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R69 Working Linux Apps - How many of you have a working install?

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If its not working for you, please respond with your laptop model in the comments section below. If you have TPM support in BIOS, please also let me know the current setup.

Thanks for testing!

22 thoughts on “R69 Linux Apps Support”

  1. I am using this for the first time in macbook pro mid 2010. It booted fine from usb flash drive. wifi is turned on but can’t connect to SSID. Even manual input of wifi info does not work. Ethernet works fine. once logged into the account, ctrl+alt+f2 does not work to bring up shell.
    – how do I install it in the local drive?
    – how do i get wifi to work

  2. I am happy with this build I’ve got a Dell 6430 and I got linux app running pretty well. My only problem is the touchpad drivers seems odd where if i just hold 1 finger on the touchpad it seems overly sensitive and would jiggle my mouse cursor randomly. I would reallly appreciate if you could show me which file to edit for the touchpad sensitivity. Thank you.

  3. Lenovo Y40-70, Acer 5250, both don’t work with Linux Apps. or Android. Linux app says that it couldn’t start the container and Play Store just says “something went wrong” Also VMware/virtualbox does the same for me.

  4. It started without apps right after install, rebooted the laptop and now it’s just spinning in the taskbar and not starting up. Yoga 2 pro.

  5. Hey Arnold,

    I was thinking installing last build with linux app support because I need full version of VLC (not chrome web store’s one) to fluently run .mkv files;
    Do you think it will work ?

    Thank you for your amazing job

  6. Hi Arnold,

    Thank you for putting the builds up for people to try.

    Very basic question – is there an X86 R69 build? x86 seems to have stopped at 60 and now there is AMD64?

    Many thanks

  7. You mentioned that the Play Store is not working yet. Does that mean no Android app support or does it mean I would have to obtain my Android apps some other way, but they would run? How would they be installed?

  8. Hey, do you know how to enable libgesture and cmt on your Special builds? I’m using a Special build, and it works wonderfully well (thank you!), but I’d like to know if it’s possible to enable the two, as I know they work on my hardware from CloudReady.

    Thanks in advanced!

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