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  1. Me Again, if you could, can you find support for Broadcom Driver (14e4:4315 [rev 1]) I know thats a lot because currently the only package that works with it is (firmware-b43) and support afterwards is very limited (It only works for LTS versions of Linux OSes) but if you have found a package that might work for BMC4312, that would be great! Also great job and keep up the good work!

    NOTE: Reply with package found, i’m currently making an Linux Distro and i’m freaking out with Broadcom Support!

    1. +1 on this. Would be great to get this card working in some way. I have hundreds of laptops using this chip which we would like to re-purpose.

        1. Are you interested in an extra Dell Vostro 1500 Laptop for your testing purposes? I am a big recycle fan and would ship this to you at my expense, if you would use it. It currently has special build- Platform 7216.0.2015_06_28_1341 (tonyd). Since you have my email, you could reply off this discussion.
          –It works.

  2. Hi Arnold,
    first a big thx to you hard work (even if it’s already said, it’s always true !)

    Probably a bit late about the Gen 4 problem, if it can help (see the Bug 80568 corrected by intel driver that “[gen4] GPU Crash During Google Chrome Operation”):

    Can’t wait to test your new special release.
    PS: I was afraid that you were trapped in the black hole of NGC 4889 😉

  3. I’m trying to change the serial number but with no success using the following commands
    sudo su
    mount -no remount,rw /
    cd /tmp
    echo ‘serial_number=”MYNEWSERIAL”‘ > machine-info
    restart ui
    No errors come up with any of the commands but when the ui is restarted the changes are undone.

  4. Got the Realtek driver working with a manual install; your special build didn’t work for me with the cheap dongle I’m using in a desktop. Wondering if you’ll be including that in future builds; it’d be a big help!

  5. Does the fix for Intel Gen 4 also fix older graphics cards? I tried out the new special build on my Santa Rosa MacBook, but the lack of graphics support makes it unusable. I was previously using the old broadcom build, which worked with my graphics.

    However, my trackpad works now, and the WiFi worked out of the box!


    I have a Core 2 Duo, 2.2 GHz, with Intel GMA X3100 graphics.

  6. Hi, does anyone know how to load specific graphics driver at initial boot? The card is Nvidia GT210 in PCI slot. Generic driver is causing boot to stop. Not only in Chromium OS but also during Ubuntu and Linux mint installs. With these linux I activate Intel intel extreme 2 grahics and after standard install I manage to install the nvidia driver. Is there any way to replicate these steps with chromium OS? The main difference is that with intel gch I am receiving boot errors all the way.

  7. Special build R46 still hangs at the display driver on the Asus eeepc 1215B (while the regular build does not. Would you mind, please, to add the Broadcom wifi drivers into the regular build? I am eager to run chromium on my netbook. Thank you very much.

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