ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R69-10895.B

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build fromΒ

SHA256: 3d2b887b0678aae67a95750e668bfee4821eeaed15d95f32541cf9ffaa5e46cc


  • R69 Chromium Release
  • Working Linux Apps! Review for install instructions.
    This has been tested successfully on a core i5 with TPM enabled after installing to hard drive. As per the link above, please be patient since the initial install can take a while. There is no need to switch channels however, just proceed from the section “Setting up the Linux container”

Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
Known Issues:Β
Change Log:Β

The Update Server is now running as of 23/10/18.

61 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R69-10895.B”

  1. I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon 5th gen which has a TPM 2.0 module in it. It was owned by Windows earlier. I cleared the TPM from tpm.msc and also tried clearing it from BIOS.
    However, regardless of what I do, Chromium still can’t take ownership of it. I am hitting error 0x9a2 and TPM_RC_BAD_AUTH errors when trying to take ownership, or init the tpm using trousers_client or tpm_manager_client or tpm-manager binaries on ChromiumOS.
    I’m still trying to get ownership in ChromiumOS, but Windows discards the owner password after owning the TPM, so I think many people will hit this problem w/o a solution. (there are some workarounds which I’m trying but unsuccessfully until now).
    The problem may also be related to platform authorization, a deeper level of passcode auth in the TPM, which, afaik, is not easy to sort out. Some computers don’t have a HW jumper to nullify this.

    So, as a solution, would it make sense to include the previously proposed software emulation TPM in the kernel, even if there’s a hardware TPM in the system, and we could we enable this emulated “clean” TPM with a kernel parameter and disable the HW TPM (embedded kernel modules?) to pass this TPM issue?

    1. Hi Emre – I see you have updated github so will review when I get time. Since certs started working again in later versions without software failback, I removed the override in later builds. I may have to reintroduce it!

      1. Thanks Arnold, I’ll be waiting for some feedback and will try to test anything you could come up with. I’ve written some detailed info in the bug reports. In linux, I can take ownership, set password, use some tpm2_* commands, but in ChromeOs it does not work. I also gave a try to CloudReady, and it does have CA certificates and can import my personal certificate for EAP-TLS, but it’s not HW backed to EAP-TLS wifi still doesn’t work.
        So any SW based solution will need to represent itself to Chromium as if it’s HW backed…

  2. I don’t currently have a 16GB flash drive on hand, by any chance can you make an image that will fit on a 8GB flash drive

  3. hello ,Arnold thanks for your work!Can’t install this or vanilla build on my Acer p3 -171 .Shutdown after 1-2 minutes.I know this maybe video card issue(I have intel hd graphics 4000).What can I do to solve this problem

  4. Hey Arnold.

    I have a macbook late 2009
    and this version wont detect wifi networks.

    Wireless wont works here.
    My Wireless driver is a Broadcom BCM43224

    Ethernet even dont work, itΒ΄s a Nvidia Ethernet MCP79

    Which Version detect Broadcom Drivers???

    I try booting Special Version

    1. I have a similar problem
      My wireless card is a BCM94352z (sometimes listed only as BCM4352).
      I tried special version R69 and R67, neither of them I was able to get working with wifi.
      I am not sure whether the system detected it at all, but when I tried to turn the wifi on through the notification panel, it turned off immediately.
      I really like your effort you put in your project and the system seems amazing, so I would love being able to use it with the fullest potential.

      Thanks for any help

      1. I am in the same boat, everything working perfectly EXCEPT BCM94352z in my XPS 13 9360 πŸ™

  5. Hey Arnold!! Thanks again as always for churning out these great updates. I hate to flog a dead horse about the jakeday kernel and IPTS for us Surface Pro 4 + guys, but is this something that is at all possible? Even if we install your builds, can we somehow install his kernel on top? Problem is, touch and keyboard (the type cover) are kind of wonky without his kernel

  6. I got stuck at the “setting up linux container”. After 15-20 minutes, the first fail alert popped up, and retry takes forever. I tested both on USB and installed on HDD, same result.
    The terminal icon is up, and after clicking it it just shows up on the shelf with spinner loading forever.

    Dell Inspiron 5520, i5 3210m

  7. hi, i’ve had no luck running linux apps,

    i’ve followed the link provided but I keep on getting an error message stating that the container could not be started.

    i’ve wiped the usb drive and dd’ed the image multiple times.
    tried install linux from usb, from hard drive install but same thing.

    VT-X is running in the BIOS, have a i7-3770.

  8. got stuck on “Setting up the Linux container”. First it shows error about failing but once I retry it just stuck forever. Terminal appears in app dock but once I try to launch it it gets stuck on loading in the shelf forever. Tried on both USB and disk, same result on both.

  9. Hey !
    first i want to thank you for all of your hard work
    second , i want to ask you are you aware of “FydeOS” somehow they got android apps and store working and i believe they have their work open on Github

  10. Hey !!
    First : i want to thank you for all of your hard awesome work
    second : i want to ask you something , Are you aware of “FydeOS” ? somehow they got the playstore alongside android apps working , i believe they put all their work open on Github

  11. For Android you put in the framework, but all necessary files are missing in
    No wonder Android not working…
    I tried to put in the files manually, but it ends up saying no space left.

    Missing files & folders in arnoldthebat
    /opt/google/containers/android/ – config.json rootfs system.raw.img usr vendor.raw.img
    system.raw.img – size: 461983744
    vendor.raw.img – size: 48439296
    already these two take up all the space left in the rootfs partition…
    failed – fix πŸ€ͺ

      1. Another related query – is it possible to increase the sizes of rootfs A & B partitions without breaking the installation? they seem to be protected, signed?
        Also how did you get it so it can boot using Ctrl-U? for chromebooks USB?

  12. Hi Arnold,

    I’m new to this Chromium OS thing, but it is possible to dualboot it with my W10 ?

    Thank you, great job !

  13. Hi,
    first thank you for this job, I just found your page.

    On my old ACER laptop one problem, or strange behavior. In Vanilla build build touchpad is working but not in Special build.

  14. Any possibility of Android Apps without functional Play Store? I know on ChromeOS you can still sideload Android apks, would that be possible? As far as I know, there shouldn’t be any proprietary Google crap.

    Btw, Lenovo Thinkpad X230, installed on SSD, Linux apps work without any issues. I don’t know about TMP tho.

  15. Hi πŸ™‚
    Any option to include Lenovo 11e chtmax98090 audiocard support ? i already found some UCM for that but no clue how to even put it up πŸ™‚

    Here u can find some reference. With those ones i made my Ubuntu audible:

    Also some specs on Lenovo 11e :

    Intel Celeron N2940 / 1.83 GHz
    Trusted Platform Module (TPM 1.2) Security Chip
    16Gb storage & 4GB ram

      1. Yayks! Thanks a lot πŸ™‚ also made up an repo with some files from regular chromeos for this device, like firmwares and modules, U can find it on your github related topic πŸ˜‰


  16. Hi, I have a thginkpad x120e. All works well except the camera and video playing. The camera app starts but th display is always black. Similar problems for youtube video. The video loads but does not start. Any idea why ?
    Thanks, Giuseppe

  17. Hey Arnold. Someone told me about another Chromium OS build, Fyde OS, which I see has successfully enabled the Google Play Store (potentially unstable), and the Linux mainframe. The only reason I didn’t stick with it was because their Chromium would not allow Google account syncing (and the language and keyboard were locked in simplified Chinese) I was wondering if you could take a look at their repos, how they got both features to work, and implement it here.

    Also, could you try to figure out how to make your Chromium builds take advantage of all the space in the flash drive instead of always limiting it down to less than 3GB for the system? If not taken care of, it can conflict with enabling Google Play apps and/or enabling the Linux mainframe. Thanks Arnold.

  18. Hey, Arnold! The Linux Apps are working fine on my Intel D54250WYK NUC! But for some reason, the computer hangs at every startup on the white Chromium screen for about 12 minutes, every time, before the log in screen loads! After then logging in, everything works as normal.

    Thanks! πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Arnold, I just installed this on my Chromebook Pixel (2013), and everything works great except I can no longer adjust the keyboard backlight using Alt+ brightness keys. I found some articles saying you can do this manually by changing the values in /sys/class/leds/chromeos::kbd_backlight/brightness, but I don’t have this file. Maybe the device for the keyboard LED isn’t loaded in this build?

    Thanks again for everything you do!

  20. Hi Arnold, just wondering if you could include support for the Chromebook Pixel (2013) keyboard backlight?



  21. Hey arnold, is it normal that the user won’t get recognized as device owner when using your build? Like if I go in settings and try to switch channels it says Im not the owner even if I am. Or when you go on manage users you cant switch the buttons, it looks more like a bug. Is there a simply way to fix it somehow so Im getting recognized as device owner?

  22. This build booted OK in my PC. (I am typing this on this build).

    I have problem playing Youtube videos. What can I do to fix this?

  23. Guys need help have 3 year old Intel atom Z8300 cherrytrail laptop everything boots of course no sound and wifi I’ve been using a USB AUDIO AND USB wifi dongle adapter. My wifi dongle is not detected even though it works for LINUX/UBUNTU distros, flintOS, fydeOS, and cloudyready ISO’s. I want to try Arnolds special builds but can only access Internet via USB ETHERNET only for now. Any advice regarding wifi dongle issue would be great thanks again.

    1. Hi, Primo!

      Did it work without any tweak or something? I have a Cherry Trail x5-Z8350 laptop and it refuses do boot the special build. I can only boot the daily/weekly builds with the kernel flag acpi=off or acpi=strict. The problem is that wifi doesn’t work. I have a RTL8723BS SDIO wifi/bt chip. I basically have he same problem in Linux distros and other ChromiumOS based builds like FydeOS and CloudReady.


  24. Hey Arnold,

    My pad isn’t working with Special Build, I have a Asus TP-300La, and I can’t get your previous fix for pads working… Any help please ?’

  25. Build would be great on my Iconia W700, except that the computer cannot be shut down using the shut down function or even the hardware power button. Only a reset works with the paper clip Therefore I cannot give this tab to my kids πŸ™
    With cloudready I do not have this issue and the computer would turn off normally. Any chance this behaviour could be corrected?

  26. Hi, trying to revive an Asus laptop that I suspect has a bad hdd controller.
    It’s listed as a F55U on the case, but win says it’s X55UA
    It’s an intel core i7 6500
    has Realtek 8821 wifi
    I’m trying to just use a USB stick/boot method.

    I was able to get ver Camd64OS-20181215010101 to load & run; but only via ethernet, it can’t find the wifi card.

    I tried Camd64OS-R69-10895.B vanilla & special.
    They load to he point of showing the wifi, entering my password to my wifi; then it starts a boot cycle loop.

    I was able to use the 12/15 version on a Dell laptop just fine, wifi, touch pad & touch screen all seemed to work for the 5min or so I tinkered with it.

    Any idea what image I should load for the Asus?

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