Chromium OS Special Builds

Chromium OS Special Builds are an enhancement to the default vanilla builds of Chromium OS to allow support for as many  devices as possible.

All downloads are located at and will be updated as new functionality is brought into the build as well as regular maintenance releases to keep the UI up to date.

Two deployments are currently supported, x86 (32 bit) and amd64 (64 bit).They are based on the x86-generic and amd64-generic overlays but have the following additional support:

The builds also allow Over The Air (OTA) updates from dev servers. From the browser, just go to Settings > About > Check for and apply updates and magic will happen. Updates will be automatic for builds after R46-7323 and will allow for development tools update with a single shell command:

sudo stateful_update

Install is exactly the same as

Have fun testing and using it. Feel free to feedback with whatever isn’t working as expected and I’ll try to build in to the next release!

Known Issues/Bugs:

In addition to the Special Builds, there are now enhanced Vanilla builds. These allow Google Drive integration and certain enhanced media codecs. This should allow the users with working daily builds more functionality and usability.

These Vanilla builds will also update automatically as and when I get the Update Server ready.

Please do not log issues with the Vanilla build since they are a courtesy build and will only work on devices with Freon supported graphics and CMT supported touch pads. WiFi and Ethernet will also have reduced support.

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380 thoughts on “Chromium OS Special Builds”

  1. Sorry to bother but I can’t seem to get my devices to do Enterprise Enrollment. I get the error “Oops! The system failed to establish the device installation-time attributes lock” and I cannot move forward. I have the licenses and in the Google Admin Console it shows that the license has been provisioned to the serial number listed on the screen of the device so it is making the trip to Google. I am using the 58.0.3029.140 special build. Any advice to try?

  2. Hi. We have have a whole load of old Windows netbooks that we converted to Chromium OS and we have run them * very* successfully with our students for a couple of years. We havent ever enrolled the into out G-Apps domain, so all management is via user accounts not devices.
    I am currently installing a pfSense proxy to filter access using SquidGuard and OpenDNS but it needs an SSL cert installing.
    The netbooks (120 of them) are running version 58.0.3029.140 Platform 8872.79.2017_05_28_1448
    I can add the proxy settings via user accounts but not the certificate. Certificate options greyed out when I’m logged on.
    How can I get my SSLcert installed please?

  3. I am trying the latest amd64 custom build on HP G70t-200.
    1) After boot with USB flash drive wifi not works. “rfkill list” shows that it is soft-blocked. So I should run “rfkill unblock all” after every boot. I have created upstart job for this, but it is not good idea of course…
    2) After sleep and resume it not works as all flash drive partitions are unmounted and no any commainds in console works after this too
    3) When I try to install it to the internal SSD drive – it installs fine, but stuck at “booting kernel” on the start

  4. Hi. Is it possible to add nvidia gtx670 drivers, cause current builds stuck on chromium startup screen or on black screen, i suggest that’s a missing drivers issue?

  5. Hi, Arnold!

    I’m wondering how to set a static wallpaper (like the OEMs do with Chrome) that appears after initial install, and remains the user’s default unless they specify their own? I know how to edit the file system on the USB, so what steps would I have to take to do this? Any info would be appreciated. 🙂 I’m setting up laptops for a school, and this would save me some time.

  6. I am managing a classroom full of laptops I have installed the Special build on, and I am interested in offering webserver space to help keep the update server running. Please contact me.

  7. Hi Arnold,
    Please let me know when you are going to prepare new version of special build vanilla edition.

  8. Hi Arnold,i ve tried your last special R60 AMD64 on usb but stuck on Chromium logo.
    I ve an old Sony Vaio VGN AR41S with Intel 2 duo T7500 and Nvidia GT 8600M.
    Maybe missing driver issue?
    Could you fix this in next build?
    Thanks however!

  9. Hi Arnold, I was looking through the list of special builds and I noticed that it jumps from 58 and goes to 60. Is there a particular reason why? The organization I work for just jumped up to being able to use version 59 and I was hoping to make some Chromium machines for them.

  10. Arnold

    Great product you are putting out. One question, downloaded build Cx86OS_R60-9592.B-Special.7z and booted a laptop with it but the touchpad doesn’t work. Went back to Cx86OS_R58-8872.B-Special.7z and everything works fine. Any idea why?


  11. Hi Arnold,
    Great work and a lot of dedication here. Any word on the next R60 special build with play store improvements?


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