ChromiumOS Special Build – R52-8268

Update 08/06/16 – Dev server updates are now available. To update from older builds (post version R46-7323), just go to ‘About Chromium OS’ and click on ‘Check for and apply updates’.

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

Download 32 bit build from


  • None – Maintenance Release


  • R52 Chromium Release
  • Kernel version 4.4
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Improved Linux Firmware Support as per
  • Improved Wireless support due to disabling APManager

Known Issues:

The Update Server will be made available in the next week or so.

59 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Special Build – R52-8268”

      1. Great but this also don’t boot for me stuck at booting kernel same as daily build, I guess this os don’t support desktop systems.

        1. Actually, I tried this on my laptop and it was also stuck at booting kernel (at least in Legacy BIOS Mode). I think something is wrong with the 4.4 kernel in this build. The Chromium logo would show up, but then it would say booting kernel. In UEFI Mode, the Chromium logo would show up then the screen would go blank.

          1. R52 SP build (current)

            Legacy boot stuck at booting kernel no logo shows.

            UEFI boot stuck at black screen nothing shows.

            R50 SP build (previous)

            Legacy boot shows logo then few time screen blinks shows booting kernel then system reboots.

            UEFI boot shows logo black screen turn on and off its kinda looped again and again

  1. Hey Arnolathebat, have you gotten the Intel HD Graphics that’s used in the Intel Celeron N3050 to work? I see that the Linux Kernel is now 4.4, which makes me curious if graphics support has improved. I’ll try it out and see if it works!

    1. UPDATE: I tried this on my laptop, and it still doesn’t work sadly. But this time, after the Chromium logo showed up and the screen went blank, when I tried Ctrl+Alt+F2, the console did not show up (in the February build, the console did show up). This was in UEFI mode. In Legacy BIOS mode, after the Chromium logo showed up, it was stuck at booting kernel. Maybe a problem with the 4.4 kernel?

  2. Hey Arnoldthebat,

    Now that I think of it, do your special builds support Braswell at all? If no, when will you be able to support it?

  3. I am unable to import security certificates. I know we discussed this in comments on the previous version. I was just curious if this was an issue you were unable to allow or if you have not had time to work on. Thanks for all the work on this!

  4. Hello. Thanks for the great work. Bu I facing problem with the RTL8723BE with the latest build, there i my Wireless Card is not detected. Can you fix this issue in next build?

  5. What’s the password of the username “chronos.”in the developer console, it always says “log in incorrect”, what can I do ?

  6. I have the Acer Switch 10. I have tried the build before this one and the keyboard didn’t work. I am now happy to report that the keyboard is now functional. What doesn’t work: 1. Wi-Fi appears to be disabled or locked. I have plugged in a USB wifi adapter which is known to work and it is not recognized. I have also tried the functions keys, no luck. 2. Brightness can be controlled. It just stays bright. Almost there. This would make an excellent Chromebook.

  7. Hi. Nice work.
    I tried the builds on my Surface Pro 3 and had a problem. With the special builds it seems that the touchpad driver is missing and whith th daily builds it works but wifi does not.
    Is there something I may do to get the touchpad working on the special build or the wifi adapter on the dailys ?

    1. Hi

      Going to be interesting to sort since I dont build in the ChromiumOS CMT drivers into the special builds (I use Synaptics currently). Can you get the content of lspci, lsusb and dmesg and pop them on pastebin please? I can then see the vendor IDs to see what Im missing.

  8. Is there and audio driver for Pixel 2015? or a build that supports Pixel better. Mainly the audio and when it sleeps I loose my mouse and touch capabilities.

  9. I am very new to trying to install this.
    I have an Asus Transformer Book T100A that I want to try as a Chromebook. I created a bootable USB from the Daily Build (will try the Special Build tonite) and launched it. I do not see any network listed. What do I need to do to get WiFi to work?

  10. Will the auto update feature from “About” menu work for the stable builds too?
    I am on June 05 built and I don’t think it is working as of now.
    do does it only works for this Special build?

    Thanking you in advance

  11. When booting Chromium, gets stuck at “booting kernel.” When switching to the tty2 console, gets stuck at Chromium logo splash screen. This PC has 512 MB RAM and Intel Pentium 4 Northwoods 2.8 GHz chip.

  12. I can use synaptic touchpad in Special-build-r52-8268.
    But I wanna use it in recently(2016) daily builds too.
    But there is a only /etc/gesture/* directory in daily build.
    So I modified that files, but it is not work.
    How can I enable synaptic touchpad in daily versions?

  13. Great! It just works on my Toshiba Notebook. Thx!
    [I was just wondering: do you know if there exists a comprehensive guide on how to compile such special builds? I don’t know if I’m looking at the wrong places but I just don’t find anything.]

  14. Hello!

    I just downloaded the ‘special’ build for use on a Dell Inspiron Laptop… For whatever reason I cannot get the [CTRL] [ALT] [F2] to work… also tried [CTRL] [ALT] [->] to open the vterm2… I am able to use [CTRL] [ALT] [T] to open terminal, however anytime I try to sudo su I am prompted for a password, I’ve tried cronos, root, and none have worked… suggetions??

  15. When booting Chromium, gets stuck at “booting kernel.” When switching to the tty2 console, gets stuck at Chromium logo splash screen. This PC has 512 MB RAM and Intel Pentium 4 Northwoods 2.8 GHz chip. Does this version support Pentium 4 chips?

  16. Hi. Amazing job, but I’ve got no sound 🙁 I’ve installed to hard disk on a Dell Optiplex GX520 (our school has two rooms full of them) but dmesg shows “No soundcards detected.” Sound works fine under Ubuntu, so I presume open source drivers exist. If I did some digging on what was present, what are the chances of the driver being added? Or do I need to try to get into creating my own build? Whatever your answer, let me say again – amazing job!

      1. Sounds good )
        So the update server works only for updates between the monthly releases, right? No nightly builds?

  17. hello, first, I am very happy to relive my old laptop .. however I can not use a USB mouse .. any solution for this?

  18. Very new at this. Trying x86 R52. Graphics not working yet, but c-a-F2 comes up and working…

    Is there any way to increase this console’s char font size? The default is too small to be readable…

    Thank you.

  19. Love this!!! Have one question, though. I’ve got this as a dual boot with Android x86 on an HP14. It’s got a Cypress Trackpad, which doesn’t detect in Chromium. Is there any way to make it work?

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