ChromiumOS Special Build – R50-7881

Update 06/03/16 – Dev server updates are now available. To update from older builds (post version R46-7323), just go to ‘About Chromium OS’ and click on ‘Check for and apply updates’.

New Special Builds out today! Apologies for the epic delay in getting this released.

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from


  • None – Maintenance Release


  • R50 Chromium Release
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Improved Linux Firmware Support as per This will be updated to the latest build (20151207) on the next version deployment.
  • Improved Wireless support due to disabling APManager

Known Issues:

64 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R50-7881”

  1. Hey!

    I tried installing this OS on my Dell Inspiron 3537, and it fails to recognize the headphones whenever I plug it in (the icon never shows up in the status bar) and no music plays.

    Speakers play well, though. Can you suggest a possible workaround?

    Realtek High Definition Audio

  2. Thanks for the latest update. Any idea as to when the trackpad device will show up in the settings? I think you have mentioned this in other posts as RTC/RCT/RCM (something like that, not sure) needing to be implemented.

      1. Ok, thanks for the info. Given that, is there away to edit the touchpad config so that tap to click and finger gestures (3 finger back/forward navigation, and reverse “australian” vertical scrolling) become enabled?

  3. Hello can you tell me how to use this file in virtual box ? or can you link to post where i can download chromiumos for virtual box i have windows 7 and i need to run this os in vb.


  4. Hi,

    thank you for building the Chromium OS for us, but I have question.

    Can I somehow use the stable (not beta or dev channel) channel from your images? Or how can I build my own with iwlwifi support.

  5. Any idea how can i fix bluetooth with a braodcom 43142, Everythong except this works for me? Many thanks Arnold for giving us a great build og Chromium

  6. Hi there.

    I loaded your 32 bits version of your special build onto a Sony VAIO Netbook with the Intel Atom N280 & Intel GMA 950

    Without any external monitor, the machine boots as followed:
    1) Loading VMLinux.a text
    2) White Chromium screen
    3) Black screen
    4) Computer sleeps soon after

    With VGA external monitor, the machine boots as followed:
    1) Loading VMLinux.a text on internal and external monitor
    2) White Chromium screen on internal monitor
    3) White Chromium screen on internal and external monitor
    4) Internal monitor goes black, external monitor shows login screen explaining that Chromium is in docked mode.

    Is there anything I could do?

  7. Tried to run it on my HP 250 G4. I’m booting to a Chromium splash screen and the it goes to a black screen, although I can acces the dev console. Any suggestions ?

  8. Hi Arnold! Thank you for your great build!!!

    I had some problems, though. I think I downloaded a build for UEFI and I tried to install on a BIOS machine. Nothing worked. It worked well on a UEFI machine. But I needed for BIOS.

    Then, when I tried to format the usb stick that had your image, I couldn’t. It says it’s read only. I tried many options, nohting worked… Neither in Windows or Linux, with DiskTest, e2fsck, mkfs.ext3, mkfs.ntfs, the ordinary windows formatting utility, HP Disk Formatter, Windows’ Disk Manager, changing Windows registry, hdparm, etc. I’ve searched a lot and I’ve tried so many options, including some solutions that worked for people who had exact the same problem with a Chormium OS USB Stick (although an older version, built by Hexxeh). I really don’t know what to do.

    Could you give me some help? Thank you very much! Congratulations for your work.

  9. Question – can upgrade be accomplished by copying just the root or are both root and state both needed? (I did both and that worked) Great new build – works much better than a year ago!

  10. Hello,
    I have a Dell Latitude E4200 and Touchpad is not working since my update to R50.
    I have tried your solution with X11 and add file but the directory not exist now… So how can I do my Touchpad work ?
    Thanks a lot.

  11. Which key gets used as the search key?
    Also shift+esc no longer opens the task manager. Now its search+esc.

  12. I pulled in the update, rebooted but somehow the version number is still the same and when i go to About Chromium it seems to keep downloading the update over again? Tried it 3 times now. That was the same with the previous special release i installed two days ago. Looks like the OTA updates aren’t applied. Am i doing something wrong? First time i tried Chromium OS.

      1. Thanks a lot for taking your time to answer, it’s really appreciated. Good to know i’m not doing anything wrong and that you look into it.

        Keep up the great work. 🙂

  13. Hi.
    We are using this to allow only browsing as a guest and need to have the setting “Allow proxies for shared network” switched on.
    I noticed that once you close the device down this setting is removed.
    Is there a way we can set this to stay on

  14. Arnold, this OS works perfect on my Compaq PresarioCQ40, Thanks. However i tried it in my Asus K53U and it starts up fine until I try to select the Wifi/language with the left mouse button. At this time the system locks ups. I can still move the cursor but cannot do anything with it. Is there something i need to do.

    1. This is practically the same issue I have. Pressing the left track pad button or USB left mouse button crashes the installer but the cursor still works. As CloudReady builds don’t have this issue, can perhaps compare the code Arnold? Great work on the builds though.

      1. thanks for replying.

        I need to be able to add a security certificate in the browser. In chrome OS if you go to browser settings-advanced settings-HTTPS/SSL- manage certificates you can import a certificate. In chromium all options are grayed out. We are trying to use old laptops in schools and need to be able to add our content filter certificate to be able to utilize these.

        thanks again

          1. Unfortunately this also restricts the use of openvpn when you need to import a server certificate. Any ideas on this? Willing to test, build my own images, etc

          2. Hi

            Yes, I know what this is now. TPM needs to be switched on on the laptop for Certs to work in the GUI. I’m looking to see if I can build in an emulator for older devices which don’t support TPM

    1. Try 480e66185948e754735e1e34cbbe41c05fec3d9cb16b21470fb58a2638a92c8b

      This is of the 7z itself not the payload.

      Ill build this into future releases when I get around to it.

  15. Any idea how to back up my laptops hard drive for mass imaging? I used acronis to back up your version installed with flash etc but ever time I restore, even to the same laptop, it says boot partition not found. I even did a bit by bit copy of the entire drive and it still does it.

  16. Hi, just installed on my Dell Insipron 3442. And the speakers play well, but Chromium OS doesn’t recognize my earphone, no sound when I plug it in.
    Any suggestion how to fix it? Thanks before.

  17. Hey arnoldthebat,

    Could you please add support for the graphics driver that’s used in the Intel Celeron N3050 and also add support for (if not already added) the Intel Graphics 4600? My laptop has Intel HD Graphics and has an Intel Celeron N3050. When I try to run Chromium OS, I see the Chromium logo, and then a black screen. Also I’m not sure it sound works (it uses Realtek High Definition Audio). I tried UEFI and Legacy BIOS, but neither work. I would like to run Chromium OS on my laptop as it is simple, fast, and quick. My laptop is low end too. Could you please add support?


  18. Wired ethernet not working on latest special build on first setup. Needs wifi connection, but I’m on a desktop with no wifi. Any fix?

    1. If you have an Android phone,
      plug it in and enable usb tethering from the settings, it gets recognized as a ethernet by chromium

  19. In this special build, mouse/touchpad settings seems missing for me, however, they work just fine. Any clue why?

  20. I can’ t boot Chromium OS on my Lenovo H50-55!
    The PC has a AMD A10 processor with a AMD Radeon R7 graphic card. In the bios I deactivate the secure-boot Mode and the Efi boot is on. When I try to boot the PC into chromium os the PC hanging in the chromium os boot screen.

  21. Thanks for trying to tackle the Realtek 8111 Ethernet driver (as listed under “Known Issues”). It’s the last obstacle to putting this on a fleet of Dell Inspiron One 2020 All-In-Ones.

  22. installed this to toshiba satellite c50d and tried selecting my wifi but hangs when i select it any work around as i cant finish the setup without it

  23. Hi.

    I’ve been using the Cloud ready builds. I have an old 2011 VAIO laptop (i3) with upgraded 8gb memory and 840 Evo ssd. Also has a seperate ATI graphics card. Clouready builds fly. However I wanted to use a more upto date build. I was disappointed to see that the Special builds here do not get past the install screen for me. The trackpad works, but the trackpad buttons do not, nore do the buttons on a wired mouse. When I click on the drop downs this installer crashes. This doesn’t seem like to much of an obstacle to overcome. Any chance of a fix Arnold? Thanks!!

  24. I’ve been playing about with your builds for a while, but with ‘zis one you spoil us. Installed onto an ancient POS Dixons brand laptop with no issues, everything just works. Thanks for all your efforts!

  25. Does anyone know how to set “Allow proxies for shared network” on by default. I know there is another commercial build of chromium that does this…. just wondering if its possible wiht Arnold’s builds.

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