registering the device with the server. Temporary server error.” message . I am going to try another daily build and see if that helps. Any thoughts?

      1. Arnold

        Thank you for your time at this. I as well have the latitude
        2110. Can I use the latest special build and have working wifi, or do I need only the special build Cx86OS_R33-5111_broadcom? Wasn’t sure if the lastest special builds contain the broadcom drivers. Thanks.

          1. Hi Arnoldthebat

            I am a novice but I need to try and install Chromium OS on my HP mini 311 (netbook). Until Windows 8 was released the Win 7 version was okay but not anymore it is terribly sluggish and I need to get out of it.
            At the same time, which Special build would you think will work for me mainly with the wifi etc., all working. The various version listed only confuses and gives a lot of hesitation in choosing since I mentioned above I am new to installing Chrome OS. Also, the link that points to ‘how to install’ is also sounds too technical. Is there another text somewhere that says, in steps what happens after I had copied into a bootable USB (thankfully I can do until that). My machine is a 32 bit as you would expect. Please help, I prefer to replace the windows and keep just Chrome.

  12. Attempting to load on HP 3115m, for some reason it locks up when utilizing the trackpad and selecting objects in menus. Network shows up etc, can unfreeze when esc is clicked. Any suggestions?

  13. Hi I am using this on an acer laptop and need enterprise enrollment. When I enroll it always says a network communication problem occurred but the enrollment takes place in the console. However the policies are not getting enforced. Is there something I am missing.

        1. Hi Arnold. One quick question….we plan to use this in our institute by asking students to bring their own device. Is there any way I can prevent them from tampering with the build on USB e.g by being able to disable the access to developer mode etc. We are not keen to install on HDD. It will run only on the USB using the student device.

          1. Hi

            You could change the chronos password to prevent tampering.

            Ill be releasing a base build soon which wont have a developer option so should be perfect for your needs.

  14. Hi Arnold! Thanks for your hard work making this all possible.

    I’ve got an old MacBook pro 2011 and I got it to boot up just fine using the most recent special build. My question is, can I get this to install to my HDD instead of always booting from USB? Sorry if this is a really common question. I tried looking online for some answers and everyone who says it can be done always points to Hexxeh’s builds (which, from the website, appear to be grossly outdated)

  15. Hey Arnold,
    Thanks heaps for the latest build, I can confirm that it is working fine on the following netbooks: – ASUS Eee PC 900A,
    – ASUS Aspire One D260-2DQkk
    Thought this might help any “known working devices” list you might be keeping. I frequent many different schools with different devices so will update my list as I go. Thanks again!

      1. Minus the ‘e’ at the end of the URL.
        curl -L | bash

        I haven’t updated it in a while so it’s version 18 instead of 19.

  16. Hi Arnold!

    I don’t know why but the PC I’m trying to download Chromium on will not detect the USB. When I put the USB into a laptop it works. Please help!

  17. please, how to install ChrOS on &86pc via usb stick? what i can used /write on usb/ programm for this?
    спасибо за ответ))

  18. Is there any way to install a driver for a Panda N600 usb wireless adapter on the special chromium build so that it can be used with an Acer C710 chromebook ? Thanks

  19. Hi Arnold,
    I installed the “Special” version of this version on an SD Card and it runs on my ideaPad 510P way better compared to the regular version. Kudos for the work ;).

    Just a small question: I’m still not installing it on my SSD (since it will erase everything on this machine) and I noticed that there’s no Flash. I saw somewhere that there’s a script to install but it doesn’t seem to work, so my question is: Is there a way to install Flash (and PDF viewing if possible) on this version which sits on the SD card, or is it possible only after HDD install?

    Thanks for your great work!

    1. You should be able to run the script on your SD card and it will install it on that. The SD card is just acting like a hard-drive…

      If you’re using my script, what error are you getting? I haven’t tested my script in a very long time.

    2. I cannot get flash or PDF support to work either.

      I have tried following the instructions below
      I have tried all the script commands listed with no luck
      I understand that you only need one working script, I just thought I would include all the ones that I have tried.
      I did lots of google searching to find all these different links to scripts that just do not work for me, does anyone know one that does work?

      Install Flash, PDF, MP3, and MP4 Support
      If you’re planning to install Chromium OS permanently, you should do that before you apply this patch, otherwise you’ll need to do it again.
      By default, Flash, PDF, MP3, and MP4 support is not included in Chromium OS builds for licensing reasons. But you can add them after the fact.
      Boot into Chrome OS, on your live USB or hard drive.
      Press CTRL-ALT-F2 to open the developer shell.
      Login using the username “chronos” and the password “password”.
      Type sudo su to gain root access and authenticate with the password “password”.
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Now, run this command: curl -L | bash
      Once complete, you’ll be returned to the normal UI. Login with your Google Account.

  20. Hello Arnold,

    I installed the “Special” version of this version, and I have a problem with inputting a foreign language. Any Korean characters cannot be inputted, but this is not about “setting>language”. The language setting is okay, and I can switch from ENG to KOR (also in reverse) with pressing Alt + Shift or Ctrl + Space. Korean is displayed well, but I just cannot input Korean character. There is nothing happen when I type something in Korean. However, I think the exact problem seems to input 2 bytes characters, cus 1 byte characters are able to be inputted like ;, (, or ~ in Korean IME. I googled this issue to fix it though I don’t know Linux at all, but I couldn’t solve this problem.
    I’m not sure I can find the answer here, but I hope to hear something.

    Thank you!

  21. Hi Arnold,
    First I would like to thank you for the awesome work you have done on bringing us Chromium OS.
    I managed to get everything working on an Asus UX305FA laptop.
    I was just wondering how hard would it be to include all the codecs that Chrome OS has, mainly the mp3 one, as it’s kind of a pain to have to re-encode the music I bought from Google Play music to ogg, just to be able to listen to it when I’m offline.
    All the guides I found on the internet are very old, and I couldn’t manage to get mp3 support working in this build.

  22. I’m trying to install Chromium OS on a Samsung N510 netbook and having no success… Can you point me in the right direction of a build that will work for me?

    This will be my 6th or 7th attempt… I get the ‘Chromium’ launch screen, then nothing else happens 🙁

  23. This is amazing!! The only feature I haven’t been able to get working correctly is mp3 support (haven’t tested mp4 but I’d assume it doesn’t work as well). Is there something in this build that doesn’t play nicely with the mp3 codecs?

  24. Is there a build that will work on a Samsung N510? I’m getting much the same as Cloggsy has indicated, but would love to put the old N510 back into use!


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