ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R69-10895.B

New Vanilla Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 933d17a305d4c16ae29828b9f678b230a662429b7f599ce5bde802264ab3f472

These builds are an enhancement to the normal Vanilla builds in the fact they support the Broadcom STA wireless stack as well as additional kernel resident wireless drivers. No additional graphics support is provided however.


  • R69 Chromium Release
  • Working Linux Apps! Review for install instructions.
    This has been tested successfully on a core i5 with TPM enabled after installing to hard drive. As per the link above, please be patient since the initial install can take a while. There is no need to switch channels however, just proceed from the section “Setting up the Linux container”

Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
Known Issues:
Change Log:

The Update Server is now running as of 23/10/18.

3 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Vanilla Build – R69-10895.B”

  1. After version 62, I’ve noticed that MMCBlock drives show up as MMCBLK1 instead of MMCBLK0 when booted from USB. This is likely why people can’t get it to boot after install on devices with eMMC. I’ve been using CrOS on Liva PC’s, but can’t boot any of them after 64 forward.

  2. please email me if you ever get Google Play Store on VhtomiumOS working, I tried android x86 on my desktop gigabyte computer with Nvidia hardware, I keep getting hard freezes and lockup and reboots from android x86 8.10 version, if that can be fixed would be great,

    this motherboard runs , the android x86 from grub2win, I had to install to boot it, which may been my problem since from the usb drive, I don’t remember it hard freezing at all, but for some reason windows 10 will not allow the grub from
    android-x86_64-8.1-rc2 to install, their seems to be some sort of problem and it runs the graphics card ok, which is Geforce GTX 1050 Ti card, but I don’t no if their something in my bios settings I need to changed for android to be stable on my desktop, I don’t no if you can help with the settings or tell me what I can do to make it more stable, since it seems fine downloading and installing from google store but then their are random lockups where the whole screen freazes then it hard reboots on me, is what seemed to happen, I need a fix for that problem.

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