Chromium OS Special Builds

Chromium OS Special Builds are an enhancement to the default vanilla builds of Chromium OS to allow support for as many  devices as possible.

All downloads are located at and will be updated as new functionality is brought into the build as well as regular maintenance releases to keep the UI up to date.

amd64 (64 bit) builds are currently supported. They are based on the amd64-generic overlays but have the following additional support:

The builds also allow Over The Air (OTA) updates from dev servers. From the browser, just go to Settings > About > Check for and apply updates and magic will happen. Updates will be automatic for builds after R46-7323 and will allow for development tools update with a single shell command:

sudo stateful_update

Install is exactly the same as

Have fun testing and using it. Feel free to feedback with whatever isn’t working as expected and I’ll try to build in to the next release!

Known Issues/Bugs:

In addition to the Special Builds, there are now enhanced Vanilla builds. These allow Google Drive integration and certain enhanced media codecs. This should allow the users with working daily builds more functionality and usability.

These Vanilla builds will also update automatically as and when I get the Update Server ready.

Please do not log issues with the Vanilla build since they are a courtesy build and will only work on devices with Freon supported graphics and CMT supported touch pads. WiFi and Ethernet will also have reduced support.

592 thoughts on “Chromium OS Special Builds”

  1. Sorry to bother but I can’t seem to get my devices to do Enterprise Enrollment. I get the error “Oops! The system failed to establish the device installation-time attributes lock” and I cannot move forward. I have the licenses and in the Google Admin Console it shows that the license has been provisioned to the serial number listed on the screen of the device so it is making the trip to Google. I am using the 58.0.3029.140 special build. Any advice to try?

    1. I believe this is an issue with TPM. Do you have it enabled on the devices? If TPM is not supported on the device, Im looking at this for the next build.

  2. Hi. We have have a whole load of old Windows netbooks that we converted to Chromium OS and we have run them * very* successfully with our students for a couple of years. We havent ever enrolled the into out G-Apps domain, so all management is via user accounts not devices.
    I am currently installing a pfSense proxy to filter access using SquidGuard and OpenDNS but it needs an SSL cert installing.
    The netbooks (120 of them) are running version 58.0.3029.140 Platform 8872.79.2017_05_28_1448
    I can add the proxy settings via user accounts but not the certificate. Certificate options greyed out when I’m logged on.
    How can I get my SSLcert installed please?

  3. I am trying the latest amd64 custom build on HP G70t-200.
    1) After boot with USB flash drive wifi not works. “rfkill list” shows that it is soft-blocked. So I should run “rfkill unblock all” after every boot. I have created upstart job for this, but it is not good idea of course…
    2) After sleep and resume it not works as all flash drive partitions are unmounted and no any commainds in console works after this too
    3) When I try to install it to the internal SSD drive – it installs fine, but stuck at “booting kernel” on the start

  4. Hi. Is it possible to add nvidia gtx670 drivers, cause current builds stuck on chromium startup screen or on black screen, i suggest that’s a missing drivers issue?

  5. Hi, Arnold!

    I’m wondering how to set a static wallpaper (like the OEMs do with Chrome) that appears after initial install, and remains the user’s default unless they specify their own? I know how to edit the file system on the USB, so what steps would I have to take to do this? Any info would be appreciated. 🙂 I’m setting up laptops for a school, and this would save me some time.

  6. I am managing a classroom full of laptops I have installed the Special build on, and I am interested in offering webserver space to help keep the update server running. Please contact me.

  7. Hi Arnold,
    Please let me know when you are going to prepare new version of special build vanilla edition.

  8. Hi Arnold,i ve tried your last special R60 AMD64 on usb but stuck on Chromium logo.
    I ve an old Sony Vaio VGN AR41S with Intel 2 duo T7500 and Nvidia GT 8600M.
    Maybe missing driver issue?
    Could you fix this in next build?
    Thanks however!

  9. Hi Arnold, I was looking through the list of special builds and I noticed that it jumps from 58 and goes to 60. Is there a particular reason why? The organization I work for just jumped up to being able to use version 59 and I was hoping to make some Chromium machines for them.

  10. Arnold

    Great product you are putting out. One question, downloaded build Cx86OS_R60-9592.B-Special.7z and booted a laptop with it but the touchpad doesn’t work. Went back to Cx86OS_R58-8872.B-Special.7z and everything works fine. Any idea why?


      1. msi amd c70 dual core 64bit what build can i try to install sir bcoz its hanging when it comes to make a user name

  11. Hi Arnold,
    Great work and a lot of dedication here. Any word on the next R60 special build with play store improvements?


  12. I have installed on my 16gb pendrive. it boots perfectly but after a few minutes the keyboard stops working and my laptop turns off completely. this happens again and again i try flashing with win32disk image writer and etcher. but the problem persist. my laptop is dell insprion n4010. it has intel core i3 m380. Could u pls help me with this problem? i would like to use chromium so pls

  13. I’m trying to install this (I’ve tried a few Special versions, regular, Daily builds, etc..) on an old MS Surface Pro 2. Boots up fine, but can’t turn on Wifi and connect, so I can’t get any farther than the Welcome screen.

    The Surface uses the Marvell Avastar 350N driver. Can I use the Windows version of that, or should I try and find the LInux version?


      1. Thanks for the reply, appreciate the info.

        I’ve tried it (Daily Build) on a couple of other machines, and it’s working great. Thanks for doing this!

  14. Hi Arnold, Sorry for bothering but I’m struggling in finding a solution, I’m using the latest special build Cx86OS_R60-9592.B in a live USB and when I get to the point of setting up a network (after the language and keyboard setup) It fails for something, and as my netbook has not Ethernet port so I think its fundamental to make the WiFi work, but I don’t finding enough information on how to do it + I’m noobie in Linux, I will like to know how to load the correct module, In windows it says I have the realtek rtl8723bs … for what I read i think you added support for that but.. yea I’m stuck

  15. Thanks for putting in the work and doing this, it’s really cool! How does it handle encryption on systems without a tpm. Does it function properly? Also, is there a way to make the usb non persistent? i’m used to linux live images and the persistence has weirded me out haha!

  16. First of all, thanks so much for this. It really operates amazing.

    I have had almost no issues, even with enterprise enrollment, except for one piece.

    I have a client certificate that is pushed out by Chrome Management which is used for SSL Decryption / HTTPS inspection on our firewall.

    For whatever reason, this works great on all other Chrome devices, but is not installing properly on your Chromium OS build.

    Any thoughts? Not sure what info you would need from me.

    1. Hi Jonah

      The latest special builds have software TPM which should allow management of certificates. Whether that allows enrollment based deployment is anther thing however!

      There should be nothing preventing you manually deploying the cert chain however as a test?

  17. Anybody able to get flash working on these builds? I’ve search around online for scripts/instructions on getting flash working and haven’t had any success.

  18. Hi Arnold, will the next build revert the changes to enable touchscreens again ? It’s been hit and miss with the last few special builds, thanks !

  19. Hello Arnold,
    Thanks for the working special build. The only thing that does not work is flash, to read my digital newspaper. Is there a workaround available for flash?
    Pretty strange that the digital newspaper works on my Win10 laptop in chrome, but not on this machine with the latest special build. This old laptop is now a fast working little machine with a 32 gig SSD. Specs are more than enough.

    Thank you for your attention.

  20. Hi, thanks for working on this. The Description says “Enterprise Enrolment” does this mean that its is fully manageable using the online chromebook management tools?

    Sorry I would check but don’t currently have G-Suite 🙁

  21. I have a GTX 770 Nvidia Graphics card and NONE of the builds will boot for me… They all get stuck at Chromium OS screen. Is there a way around this or do I have to wait till the kernel finally gets upgraded further?

  22. Hi, what things can be the reason for the usb not booting up? It sticks with black screen after choosing from boot menu, although I’ve been using these builds for a year on the same machine. It boots up on other laptops… did my x61s break somewhere recently? Can I diagnose it somehow? it’s dual core 64bit, has Intel GM965/GL960 GPU, I don’t know what to think. lotsof thanks.

  23. I figured out that I had to switch to the Internal Intel GPU to get this to work, however, there still is no Android Play Store!? Maybe some way to implement Android_x86 with this needs to be done. I have watched this project for well over a year and all I have been waiting for is Android Play store support where this can run android software. I am truly losing hope 🙁 . This site is Android OS with multiwindows. Its like a Chromium OS with Play store that works hehehe….. So for now I use this since it works!!!

  24. All the v60 and 62 builds (Special and Vanilla) have me stuck on the splash screen for hours. Only v58- works. What’s going on?

  25. Plus, I retried v58, and tried to OTA to 60, but it kept saying it’s up to date. OTA isn’t working — on any channel

  26. Model: Macbook Pro Late 2015
    Issue: Built in Trackpad

    The built in trackpad for this Macbook doesn’t allow movement of the cursor. I’ve tried the special, vanilla, and a prior build to no avail. Clicking *does* work. I synced a Magic Trackpad and that works as well. Any feedback or options to try will be most appreciated!

  27. Hey Arnold!! Thanks for always building these builds for us. I have a question. I’d love to be able to run this on my Surface Pro 2017, but it doesn’t run 100% due to IPTS issues. A user has a touchscreen kernel that works well, albeit with a few lingering issues. Is there a way to implement these fixes into a build? Link:

      1. Can you get Nvidia graphics cards working?
        Chromium OS refuses to boot on laptops with only nvidia GPUs. On my M4400, it will just sit there on the Chromium splash screen forever.

      2. Thank you!! Is there an easy to follow changelog to follow to see when/if these changes are made? I’ve also had missed results on versions. Sometimes Vanilla boots for me, while special or normal doesn’t. I thought special should be better, since it includes more support for different devices.

          1. Thanks again as always. Regarding the IPTS issue I reported earlier, and the link, is there any easy way for us/me to combine a recent build of yours, and that kernel? Hate having to have you do extra work if it can be avoided. That being said, I don’t have a linux box to do any builds, so if there is a simple way to do it with a windows environment I’d gladly listen. Is there any way to compile that kernel, and somehow inject it into your build, before I flash it to a USB drive?

  28. Which image should I choose for my Acer Chromebook 13(C810)? It is built with a Tegra K1, I tried 2 of your CARMOS images to boot from USB, but no luck. One gave me a blank screen, the other gave me a warming sound and blank screen. Thanks.

  29. Dell Inspiron 14-3452 doesn’t get wifi when i load up the special build. The wireless card is a Realtek Rtl8723be Wi-fi Bluetooth Wireless Card Kjth7, any chance of support?

  30. Hey man. Your doing an awesome job and i appreciate it. Big fan of your work and would try all the build that you do, Just a doubt. Play Store is not working in any of the builds. Could you tell me when it will be available on your builds?

      1. I have a Samsung Chromebook 3 that’s supposed to have Google play store support… Although I can’t seem to enable it… I’d be happy to provide the image for it or whatever you would need to try to get the play store added to your builds

  31. Thanks for all the hard work. Just reporting as with the two other comments here, any build past v58 no longer work on my Acer with intel integrated graphics (Celeron Bay Trail). Tried 60 and 62, one stuck on the black screen before the Chromium logo and the other stuck at the Chromium logo. Will test again when the next release is out. Thanks so much!

  32. Hey Arnold – love your work. I am running on x86, last build avail seems to be R60, Aug 2017. Any plans for further x86 builds?

  33. Hi
    Is there a 32 bit version of v62 or v64 available? The 64 bit version of v62 and v64 black screen on my Dell OptiPlex 755. I would like to check if the 32 bit version does the same.

  34. Arnold, have the latest special build working on my Acer netbook running from my USB key, was following the instructions to install the OS to my internal HD but it cannot find /usr/sbin/chromeos-install am I missing something?


  35. I have a HP dv6-1375dx laptop that works with the latest special and vanilla build… The issue I’m having is that WiFi doesn’t work on either build.. I have a Intel WiFi link 1000 internal WiFi card… Ethernet works fine… Trackpad works on vanilla build but not on special build… Any help on the WiFi issue would be great… Thanks for all the work on chromium os

  36. Please add driver support forN220 32 bit Realtek RTL8192E Wireless LAN PLEASE MY COMPUTER IS ON ITS LAST BREATH!

  37. Hey there, thanks for these builds, I’ve been using them with great success on various computers in the past. I was thinking of using these images on a handful of computers to supplement the Chromebooks the school I work at has ordered, for the faculty to use. However, even though the OS itself works great, whenever the display changes modes or refreshes, the screen stays black and the PC has to be rebooted in order to fix it. This happens if a language change toast notification appears upon login and the user clicks the button in it to change the language back, and it also happens upon logging out, or waking from sleep. It appears to stay functional though, but there’s no way of telling, as the display completely blanks when this happens. The machine is a HP ProBook 440 G4, with Intel HD Graphics 620 ( Any idea why this might happen? Missing drivers? I appreciate any and all help.

    1. I’ve just tried to install the latest special build (8th May).
      I do get a black screen with Intel HD Graphics 620.

      Any help is appreciated.
      Many Thanks in advance.

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