ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R72-11316.B

Update 10/03: New Build with fixes for zero day.

Update 11/02: New Special Builds out today based on the new stable release!

Download 64 bit build from

SHA256: 089f9e1014b6ccb328bb87cabb791a0ff6111bc5b7e0f2041ef027d64e5dbf80


  • R72 Chromium Release
  • Additional Realtek wireless support
  • Additional Atheros wireless support

Note: Google Play Store is still not working!
Known Issues:

Please also note that GDrive is not working from the files application. Google Docs and Sheets are still working fine in the browser however. Review!topic/chromium-os-dev/MxYBMUnh80g as to the reason why!

Change Log:

The Update Servers are now available.

31 thoughts on “ChromiumOS Enhanced Special Build – R72-11316.B”

      1. I know this is use at your *own* risk:

        I have a problem with Lenovo Yoga 11e taking a long time to start up. It hangs for a long time and then loads fine on startup. Takes about 15mins or so for the computer to start up the first time. I was wondering if it was a service hanging – I know that chromium OS doesn’t use the init.d or rc.d structure. Where are services loaded and how can I debug them to fix the “issue”?

      2. Thanks for the response! It would be great if going back from sleep after closing and opening the lid on my Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro would be fixed. Now OS often simply crashes to a black screen, sometimes it doesn’t, but then USB network adapter isn’t working till you restart the PC. I love Chrome OS, but it’s inconvenient to shut down the laptop every time you finish working and boot it up again when you pick it up.

      3. first time it booted from usb fine
        next time freeze in chromium logo

        after researching I think its because theres no tpm in desktop pc
        any workaround?

  1. Having trouble on DEll Latitude 3540 laptop, connecting wifi navigating gsuite is slow an sometimes lag by a long time.

  2. Arnold / Community – Has anyone played around with booting this on a RPi 3 or Rock64 SBC? I tried with my Rock64 board, normal image creation and boot, but it doesn’t recognize the microSD card. Thoughts?

  3. Hi arnoldthebat! I think this is the stupid questions. But how to update from previous version of special build to newest special build. When I click check for update. It always says i’m on latest version.

    My special build version is R69

  4. Hi arnold, I tried to install this image on an Atom N2600 based netbook with GMA 3600 but when I boot to installer it stuck at chromium logo, console works so I installed it. Then I rebooted and it remains on the same boot logo. Don’t know what to do.

  5. Was support for RTL8723BS WiFI dropped? I saw mention of it as far back as R55, but there doesn’t seem to be support for the adapter in R72 when I try to boot.

  6. Thanks for the release. I have a Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130), 2-in-1 with keyboard dock, with Intel Core i5-4300Y (precursor to the Core m) and Intel HD Graphics 4200. The screen is 1920×1080, touchscreen with stylus support.

    R69 and R72 both have display issues since it only shows a blank screen, but I can control the backlight brightness from the keyboard. However, R65 works fine. Is there any specific graphics driver change between the two that can be updated/reverted or I can load manually from the previous release?

    Thanks again for the hard work.

      1. Intel integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics 4200), part of the Intel Core i5-4300Y processor. Nothing special about it, I don’t think.

        I will try the new re-release.

        1. same problem here 🙂 Only saw your comment after adding my own. The 7140 works but the 7130 doesn’t, so if the drivers would be added that would make us very happy 🙂

          Intel HD Graphics 4200

  7. Arnold,

    everything is working fine with this build, beside obviously the Playstore.
    I have only two issues: boot time is very long (around 2.5 minutes on chromium logo) and when waking up from sleep mode, the screen gets frozen and I have to restart.

    Any idea what I can do?

    I have a Medio Akoya S4219 laptop.

    Many thanks in advance

  8. Hey Arnold,

    Thanks for the great work, I am using a Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130) unfortunately after version 64 nothing boots. Version 72 shows Grub loader, then flashes the screen a few times and plays the sound that Chromium Os has loaded, I can change the backlight using the keyboard but the screen remains blank and I can’t open the terminal/developer console either. A friend of mine has no problems on the Dell Venue 11Pro (7140).

    The 7130 uses a dual-core i5-4300Y processor and the graphics card is an Intel HD Graphics 4200

    If you have any time would you be willing to add the graphics drivers to the kernel?

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  9. Please add External monitor -> displaylink based.
    I have tried several displalink usb adapters to add extra external monitor support with no success. DMESG returns something about udev exit code 1.

    On Ubuntu 18.04 initially it does not work but after building & installing the displaylink driver package everything works ok.
    Chrome OS is meant to have displaylink driver support since R55

    Is this a kernal issue requiring a new ATB/chromium kernal? How do I get this working ?

  10. Hi, so Ive tried the vanilla build and while it works fine, I have a problem which is the display is oversaturated. I am using a custom PC using the VGA port on my motherboard (ASUS H110M-K with Intel i5-7400), and the daily builds do not have TTY terminals (ctrl+alt+f2)

  11. Hi i cant get this wifi controller working an intel compute stick and a linx tablet both have a rtl8723bs wifi controller and in the setup menu no wifi networks appear. ive tried the special and vanilla builds

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