ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R67-10575.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build fromΒ

SHA256: b01caea806cac75abe148dfb342eb56892255341a3acb4d53cc27286b0ea37de


  • R67 Chromium Release

Known Issues:Β
Change Log:Β

The Update Server is now running as of 02/07/18.

48 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R67-10575.B”

  1. Build R58 is still the best on my DELL Optiplex 780 USFF PC. All the later ones had graphics problems. This very latest build, R67, doesn’t seem to have same graphics issues, but the sound does not work very well on this one. It seems to work when I boot directly from a USB, but when I install it on the PC, the sound doesn’t always seem to work. WiFi of course has never worked on any of them.

    You can pick up a DELL Optiplex 780 USFF PC on eBay for around Β£50. It is a great, cheap, low spec PC. Linux Mint works on it without a problem (including WiFi). Windows (7, 10) works on it without a problem. ChromiusOS build R58 works on it without a problem (except WiFi). But none of the later ones do. Why is that? If they could get it to work with R58, why can’t make it work properly with the later ones?

    1. @Harfad, just copy the firmware folder from Linux Mint in your install (use a live Mint usb to do that).

  2. Is there an announcement that I missed or something because whenever I try to install to /dev/sdaX it says that it can’t because it has to install to the whole drive. Can I no longer just install it to one partition such as /dev/sda7?

    1. no because it has create partitions so it cant really be installed to another partition for some reason (i think)

  3. Thanks for all the work ARNOLDTHEBAT!

    I found that installing this version on a Winbook tw700 most common things work and fixes some things over cloudready. One thing I noticed was that sound did not work, where it does work for R66 of cloudready. I grabbed the /lib/firmware/intel/ and the /usr/share/alsa/ucm/ folders from their image, rebooted and sound was working.

    The touchscreen on the special release “works” but is rotated 180 degrees from landscape; touchscreen on cloudready does not work.

    As an FYI bluetooth cannot be enabled on either image (RTL8732BS). The physical volume buttons on the tablet work on cloudready but not on the special release.

    I’m plan to continue to see if there are other elements from their image that could be migrated over. The touch screen I’m a bit baffled on since there is no xinput to adjust with (on ubuntu I could do an xinput transform).

    Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the work Arnold!

    Wanted to let you know I was able to get sound working on a Winbook TW700 by copying folders from cloudready R66 into SpecialBuild 65 of yours. This did not work for SpecialBuild67 however.

    Folders copied were /usr/share/alsa/ucm and /lib/firmware/intel

  5. Will it works on a chromebook with modded efi (Gnawty) with all hardware recognize by default ?

  6. Hey. I am trying to get this latest special build to boot quietly.. (I want to hide the syslinux/kernel loading messages that appear before the chromium logo appears).

    I tried mounting the EFI partition (/dev/sdb12) and adding quiet flags to the cfg files located in the syslinux folder (using legacy- but also added them to grub.cfg too just in case), and it didnt make any difference when I boot it up.

    Can you help steer me in the rite direction? Im not sure what I am missing.. Thanks!

    P.s. Thank you for all of the work that you do building these!

  7. Hi, i’ve tried the Chromium OS X86 and found ,that the RTL8192E Wifi adapters wasn’t detected.
    i saw a page that said the R64 version has fixed the problem. but i can’t install the R64 version because my device doesn’t support 64 bit processor. any version from X86 that support RTL8192E wifi adapter??? if no i really hope the next update for X86 version would support RTL8192E wifi adapter

    anyway thank you @arnoldthebat for your efforts of this project. i’m glad to see my old netbook rise n shine again. but i really hope you could make a fix for my problem πŸ˜‰

  8. I installed on my Lenovo ThinkCentre M58e dektop PC. Evrything works fine with the latest version but I can’t run the Google Play Store. Can everyone configure out why it became like that.

  9. for special build 62 my laptop worked fine but when I tried 67 it does not start in the live mode just shut down in the process but ubuntu or linux mint runs perfectly fine I think some kernel or driver change might caused this issue can you help me how to use the kernel or drivers of special build of chromium os 62….

    1. Use diskpart to fix it if you are on windows.. run cmd.exe and type in:

      list disk (locate the # for your sd card)
      select disk 2 (or whatever # your sd is)
      convert mbr (skip if you want to keep it as gpt)
      create partition primary
      format fs=fat32 quick

      Done! Sometimes you need to assign a drive letter to get sd cards to show up in windows.. easy fix:

      list disk
      select disk 2 (replace with your #)
      detail disk (locate the volume #)
      select volume 3 (or whatever your volume # is)
      assign letter=F (or any letter that is not being used)

  10. Does anyone know if the latest version will work on the Raspberry pi 3+, and if so what might the performance be on the unit. Just received extra Raspberry and thinking what single OS I can install for internet browsing.

  11. I am back at trying to use ChromiumOS on my netbook HP Stream.

    Tried this special enhanced build R67. Boot fine.
    Found that simply adding an option (ant_sel=2) to my wifi module (rtl8723be) make it work fine at last.

    I got random freeze/lock up of the interface and the whole system. It shuts down down automatically after one or 2 minutes.

    Nothing about the crash in /var/log/messages but the system seems to be aware that it previously crash (because of of unsafe umount ?)

    Seems to be graphic related ?? Simply scrolling with less the /var/log/messages file in crosh/shell terminal trigger a freeze !!

  12. Hi,

    works great but there are two issues on my Lenovo W500.

    – Sound thru Chrome works but I always have to switch from headset (external speakers) to speakers and then back to hear anything. After every new page (watch youtube, switch audio, next youtube have to switch again)

    – Occasional video glitch, like a banner is displayed at the bottom for a millisecond and that was it… not horrible but it is like.. what was that?


  13. just wondering when will the next special build be coming out because i would really like to use the google play store but it wont let me because apparently i need to update also there is a problem with sleep when my laptop goes to sleep because i close the lid the touchpad and keyboard stop working til reboot please help and relpy

  14. Qualcomm Atheros issues
    I can get it working with Flintos or Fydeos. Wifi isn’t happy with the special build. Any help would be much appreciated. This is the best setup by far.

  15. Working great on a Lenovo n22 winbook. My only issue so far is that I can’t seem to get flash player to work.

    I have copied from the latest PPAPI tar.gz to /opt/google/chrome/pepper/ and chmod 755

    The browser doesn’t act like flash player is installed/enabled but I have allowed it everywhere I can think of. Is the plugin location different on newer builds? Thanks!

  16. I’m attempting to run the USB image. It starts out well and quick. Suddenly, about two minutes in before the login screen comes up the computer shuts down. I currently have CloudReady installed and it seems to be working fine, but I wanted to compare it to your build. Any ideas?

  17. I am attempting to install using DVD and Cr_OS_Linux.i686-2.4.1290.iso onto a Dell Latitude E6500 laptop hard drive.
    It starts the boot from the DVD after “Cr OS Linux” is selected.
    Loads the kernel. Starts X, I see the Chrome icon. runs for 4 minutes and displays “Oh No! Something has gone wrong. A problem has occurred and the system can’t recover. Please log out and try again.” The screen is blank except the for the message and “logout” button. When the button is pressed, the screen flashes an open browser and with a message saying the internet is not available. The screen is cleared and the Open SUSE sign-in window is presented.
    I see in your notes that the password needs to be set. Since this is using the ISO image, is there a document that describes what needs to be done?

  18. Hello, I have a problem, to be able to use the android app it asks me to update, but to do it it tells me that I have to re-login and install the update but when I do it, it asks me again and again

  19. Works great on lenovo x240, except Play Store.

    I am liking Chrome OS, as all I need for school and leisure works well, having an android phone and wristwatch it just makes sense. Soon off to buy a Chromebook. TX Arnold.

  20. TW700tester / arnoldthebat,

    Have you guys figured out the issue with touchscreen on the TW700? I have the same issue and fixing that would make Chorme OS on the TW700 usable. Thanks.

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