ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R58-8872

New Special Builds out today!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 1bc04157e0ef760ce9320ff943955d33a540526e6c76ffeaaf8fdedaef179784

Download 32 bit build from

SHA256: f7f24ecd05490e37aded8f0c636584319ff4a7fd51e05254f3be5e9e8c26a1de


Known Issues:

The Update Server will be made available in the next week or so.

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16 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R58-8872”

  1. Waiting for 64 bit<3
    Thanks Arnold!
    Please, when preparing the build, check the option to support realtek rtl8723be wifi card in the kernel. With previous builds, it is not supported (Special, Daily and Vanilla). Thank you!

  2. Yay, back with working touchscreen on my Yoga 2 Pro and Easynote 🙂 All my devices are updated to the 64bit version and working well. Many thanks !

  3. Thanks Arnold! Wifi works on the Dell e6410 I was having trouble with. Touchpad did not work, however I ran the following and it fixed it, as well as installing Flashplayer v24.

    curl -L | bash

    I’m such a happy camper!

  4. Initially installed 32 bit on Fujitsu E751 and all was good. Just installed 64 bit and the Synaptics trackpad is very erratic. I note that there is some trackpad specific stuff in 64 bit that isn’t in 32 bit version. Is there any way to get the 64 bit version to behave, or at least behave as the 32bit version?

    Otherwise, it’s excellent stuff. Thanks!

  5. Hi Arnold,

    I’ve managed to install in a EEE PC 1000H, thank you very much for your work! Is there any way to force this build to enable Google Play Store (as in supported stock Chromebooks)? Changing to dev channel didn’t work.

  6. Hello Arnold. The OS working fine, but i’ve noticed that Spotify ask to me to able DRM contents, but this option is already enabled. What can be the problem?

  7. Hey,

    I’m trying to get it working on my Asus TP200SA (Touchscreen Flip).

    The Chromium splash appears, and I make it to seeing a mouse cursor on a black background. I can move the mouse with the trackpad. However, the screen refreshes every 4-5 seconds (or when I tap the touchscreen). If I’d moved the mouse with the trackpad, it usually remembers the mouse location after refresh, but if I tap the touchscreen, it gets reset to 0,0.

    Eventually, it crashes to a black screen altogether if I don’t do anything. But if I CTRL+ALT+F2 to TTY2, it doesn’t do this and just keeps refreshing every few seconds, back to TTY1.

    The CTRL+ALT+F2 to TTY2 is only received if I see a mouse pointer. Also, if i log into chronos in TTY2, after refresh i am back with a login prompt. But if I log in to root, after it refreshes and I go back to TTY2, it remembers that, and whatever command I was typing.

    I think the problem is the touchscreen. I was wondering if there is any way to fix or workaround this; by disabling the touchscreen for instance.

    How do I do this (either at boot or through TTY2)? Might the driver in the vanilla version fare better? I assume that one doesn’t have touchscreen capability.

    Thanks in advance!

  8. Is the new x86 special build available on OTA yet? I tried updating from the r55 build but it says it’s already up to date. Is it because I’m trying from guest mode and I need to use a logged in user account?

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